McKellar Park Golf Club featured at Kitchissippi Museum

9 07 2020

Dave Allston’s blog, The Kitchissippi Museum, is currently featuring a five-part series on the  historic golf course from which fully half of today’s McKellar Park neighbourhood was formed.

(Our “Resources” page now links to Dave’s blog, and the recent Walking Tour has been updated to note these posts among its golf course-related references.)

The Hintonburg Community Association invites you to take part in the I Spy Hintonburg Event.

8 07 2020




A self-guided tour around McKellar Park

1 07 2020

McKellar Park Community Association is pleased to highlight a first-rate walking tour of the neighbourhoods around McKellar Park.

“West of Westboro / A Walk Around the Park” [PDF]


from H. Belden & Co.’s Historical Atlas of the County of Carleton, Ontario (Toronto, 1879)

The Tour was written by Kathryn Mikoski, with help and advice from a number of people who are mentioned in the introduction to the tour.

This work makes the history of our neighbourhoods available to a wider audience than has been the case in the past. We are hoping that it will be the first of many, and that it will inspire others to take up similar work.

We are fortunate to live in an area that still wears its history visibly, in the form of houses and buildings, streets, street names, and parks, that take us back to an earlier era.

We hope that you enjoy your tour of our community, and that the walk leaves you with a deeper appreciation of how our community has grown and changed, along with Ottawa as a whole.

We should note that many of the historical sites featured in this tour are currently occupied by families – some of whom are uneasy about strangers entering their property, even if it is to admire it and deepen their understanding of the community’s history.

Please don’t trespass on the properties – enjoy, but from a distance.

Respect the privacy of the people who are living and working in these marvellous buildings.

Let us know how you have enjoyed the tour. We will pass your comments on to the creator.

And if you have ideas about other walks, other themes, other properties, please let us know.

Your community association.

Ottawa Farmers Market is coming back to McKellar Park!

30 06 2020

The Ottawa Farmers Market has announced that it will be re-opening for weekly markets in McKellar Park on July 4. Stay updated on the latest related to that on their Facebook page here. They’ve been working with Ottawa Public Health on all the necessary safety protocols, and our discussion has been that there will be a reserved hour at the start of market days for vulnerable shoppers

Hi #Ottawa!

Market staff have been working closely with public health officials to create protocols to help make our markets the safest source of fresh, local food possible while we strive to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Ottawa.

These measures include:

– Limiting customer numbers within the market at any given time.
– Limiting the first hour to those aged 65+ and/or immunocompromised
– Spaces between vendor’s booths.
– Hand sanitizer throughout the market.
– Physical distancing measures within the market square, and in areas where customers may wait.
– Sanitizing surfaces and tables frequently.
– No sampling of products.
– All food is take-out only. No eating within the market.
– No seating areas.
– No pets, only service animals.
– No musicians or buskers.

We ask that customers please respect these measures as they are designed to give you the safest shopping experience possible.

We ask that you please:

– Stay home if you are sick, or have been in contact with someone who is sick.
– Use the hand sanitizer provided.
– Shop one person per household, whenever possible.
– Leave your pets at home, only service animals.
– Maintain 2 meters distance between yourself and others at all times.

Thank you!

LRT Stage 2 station connectivity review

27 06 2020

The Stage2 Team held presentations with groups along the Confederation Line West Extension to look at connectivity to stations. They have posted content which they would like you to review, including these connectivity features for Cleary station in our area:


A. Complete street with cycle tracks along Richmond Road, Byron Linear Park improvements, and sidewalk on south side of Byron Avenue

B. Station plaza with 6 passenger pick up and drop off spaces and bike parking for 20 bikes with space allocated to double in future when required

C. Close Redwood Avenue between Richmond Road and Byron Avenue

D. Two new pedestrian crossovers across Richmond Road at Lockhart Street and west of Sherbourne Road

E. New multi-use pathway connection from Cleary Station to Ottawa River pathway, including underpass at the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway

Feasibility Assessment

F. Add contra-flow bike lane on Redwood Avenue north of Keenan Avenue

aerial_clearyIf you have questions or comments about this, good or bad, please let the Stage2 team and Councillor Jeff Leiper know by July 10, 2020. Please consider copying this blog’s email as well.

Received from the LRT Stage 2 program office:


Subject: Stage 2 Confederation Line West Extension Connectivity Review – Online


The content from the following five presentations for the Stage 2 Confederation Line West Extension Connectivity Review has been posted online:

  • Iris & Baseline
  • Queensview & Lincoln Fields
  • New Orchard & Cleary
  • Dominion, Westboro & Tunney’s Pasture
  • Moodie, Pinecrest & Bayshore

We hope you are able to share the links above widely within your networks, encouraging the public to send in their questions and comments copying by July 10th, at which time we will prepare a public ‘As We Heard It’ report containing both comments from the PAC, and the public at large. This will also be posted to the website following the public comment period.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The Rail Construction Program is committed to creating barrier-free access for all residents by following the City of Ottawa Accessibility Policies and Procedures. To receive a resource in an accessible format, please email or call 3-1-1 (613-580-2400) / 613-580-2401(TTY).

Thank you

Stage 2 Team

Please wear a mask!

25 06 2020




The Human Needs Task Force is looking for donations of cloth masks to distribute to residents who have no other means.

25 06 2020

Ottawa Public Health is recommending everyone to wear a mask where physical distancing is not easy to maintain.  For more information on direction from Ottawa Public Health please check out their website:

Although many of our neighbours can access and purchase cloth masks, there are thousands in our community who cannot. The Human Needs Task Force is looking for donations of cloth masks to distribute to residents who have no other means. These masks will be distributed throughout the city to community partners who will connect with people who have no other means of accessing a cloth mask.

The City is seeking cloth masks:

  • Made with at least two or three layers of tightly woven but breathable cloth such as cotton, flannel or quilting cotton
  • Without any seams over mouth and nose through which air may leak
  • Ideally with horizontal pleats to help fit a variety of faces

If anyone is interested in donating, send your offer of contribution to

Attached is the English and French poster that can easily be shared on all social media platforms around why use cloths masks. Please share this with your community.

As always, we can’t thank you enough for all that you are doing to keep your neighbourhood connected during this unique time in our lives. If you have any questions or would like additional information on City Services, please reach out to us

COVID19 Human Needs Task Force/Groupe travail sur les besoins Humains

Community and Social Services/Services sociaux et communautaires

City of Ottawa/Ville d’Ottawa

Ph. 613.580.2424 x26753 |

HNTF Webpage (for the most recent information on City Social Support Services)



Nous avons eu une autre semaine magnifique, et avec la province qui progresse avec la phase 2 de réouverture, un plus grand nombre d’entre nous sortent. Cependant, nous devons tous rester en sécurité et respecter la distanciation sociale.

Santé publique Ottawa recommande à tous de porter un masque là où il n’est pas facile de maintenir la distanciation physique. Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur l’orientation de Santé publique Ottawa, veuillez consulter son site Web :

Bien que bon nombre de nos voisins puissent accéder à des masques en tissu et en acheter, il y a des milliers dans notre collectivité qui ne le peuvent pas. Le Groupe de travail sur les besoins humains (GTBH) cherche à obtenir des dons de masques de tissu à distribuer aux résidents qui n’ont pas d’autres moyens. Ces masques seront distribués dans toute la ville à des partenaires communautaires qui communiqueront avec des gens qui n’ont pas d’autres moyens d’accéder à un masque de tissu.

La Ville cherche des masques en tissu :

  • fabriqués avec au moins deux ou trois couches de tissu bien tissé, mais perméable à l’air, comme du coton, de la flanelle ou du coton pour édredon;
  • aucune couture au-dessus de la bouche et du nez par laquelle l’air pourrait fuir;
  • idéalement avec des plis horizontaux pour s’adapter à diverses formes de visages.

Si vous souhaitez faire un don, envoyez votre offre de contribution à

Vous trouverez ci-joint l’affiche en français et en anglais qui peut facilement être partagée sur toutes les plateformes de médias sociaux sur les raisons pour lesquelles utiliser des masques de tissu. N’hésitez pas à communiquer ce message au sein de votre collectivité.

Comme toujours, nous ne pouvons pas vous remercier assez pour tout ce que vous faites pour maintenir la communication au sein de votre collectivité pendant cette période unique de notre vie. Si vous avez des questions ou souhaitez obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur les Services municipaux, veuillez communiquer avec nous.


COVID-19 Groupe travail sur les besoins humains/Human Needs Task Force

Services sociaux et communautaires/Community and Social Services

Ville d’Ottawa/City of Ottawa

Tél. 613-580-2424, poste 26753 |

Page Web du GTBH (pour obtenir les renseignements les plus récents sur les services de soutien social de la Ville)

#NATUREISNOTCANCELLED (Ecology Ottawa: Passport to Nature 2020)

22 06 2020

Excerpted from Ecology Ottawa’s Passport to Nature 2020 site:


This virtual booklet outlines exciting and educational biodiversity themed events for you and your family to take part in from now until September 2020. Not to mention that the booklet features fun facts, little quizzes, and marvelous illustrations on a variety of topics.

Byron Avenue – south sidewalk construction (east of Woodroffe)

22 06 2020

Information sent by Damon Berlin, Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program (LRT Stage 2)

Please find attached the approved Haul Route for the Byron Avenue sidewalk construction east of Woodroffe. These works, which are expected to begin on Monday, June 22, will only have trucks on Richmond, Byron, Woodroffe and the existing Byron Linear Park cut throughs. The plan is improved from west of Woodroffe as it does not have any trucks hauling on any residential streets.


In addition to the haul route are the approved traffic control plans that will be employed for the sidewalk works which will progress west to east, block by block. “No stopping” signs to support construction were supposed to be installed today [Friday, June 19] along that corridor as well.

During these works there may be impacts to some driveway access while concrete curbs cure. If that impact will occur KEV will door knock a notice to affected driveways.

From Jeff Leiper’s Newsletter

21 06 2020

Tillbury park construction

As residents have seen, the lifecycle re-construction of the play facilties at Tillbury Park has started. The most recent information I have is that we expect the project to finish on time by the end of July.

You can view the final configuration here.

The final configuration was arrived at after extensive consultation with residents, and I thank them for their engagement; I know that was an active discussion. While the bids all came in over-budget, I authorized the use of a small amount of the ward’s cash-in-lieu of parkland budget to ensure this could be built.