Western LRT Position Endorsed

25 02 2015
With a view to presenting a united community approach to the City regarding the WLRT, and with a view similar to other community associations, the McKellar Park Community Association agrees to support the three principles below, which were originally put forward by the Champlain Park Community Association. 
  1. The Byron linear park, Rochester Field and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway should be maintained and preferably enhanced as attractive, user-friendly urban green spaces. All three provide much cherished core community benefits. They must not be compromised.
  2. If the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway route is ultimately chosen, the engineering design must be fully compatible with the NCC’s on-going efforts to develop and implement its long-term vision for an accessible and more animated water-front park adjacent to the Ottawa River.
  3. In our view, the best, and likely the only way to respect these principles, is to fully tunnel the LRT should the City and the NCC agree upon any of the above routes.
Our community is deeply committed to the improvement of our transit system as well as the preservation of all our parklands and urban forest.  Our support for these principles should in no way be construed as conveying any preference for either the Byron or the Parkway route, and we will not support any route that jeopardizes either of these parks. 
Furthermore, we expect transparency and consultation from the NCC and the city regarding the route ultimately chosen, mitigation of the impacts of construction, and the transit orientated development that flows from it.