Minutes of January 2014 Executive Meeting

12 02 2014

At its 11 February 2014 meeting, the Executive approved minutes of the 21 January meeting (below) and confirmed that the next meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm, 11 March at McKellar Park Field House.

Attending: Seema, Lesley, Rich, Carolyn, Tina. Absent: Stella

1. The Executive selected the following: President – Seema; Vice- President -Stella; Secretary – Sybil; Treasurer – Lesley; Parks liaison – Tina; Communications and Outreach – Rich; and Carolyn – Federation of Community Association liaison.

2. The Executive was provided a brief presentation on the MPCA website by Chris Story. The Executive agreed that it needed to better communicate with its members by posting timely information on the website. It was agreed that Rich would maintain the website and ensure that information was posted, as necessary.

3. The Executive felt that it was important to be aware of all zoning applications made in our section of the ward.

4. Tina reported that Friends of McKellar Park (FMP) are interested in engaging with the community association and would make a presentation on their proposal at a future Executive meeting. The Executive agreed that it would be beneficial to have a liaison from FMP on the executive. The Executive also agreed that it was important to ensure that the needs of all parks within MPCA boundaries are considered when examining future improvements.

5. Julie Pandeya expressed an interest in joining MPCA. Because there are two current vacancies on the Executive, the Executive agreed to invite Julie to the next Executive meeting to discuss how she could contribute to the MPCA.

6. The Executive agreed that MPCA needs to be more engaged with partners and events in the community such as Dovercourt Recreational Centre, Westfest, McKellar Park Garage Sale and other events.

7. Tina informed the Executive that Councillor Hobbs was consulting on improving Byron Park Pathway by Golden.

8. Sybil provided an update on the “Outreach Block Captains” proposal to engage community members. The proposal was to recruit neighbours on various streets to become block member captains in order to disseminate information or mobilize neighbours on issues as required. The Executive discussed how many captains would be needed to be effective. There will be a block captain’s meeting on April 30th.

9. Carolyn, who is the liaison between the FCA and the MPCA, provided a short update on what the FCA meeting. Lesley and Stella also attended the meeting. The Executive felt it was important to have a brief written summary of the meetings prior to the Executive meeting in order to have meaningful discussions and decisions on issues that the FCA want input on from MPCA. The next meeting will be held on Feb 10th and the March meeting will be held in our community.

10. Lesley would like to organize MPCA’s finances.

11. The Executive agreed that MPCA, along with other community associations, should host an all candidates meeting in our ward.

13. There was discussion about the time and location of future Executive meetings. There was some concern as to who would pick up/drop off key if we used the field house. This will be discussed again at the next meeting. It was also decided to change the dates of future meetings to the 2nd Tuesday of every month and the time would be 7:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned.