LRT Stage 2 station connectivity review

27 06 2020

The Stage2 Team held presentations with groups along the Confederation Line West Extension to look at connectivity to stations. They have posted content which they would like you to review, including these connectivity features for Cleary station in our area:


A. Complete street with cycle tracks along Richmond Road, Byron Linear Park improvements, and sidewalk on south side of Byron Avenue

B. Station plaza with 6 passenger pick up and drop off spaces and bike parking for 20 bikes with space allocated to double in future when required

C. Close Redwood Avenue between Richmond Road and Byron Avenue

D. Two new pedestrian crossovers across Richmond Road at Lockhart Street and west of Sherbourne Road

E. New multi-use pathway connection from Cleary Station to Ottawa River pathway, including underpass at the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway

Feasibility Assessment

F. Add contra-flow bike lane on Redwood Avenue north of Keenan Avenue

aerial_clearyIf you have questions or comments about this, good or bad, please let the Stage2 team and Councillor Jeff Leiper know by July 10, 2020. Please consider copying this blog’s email as well.

Received from the LRT Stage 2 program office:


Subject: Stage 2 Confederation Line West Extension Connectivity Review – Online


The content from the following five presentations for the Stage 2 Confederation Line West Extension Connectivity Review has been posted online:

  • Iris & Baseline
  • Queensview & Lincoln Fields
  • New Orchard & Cleary
  • Dominion, Westboro & Tunney’s Pasture
  • Moodie, Pinecrest & Bayshore

We hope you are able to share the links above widely within your networks, encouraging the public to send in their questions and comments copying by July 10th, at which time we will prepare a public ‘As We Heard It’ report containing both comments from the PAC, and the public at large. This will also be posted to the website following the public comment period.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The Rail Construction Program is committed to creating barrier-free access for all residents by following the City of Ottawa Accessibility Policies and Procedures. To receive a resource in an accessible format, please email or call 3-1-1 (613-580-2400) / 613-580-2401(TTY).

Thank you

Stage 2 Team