Heads-up for Community Mailboxes in McKellar Park

16 07 2015

The Association has been inquiring of our local representatives and Canada Post about timing and plans for replacing door-to-door delivery with “community mailboxes” in McKellar Park. It appears that, in practice, the first indication is notification of immediately affected individuals only when installation is imminent.

We’ve agreed to share any such notifications with MP Paul Dewar and Councillor Jeff Leiper; in exchange they will let us know if any information is shared with them and we will post on this site any such updates.

So, if you are notified or otherwise contacted by Canada Post regarding Community Mailboxes planned for your part of McKellar Park, please relay that information to us at the blog email address, mpca.blog@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, we will continue to seek ways the community might improve mailbox placement.