Amendment to MPCA By-laws

15 11 2022

We need to change a section of our by-laws to reflect changes to the Bay and Kitchissippi ward boundaries and to match the western boundary of the Westboro Community Association. Below is the proposed change. There will be a vote at the AGM on November 20, 2022 for this amendment to be approved.

  1. Boundaries
    The boundaries of the association are:
    A. a) To the east, the western side of Denbury Ave. between Richmond Rd. and Tillbury and then extending in the same direction (roughly S/SE) to Carling;
    b) North of Richmond Rd., eastern boundary will extend across Rochester Field in the same direction as Denbury (roughly N/ NNW) to the Ottawa River;
    B. To the west, Sherbourne Ave. from Carling Ave. to Byron and then direct to the Ottawa River;
    C. To the north, Ottawa River;
    D. To the south, Carling Ave.



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