Minutes: 2022 Annual General Meeting

16 12 2022

[Minutes are “draft” until approved by the next Annual General Meeting]

McKellar Park Annual General Meeting,
Monday November 20, 2022

Virtual meeting via ZOOM, start time 7:00 pm
Executive Members: Sybil Powell; Dan O’Hagan; Rob McCrae; Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe; Dorothy Tweedie
Attendees: 51 participants

1. S. Powell, President of MPCA, welcome to everyone

  • Minutes from AGM November 29, 2021 –D. O’Hagan moved a motion to approve meeting minutes, 2nd by D. Broscoe; all in favour, motion carried
  • Agenda for the meeting – S. Powell moved a motion to approve the agenda, 2nd by Jeannine Lewis; all in favour, motion carried

2. LRT – update on construction to McKellar Park neighbour – introduced by S. Powell
Presenter: City of Ottawa Team: Damon Berlin, Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program, damon.berlin@ottawa.ca; Campbell Inwood, Program Manager-Traffic
KEV Team: Jamie Robinson, Director of Communications; Susan Barrett, Communication Manager

  • presentation will cover the area from Rochester field to New Orchard stations
  • once completed 77% of Ottawa residents will be within 5 km of light rail
  • slide and video presentation: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/84f25bcaf660ab4b3ad9014925b34d1720221121185305/1787f46d3501eb336885e6925d66276420221121185327/a54976?trk=TRN_TDL_01&utm_campaign=TRN_TDL_01&utm_medium=email&utm_source=sendgrid
  • Byron tunnel is progressing, 50% completed, to be completed in 2024, behind schedule due to union strikes and covid-19
  • Rochester field will be reinstated once LRT is completed
  • Sherbourne station to be completed in March 2025
  • building of Sherbourne station contracted to PCL
  • summer of 2023 removal of Woodroffe bridge, intersection may be closed for 13 days to complete
  • New Orchard station to be completed January 2025
  • Green roofs will be part of the stations (New Orchard, Sherbourne) to allow for future outdoor programming of the space
  • Cleary road closed, detour to commence on November 21, 2022, access road has been built beside Kristy’s restaurant and will allow access to 75 Cleary, Unitarian house and Child care centre – reinstatement Fall 2024
  • early December 2022 part of Richmond Road will be closed to allow for the alignment of the Parkway tunnel to Byron tunnel – reinstatement Fall 2024
  • September 11, 2022 westbound Richmond Road was detoured to New Orchard, Ambleside then McEwen before resuming on Richmond Road
  • eastbound traffic on Richmond Road not affected
  • detour will be in effect for approximately 16 months
  • there will be 4 SJAM connectivity paths, a mixture of underpasses and signalized
  • crossings (from Churchill to Cleary Avenue)
  • Thank you to Damon and his team for the presentation. Damon can be reached @ damon.berlin@ottawa.ca; to receive electronic updates please sign up at Ottawa.ca/Stage2 and click ‘Connect with Us’ and select updates for ‘Sherbourne Station’.

3. Theresa Kavanagh, Councillor for Bay Ward – introduced by D. O’Hagan

  • inauguration and swearing of new Councillors to City Hall has now happened, Councillor T. Kavanagh is now our councillor for Bay Ward, Ward 7
  • T. Kavanagh is one of the senior councillors on the council
  • mentioned Bill 23 which came right after the Municipal election, a difficult Bill,
  • concerns about the impact of this legislation on conservation and land development, changes that will affect how things are done at City Hall, Theresa encouraged residents to check out the City’s response to the new legislation
  • strong Mayor legislation now in place, only a 1/3 of votes required to over ride decisions at City Hall
  • Official Plan was reviewed by the province, 30 changes made to the plan
  • concern about lack of affordable housing
  • expanding of the city boundaries to suburbs, there will be less control on vehicle traffic
  • concern about Bill 23 affecting property taxes
  • Theresa mentioned she meets weekly with LRT/O Train/Stage 2 group

Question from the floor:

  • What can citizens do with regards to Bill 23 and changes to the Official Plan?
  • Response: Theresa encourages residents to write to their MPP – Joel Harden, cc T. Kavanagh, Bayward@ottawa.ca, how these changes are affecting democracy
  • Theresa’s team: Georgie Gosham-Hamer; Marlene Legault and Sue Garvey
  • sign up for weekly Bay Ward Bulletin: https://www.baywardbulletin.ca/current-bulletin/
  • Theresa hopes to have a Bay Ward wide meeting in the near future
  • Sybil thanked Theresa for attending and MPCA AGM

4. Treasurer’s Report: Rob McCrae

Time Frame January 1-November 20, 2022
Income$5,186 (donations $4,140, event income $1,045.70)
Overall$1,362.39 surplus
Balance Sheet
$ 95.15
Liabilities$ 0.00

Rob moved a motion to adopt the treasurer’s report, 2nd by Dan O’Hagan; all in favour, motion carried

5. Amendment to Bylaw regarding eastern boundary of MPCA

Current Bylaws

The boundaries of the Association are:

a) To the east, Fraser Avenue, east onto Carling,
including Bromley East and the commercial property
at the corner of Carling and Sherbourne;

b) To the west, western boundary of Kitchissippi ward;

c) To the north, the Ottawa River Parkway;

d) To the south, east of Sherbourne Road up to Carling Avenue

Proposed Bylaws

The boundaries of the Association are:

a) To the east:

  • the western side of Denbury Ave. between Richmond Rd. and
    Tillbury Ave. and then extending in the same direction as Denbury
    (roughly S/SE) to Carling;
  • north of Richmond Rd. the eastern boundary will extend across
    Rochester Field in the same direction as Denbury (roughly N/NW)
    to the Ottawa River;

b) To the west, Sherbourne Ave. from Carling Ave. to Byron Ave. and then direct to the Ottawa River;

c) To the north, the Ottawa River;

d) To the south, Carling Ave.

D. O’Hagan moved a motion to adopt the changes to the boundary changes for McKellar Park, 2nd by D. Broscoe, no questions or objections from the floor, motion accepted and adopted

6. President’s Report: S. Powell

4 events completed in the year:

  • Rain Ready Ottawa – Zoom presentation, March 2022
  • Egg Hunt in McKellar Park – April, 2022
  • All Candidates/Provincial meeting – May 2022
  • Garage Sale – June 2022
  • Fall Festival – a great success, support form a number of vendors: Amstead; Magnolia; Kelly Ebbs; Liam Kealy, Westboro BIA; Bridgehead coffee; Produce Depot – September 2022
  • Derecho storm in May hit parts of McKellar Park hard, some residents without electricity for 10 days, concern on how we can best support residents in the community during these unpredictable storms
  • Tillbury park has been renamed, David Shentow, who was a holocaust survivor and lived in the in the community
  • new cross walk with lights installed on Richmond Road @ Gainsborough, thank you to Councillor Leiper’s office for making this happen
  • new Gazebo to be installed in McKellar Park next summer 2023, thank you to Councillor Leiper
  • McKellar Park is now part of Bay Ward, Ward 7, T. Kavanagh is the councillor for the ward
  • thank you to Councillor Leiper of Kitchissippi ward for his help over the years


  • zoning will be an issue in McKellar Park especially due to proximity to Light rail
  • Bill 23 will have an effect on the R1 zoning of MP
  • check out Councillor’s Kavanagh and Leiper’s website for up-to-date information


  • changes to how local community associations are covered for events
  • an issue for McKellar Park
  • a complicated issue, expensive and time consuming to do
  • City of Ottawa is reviewing

Thank you to our volunteers, Rich Brandau, David Broscoe, Emma Mallach, Dorothy Tweedie, and the Hosers for their operation of the ice rink during the winter

Call out for more volunteers for a number of projects/activities:

  • Zoning
  • By-law update as per the Ontario Not-for-profit Corporations (ONCA) requires all non profit corporations to update their by-laws, deadline October 2024
  • fund raising activities

Sybil mentioned the need for an accountant to review the financial books

7. Election of new board for 2022-2023 – Dan O’Hagan

  • MPCA by-laws allows 10 executives on the board, there are 6 positions vacant
  • Dan requesting people to get involved in McKellar Park especially as there will be major changes affecting the community, due to the Official Plan, zoning changes, tree cover is being threatened, not enough park area in McKellar Park
  • mentioned the FCA active on environmental issues
  • the current Executives will continue: Sybil Powell as President, Dan O’Hagan, Derek Jackson, Rob McCrae as Treasurer
  • no new volunteers stepped forward; it was suggested to they could contact MPCA after the AGM if they would like to volunteer
  • D. O’Hagan moved a motion to continue with the current 4 Executive members, no objections, 2nd by D. Broscoe, motion carried/approved

D. Tweedie moved a motion to adjourn the meeting @ 8:45, 2nd by R. McCrae, all in favour, motion carried

Recorder D. Tweedie



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