Minutes of February 2014 Executive Meeting

12 03 2014

At their 11 March 2014 meeting, the McKellar Park Community Association executive committee approved minutes of the February meeting, below. The next meeting is scheduled for 8 April at McKellar Park Field House.

Minutes of 11 February 2014 Meeting

Welcome Julie Pandeya to the executive.

1. Minutes of January 21, 2014 adopted and approved for posting on the Association website.

2. Standing agenda item: Update on the Federation of Community Associations. Update to be provided via email. Additional members will attend the next FCA meeting. One MPCA executive volunteered to pay membership fee for the Association.

3. Standing agenda item: Parks: McKellar Park: A representative of Friends of Mckellar Park will attend our March meeting.  Byron Park Improvements: There had been a meeting last year dealing with the improvement for Byron Park. Suggestions were made for improvements. Will follow up with Westboro Community Association President, Gary Ludington and Councillor Hobb’s assistant, Andrew Hickey. Dovercourt Recreational Community Centre is interested in working with MPCA. A Dovercourt representative will be invited to attend a future meeting and help build a better relationship.

4. Standing agenda item: Communications. Links updated to our website, and city and others in the community have been provided with our contact information including: Bulldog, City, FCA and Kitchissippi Times websites. Updates about new executive sent to Katherine Hobbs, Y. Naqvi, and Paul Dewar. Will explore viability of a community associations table/information available at the Farmers’ Market and Westfest in order to raise the profile of the association and recruit volunteers to get involved.

5. Standing agenda item: Finances: Have been unable to contact previous treasurer in order to transfer funds and change bank signatures; will follow up with the former treasurer and President.

6. Incorporation and Insurance. There was a general discussion about whether there is a need for insurance and incorporation. Pros and Cons will be examined at the next meeting to determine if MPCA should be incorporated.

7. Block captain update. A block captains meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 30th. Team leads will start to identify block captains, and other members of executive would be asked to help, particularly in their own neighbourhoods. It was agreed that potential captains should be informed of their tasks: to distribute leaflets; to assemble and disseminate information; and to inform the Executive if issue comes up in their area. At the next meeting there will be more discussion to determine what we want block leaders to do.

8. Zoning. A member volunteered to be our zoning/ planning person. There was a short discussion that we should be ready to respond when asked to any proposed changes in a future community development plan.

9. Kitchissippi Ward All Candidates Meeting. Will contact the associations to discuss a joint all candidates’ meeting.

10. Community Garage sale. There was agreement that the executive would look into holding a neighbourhood garage sale that would coincide with the Dovercourt Recreational Community Centre’s garage sale. Will ask Gary Ludington when Westboro CA will have their garage sale. If it is in June, block captains could be asked at April 30th meeting to disseminate information.

11. Churchill bus detour on Byron and Broadview. Will ask K Hobbs for more information. (i.e what buses, how many times per day, time frame alternatives) amd will copy Westboro CA because the detour is within their boundaries. To be discussed at the next meeting.

12. NCC Riverfront Placemaking Initiative appears to be limited to east of Westboro Beach. Will draft a letter to NCC saying we think this is a great initiative and wish it had included our area.

13. Received a request to support of continuation of home delivery of mail. Will follow up.

14. Future Meetings – meetings will be at McKellar Park Field House on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 PM.