Minutes: Annual General Meeting (including LRT update)

16 12 2021

McKellar Park Annual General Meeting, Monday November 29, 2021

Virtual meeting via ZOOM, start time 7:00 p.m.
Executive Members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson, Chris Clarke
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Attendees: 64 participants

1. Opening Remarks: D. Broscoe on how to use Zoom; D Jackson on how to use Slido to ask questions which will be monitor

2. S. Powell, President of MPCA, welcome to everyone
• Minutes from AGM November 23, 2020 – approved
• Agenda for the meeting – approved

3. LRT Construction Update for the McKellar Park area from Tunney’s pasture to Woodroffe; 2 stations that affect this area Kichi Sibi station (Dominion), Sherbourne station (Cleary)
Attendees: Damon Berlin, Stakeholder Relations/Rail Construction Program/Transit Services, Department of City of Ottawa; Meghan Alexander, new to the team taking over from Damon for Ward 15, Stakeholder Relations/Rail Construction Program/Transit Services, Department of City of Ottawa; John Caldwell, City of Ottawa, property liaison with 727 Richmond Condo building; Jamie Robinson KEV Director of Communications and Jennifer Falconer, KEV

  • Damon gave an overview of the construction and updates at this time, see slide presentation
  • anticipated removal of slurry plan Spring 2022
  • Meghan Alexander spoke to future realignment of Sir John A. MacDonald parkway (SJAM), connectivity to 4 new crossings for pedestrians and cyclists
  • unanswered questions from Slido will be sent to Meghan to review

Please provide more detail on the grade crossings on SJAM?

  • there will be a signalized crossing @ Kichi Sibi Station and Rochester field

How will noise vibration be handled?

  • this is design issue and not a construction issue, will require more investigation, being worked on with the affected properties

4. Dovercourt presentation update on Covid impact
John Rapp, Executive Director for Dovercourt

  • difficult over the last 2 years
  • 90% of revenue dependent on programs prior to Covid
  • now 90% funded dependent
  • deficit of $600,000
  • thanks to Jeff Leiper and Theresa Kavanagh’s support and funding/interest free loans from City of Ottawa/CERB has made an impact
  • prior to Covid Dovercourt was a $6 million operation, it dropped to $2 million in 2021; hope to be up to $4 million in 2022 and $6 million in 2023
  • programs are at full capacity
  • staffing has been a challenge
  • summer camps to be back in full swing 2022

Jonathan Rothchild, Board Member for Dovercourt

  • goal to build stronger relationships with other Community Associations through meetings like these with the CA’s in the catchment area
  • 12 members on the board
  • goal is to expand membership at Dovercourt
  • provide programs members are looking for

Relationship of field house, wading pool with McKellar Park?

  • Dovercourt runs 3 buildings: McKellar Park field house; Van Lang field house and Dovercourts main building, 3 wading pools providing life guards
  • MPCA has use of field house at no charge, booking done through Dovercourt
  • booking for the surrounding field/park area is done through the City of Ottawa as this park is considered a destination park
  • Belair Norseman Football club uses field house and fields for practice, this has been a long standing relationship, there is a strong relationship with MPCA and the Norseman club
  • Dovercourt helps with the running and operation of the ice rinks at McKellar and Kiwanis park, this makes it easier for the volunteers

Closing of YMCA @ Carlingwood what will happen to its members?

  • Dovercourt will honour YMCA membership, usually YMCA will encourage use of other Y’s

5. Jeff Leiper, Councillor for Kitchissippi ward

  • subscribe to weekly newsletter @ https://kitchissippiward.ca
  • Pop up office hours via Zoom see newsletter date/time, this is a chance for resident’s to chat with Jeff
  • ward boundaries changing in 2022 next election, McKellar Park will move to Bay Ward
  • LRT is driving intensification in the area
  • McKellar Park is largely single detached homes only there will be a push to change it
  • zoning will be reviewed in the next term of council, clearer rules for developers
  • City of Ottawa has proposed a 3% increase in property taxes, budget will pass on December 8, 2021

6. Theresa Kavanagh, Councillor for Bay Ward

  • Theresa’s newsletter @ https://baywardbulletin.ca
  • McKellar Park will be the eastern part of Bay Ward
  • a lot of LRT construction in Bay Ward, working very closely with the construction team/City of Ottawa
  • Theresa to continue to work closely with Jeff Leiper’s office during the transition

7. Yasir Naqvi – MP for Ottawa Centre

  • a few words from Yasir, he is honoured to be serving the community
  • newly elected and working hard to putting his staff together
  • office is located in Hintonburg, 404-1066 Somerset Street West
  • contact information: T: 613.946.8682; Email: Yasir.Naqvi@parl.gc.ca

8. President’s Update – Sybil Powell and Dan O’Hagen

  • association is stronger than ever thanks to the many volunteers
  • Covid has had and impact on activities for the community, unable to have the Easter Egg hunt in the spring; cancellation of the Fall Fair in September, delivery of newsletter to mailboxes
  • Insurance for the association has been an issue, costs have increased which impacts activities. The higher cost is affecting other community associations, being reviewed by the City of Ottawa
  • The following activities completed in 2021:
  • Pollinator Garden presentation via Zoom February 2021
  • Tree Giveaway MPCA and Ecology Ottawa in McKellar Park, September 2021
  • Federal All Candidates debate via Zoom, September 2021, MPCA was the lead, 8 different community associations took park, thank you to David Broscoe from MPCA for the technical support as this was a challenge with a huge learning curve to implement
  • Official Plan, City of Ottawa, consumed a large amount of the MPCA time, new OP plan will affect McKellar park as intensification increases and review of current zoning bylaws
  • LRT will continue to be a focus
  • traffic in the area is a concern due to LRT construction
  • thank you to the 55 volunteers who look after the 2 ice rings in the area
  • Future projects:
  • Rain People presentation on Zoom planned for February 2022
  • Easter Egg hunt in the spring will depend on insurance coverage
  • Bike Rodeo – teach children how to safely ride bikes to be organized with Bike Ottawa

Dan O’Hagan

  • zoning will be a concern for the area, Official Plan will have an impact
  • need new ideas, need new volunteers
  • 2 residents agreed to be part of the Executive team
  • D. Broscoe and D. Tweedie agreed to be part of the Executive team

9. Treasurers Report: Rob McRae

  • no fund raising due to Covid, no new income
  • 2 expenses this year, Zoom and FCA membership
  • November 2021, income $6800.00
  • current available funds $6054.00, after membership fees paid
  • MPCA fiscal year is a calendar year
  • insurance continues to be a concern, this will become a significant part of the budget in the future unless the city acts to protect community associations. In 2019 paid $333, quote for 2021 was over $2000

Questions from Slido for Jeff Leiper and Theresa Kavanagh:
When will the Gazebo from Laroche Park be installed @ McKellar Park?

  • Plan to install Gazebo in the Spring 2022, there will be consultation with local neighbours as to where to place the Gazebo in McKellar Park

Community Gardens, can this be done on Byron Linear Park?

  • Can be looked at, it is done in other locations, please contact J. Leiper’s office to pursue

Art in the Park, LRT?

  • monies available for art for the LRT area, if interested please contact J. Leiper’s office

NCC/Rochester Field what are the plans after LRT construction?

  • To be developed as a park and be a part of the Ottawa River Linear Park system

Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.
Recorder: Dorothy Tweedie



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