Spring Give-Away Weekend

5 06 2014

Before you stop in and meet us at the Byron Farmer’s Market on Saturday, consider setting out items for the annual Spring Give-Away, as announced by the City:

Spring Give Away Weekend encourages residents to find new homes for useful items

4 June 2014

Public Service Announcement

Ottawa – The City of Ottawa is committed to keeping useful materials out of the landfill. The City’s Spring Give Away Weekend, Saturday June 7 and Sunday June 8, offers Ottawa residents an opportunity to find new homes for unwanted items. 

To participate, set gently used items out at the curb on June 7 and 8 for the Spring Give Away Weekend. Then tour your local neighbourhood and city to find hidden treasures.

Rules for setting out items

  • Place items like clothes, furniture, sports equipment,  books and more at the curb
  • Place stickers or signs on items with the word “FREE”
  • At the end of the day, uncollected items can be donated to a local charity

For more information about the City of Ottawa’s waste reduction and diversion programs visit ottawa.ca.