Street Safety Issue? Identify the trouble spots by March 6th

11 02 2015

(Courtesy of Anne Duggan, Coordinator, Safe Streets Working Group)

Every neighbourhood has a spot where pedestrians have to pay extra attention to avoid an accident when crossing a busy street, or where there is a fender bender on a regular basis. The Safe Streets Working Group is inviting all residents to send in information about these trouble spots by emailing or phoning (613) 580-2485. Please send them in by March 6.

The Safe Streets Working Group was initiated by Kitchissippi Ward Councillor Jeff Leiper to document all of the dangerous spots and intersections along our streets. While issues like snow removal and congestion are also important, Jeff sees this working group as a way to create a complete inventory of places that can be tweaked through better street design and traffic calming measures, making our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. The working group will comprise of members from the Kitchissippi community associations, interested residents and Anne Duggan, the Safe Streets Working Group coordinator.