City Of Ottawa’s Open House – June 17, 2013

21 06 2013

The City held an open house to inform the public of its “tweaked” preferred route.  Due to the format, many questions remained unanswered.  The format of the open house was disjointed. The various  issues were scattered among different displays around City Hall.  Consequently, it was impossible to have a complete picture of the plans for the western light rail.

Despite the lack of clarity, it became evident that the City has not addressed the key issues raised by community residents at the May 5th Muffin Meet which were the following:

  • Protection of ALL our parks (Byron Linear Park, Rochester Park and the Parkway) and
  • Completely underground route that goes through our community and adjacent communities.
  • There still has been no full disclosure of the details, including a full costs analysis and environment assessments to date, of ALL the routes.

Decision will be made shortly.  Therefore, it is important that residents attend and participate at the following upcoming meetings:

  • June 27th NCC meeting  and
  •  July 10th City’s Transportation Committee meetings.  

Have your voices heard!
It is also important that residents  send their comments and questions as soon as possible (prior to the Transportation Committee meeting) to the following:

Mayor Jim Watson:



City Planners:


MPP Yasir

MP John

MP Paul