LRT Construction: Temporary Haul Route through 747 Richmond Road (Cleary)

19 06 2020

Stakeholder Relations, Stage 2 LRT advises of the following construction activity:

From: “Berlin, Damon” <>
Date: June 19, 2020 at 11:58:00 AM EDT
Subject: Temporary Haul Route

Good afternoon,

Please be advised that as early as next week, KEV will begin temporarily using the former 747 Richmond site for limited truck access. They require an entrance to the construction area off of Cleary (i.e. from both ends) to allow the pads required for construction to be installed in a time period that supports their schedule.  They would like to utilize Rochester Fields and SJAM for the majority of access/egress during construction beginning in July, however access from Rochester Field gets cut off from the east at a point(1650 Drainage Culvert) in addition they cannot construct or utilize SJAM access until after the current SJAM work is completed in July. KEV will use best efforts to maximize use of Rochester Park for truck traffic and minimize use of Cleary, but there will be truck traffic until end of July.

Thank you