Recent break-ins on Brierwood and Highland

3 02 2020

A letter to the Association from a McKellar Park resident:

My husband and I are longtime residents (26 years) on Highland Ave and last night, after an evening out, we came home about 11:30pm to find that our house had been broken into.

Aside from creating a giant mess throughout the house, the thieves took cash, family keepsakes and jewellery. Laptops and other devices were untouched.

The police told us that they had been to a similar break-in on Brierwood a few hours earlier. So it may be that thieves are currently operating in this area.

It seems that the thieves took some of our stuff in one of our own pillowcases and an old coin collection and my father in law’s WWII medals in a small white zippered canvas bag with purple handles. Is it possible to alert community members in case anyone comes across either of these in their – backyard, snowbank, hedges, etc? These items would be harder to sell and may have been dumped.

Too late for me, but I’d like to urge everyone in the neighbourhood to take photos of all of your valuables so that you have an accurate record in case it’s needed.

If you have any questions, information, or suggestions, please send them to the Association ( and we’ll forward them on.