The purpose of the Association is to enhance community life for residents of McKellar Park by undertaking the following objectives:

  1. Seeking input from residents, property owners and business owners in diverse areas of McKellar Park regarding the interests of the community.
  2. Interacting with various levels of government to promote the interests of the McKellar Park community including participating in community design and planning processes.
  3. Collecting and dispersing information of importance to members of the Community.
  4. Encouraging positive social, recreational, cultural, artistic and commercial activities in McKellar Park.
  5. Communicating and cooperating with other business and community groups in the surrounding area and in the city to the benefit of the McKellar community.

Click for the MPCA Bylaws

Contact Us
Contact the MPCA executive by email to  mpca.blog@gmail.com

Current members of the MPCA Executive for the 2021-22 term are:

  • Sybil Powell, President
  • Dan O’Hagan, Deputy President
  • Rob McCrae, Treasurer

Please consider volunteering with the Association

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