Berm in McKellar Park

7 06 2018

On Sunday night MPCA is hosting a meeting to discuss whether or not building a “landscaped berm” in the south east corner of the park would be beneficial. The attached document was a study done in the community in 2011 which outlines what people felt would be useful additions to the park. Thinking has evolved since then but it does show that a berm was envisioned. The berm we are looking at will be smaller, maximum 2 metres in height at it’s highest .
If you are interested in this idea, please attend our meeting at the MP Field house at 7PM on Sunday, June 10th.

Community Submission for McKellar Park Enhancements
A meeting was held by McKellar Park stakeholders and neighbours on September 27, 2011 and launched a widely-engaged discussion on what the community wanted McKellar Park to look like in the future. The motivation behind the meeting was to generate a list of park enhancements that would be considered by Councillor Hobbs and the City of Ottawa for funding from the Cash-In-Lieu of Parkland fund. Four subsequent Friends of McKellar Park meetings followed, resulting in various community engagement efforts and resulting with this submission.
Discussions about why to change an already great park followed. Discussion points included:
• creating a barrier-free, inclusive park
• increasing family use because a family-used park is a safer park
• ‘recreation’ having been redefined over time, and with the exception of the play structure erected eight (8) years ago, the park is remains in its original state
• increasing the park’s appeal to all age demographics
• any changes to the park would tie in with the City of Ottawa’s Global age-friendly cities initiative
• the funding opportunity currently available

This submission will detail the following areas of desired park enhancements:
1. Fitness Trail
2. Shelters / Gazebo
3. Seating
4. Berm
5. Field Improvements 6. Winter Rink
7. Safety Enhancements 8. Tennis
9. Basketball
10.Wading Pool