Byron Avenue – south sidewalk construction (east of Woodroffe)

22 06 2020

Information sent by Damon Berlin, Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program (LRT Stage 2)

Please find attached the approved Haul Route for the Byron Avenue sidewalk construction east of Woodroffe. These works, which are expected to begin on Monday, June 22, will only have trucks on Richmond, Byron, Woodroffe and the existing Byron Linear Park cut throughs. The plan is improved from west of Woodroffe as it does not have any trucks hauling on any residential streets.


In addition to the haul route are the approved traffic control plans that will be employed for the sidewalk works which will progress west to east, block by block. “No stopping” signs to support construction were supposed to be installed today [Friday, June 19] along that corridor as well.

During these works there may be impacts to some driveway access while concrete curbs cure. If that impact will occur KEV will door knock a notice to affected driveways.