Have Your Say: Zoning to permit “coach house” secondary dwellings city-wide

9 10 2015

City planners are studying zoning changes to permit secondary dwellings in separate structures on existing lots, informally known as “coach houses.” At present, this study includes all zones in the city. Residents only have until October 19th to respond to a questionnaire informed by a high-level discussion paper on the city’s site. (Don’t delay.)

The overall process and timeline for the city-wide changes is also summarized on the site.

Notably, the provincial law behind these second unit policies strips any right of appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, so it’s crucial that the city’s by-laws provide all necessary protections to landowners and their neighbours.

In addition to the usual zoning considerations (lot size, set-backs, built heights, etc.), the city is considering a requirement that coach houses only receive water and sewer service by way of connections from the main house; such rules will be critical to discourage secondary units from later becoming wholly separate legal parcels.

Residents are encouraged to read the background material and complete the questionnaire now, while input can more influence outcomes.

(Hat Tip: Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter, October 2nd. Sign-up for email delivery.)