Safe Wings Ottawa needs our help preventing bird deaths

6 05 2023

Safe Wings Ottawa, a not-for-profit volunteer-based program of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club that aims to reduce bird mortality from window collisions through research, prevention, and rescue provided the following information: 

In anticipation of World Migratory Bird Day 2023 (WMBD) on May 13, Safe Wings Ottawa is launching a Residential Bird Collision Solutions Spring Campaign to share information about the issue of bird-glass collisions and existing small-scale solutions. I have attached two illustrative posters, one is about the campaign and the other is about the cause of collisions and how to bird-proof a home/cottage. I would be very grateful if you could share or display these documents with members of your community to help raise awareness. 

Spring migration has begun and thousands of birds who fly through or choose Ottawa as their summer home are arriving daily until late June and will be returning back starting in September. Safe Wings Ottawa estimates that over 250,000 birds, in Ottawa alone, collide with windows every year, including Species At Risk. Birds don’t perceive glass; what they see are reflections of trees or sky and they will fly towards them at full speed. The first four stories of buildings tend to have the most collisions, and they can occur at any type of building, including residences and cottages, or with clear deck railings. It’s especially important to make your windows bird-safe if you attract birds through feeding or plantings. Luckily there are simple solutions to make glass bird-safe!

One collision solution proven to work by scientific studies and local users is Feather Friendly window markers on the outside glass surface. From May 13 to 28, residents can take advantage of a 15% discount on Feather Friendly products from Wild Birds Unlimited by purchasing online or in-store at their Ottawa and Kanata locations.

In closing, should anyone in your community find an injured or dead bird, please call Safe Wings Ottawa at 613-216-8999.

On behalf of Ottawa’s residents and migratory birds, I would like to thank you for your collaboration in raising awareness of the problem and solutions. 



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