16 01 2019

We have been informed that the Westboro Community Association will be commemorating the tragic crash that occurred last Friday at Westboro Station. For those wishing to participate, here are the details that we are aware of:


Hello fellow community members:

The Westboro Community Association is going to light a candle and lay flowers to commemorate those who lost their lives in the horrific bus crash on Jan. 11. We invite you to join us on the platform on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 7:00 p.m. and do the same. There is no ceremony or event; just the community together lighting a candle, laying flowers . . . whatever you think would be appropriate. See you then.


House of Pizza last business standing in Richmond Road strip mall expropriated for LRT.

10 01 2019

Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen

For 23 years, Gabriel Khater has come to work at his House of Pizza at 747 Richmond Road.

Seven days a week — 11 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, 11 to 2 a.m. on weekends.

“I feel like I could close my eyes and run the store,” Khater said as he slices up a fresh-from-the-oven pie in his pizzeria, the last business left open in the once thriving strip mall.

In a few years, train tracks will run through this mall near the corner of Richmond and Cleary Avenue, which has been expropriated by the city as it prepares for Phase 2 of the LRT system. The mall will be the site of the train’s Cleary Station.

Tenants have known for a year that they’ll have to go, but it hasn’t made the goodbyes any easier.


“It’s sad,” Khater said. “I’ve watched everybody leaving and I’m used to seeing them every day.”

Khater and his wife Nadine, who works alongside him every day but goes home after the suppertime rush, are relocating to a new location at 160 Richmond Rd., near Kirkwood. They hope their faithful customers will follow them there, but for some, like those in the adjacent condo tower, The Continental, the move will be an inconvenience.

“One woman was so sad,” Kahter said. “She said we were so convenient. She could just phone in the order and walk down to get it. Now she’ll have to drive.”

Next door at Nokham Thai Restaurant, Bouasonephet Bouasy-Jung and her father, Bouanokham Bouasy, were clearing out the family-run restaurant they’ve run for nearly 20 years. The glassware and cutlery was boxed. The ornately carved golden pediment that once graced its entrance had been removed and stood beside the stacked tables and chairs.

Nokham served its last meals Sunday night to, as always, a packed house.

“It’s like a second home here,” Bouasonephet, who said she spent 50 to 60 hours a week at the restaurant, often behind the scenes bookkeeping and ordering food. “Actually it’s probably more like a first home because of all the time we spent here.”

There’s no new home for Nokham. It’s closing for good. Bouanokham is going to spend time with his two grandchildren and travelling; Bouasonephet says she’s just going to take it easy for awhile.

“Our customers told us they’re going to miss us. That they loved the food,” she said. “They’ve been asking me, ‘Where’s the next best place to go for Thai food?’ Of course, I don’t know. I don’t go out for Thai,” she said, with a laugh.

The restaurant had been told the mall was closing last September, but the deadline was extended, Bouasonephet said. More recently, the city told them they could stay until the end of February, but the family decided it wasn’t worth it.

“If it had been a few more months, then maybe, but for just a few more weeks? No,” she said.

The Warsaw Deli permanently closed on Dec. 31, the same day Mother Earth natural health closed its storefront (though it still has an online store.) Treasures Anew consignment shop packed up its Royal Doulton china, vintage watches and other curios from your grandmother’s house, and moved last year to a new location at 1390 Clyde Ave., near Merivale.

The city says it has yet to receive a request for a demolition permit for the mall.

Back at House of Pizza, Gabriel Khater keeps answering phone calls, spinning dough and dishing on the toppings. The renovations are going slowly at the new location — he estimates it’s about 50 per cent complete — so he’s asked the city if House of Pizza can keep going where it is for a little longer. It may be lonely at 747 Richmond, he said, but it’s still busy.



CommunityBudget Consultation Tonight! (Thursday)

10 01 2019

Join @JLeiper and @tm_kavanagh Thursday evening at 7 pm for a community budget consultation at Ron Kolbus Community Centre! Come out & learn more about the new City budget and give your input.

Bike Lanes on Sherbourne Ave.

20 12 2018

From Jeff Leiper’s Kitchissippi Ward website. Note, map is included in link at bottom of this post.

Councillor Kavanagh and I were recently informed that as part of the Sherbourne re-surfacing there will be painted bike lanes implemented on the road when it’s re-painted.

Sherbourne Avenue is identified in the City of Ottawa Cycling Plan as a cycling route that connects Carling Avenue to Byron Avenue, including bike routes on Dovercourt Avenue and through the Byron Avenue Linear Park. The draft pavement marking and signage plan for the upcoming 2019 resurfacing project is attached below for your information and review. This plan accommodates on-street parking on one side of Sherbourne, between Byron to Dovercourt on the west side; and between Saville to Bromley on the east side.

The Council approved Complete Streets Implementation Framework directs staff to consider implementing bike lanes and other measures as part of road resurfacing projects. Comments on the project are due by January 3. I apologize for the tight timeframe.

Regarding implementation timing, there currently isn’t a schedule for the 2019 resurfacing projects other than sometime between late May to late September. The schedule will be refined after the tender is awarded (all of the city’s resurfacing projects are in one big tender package) and the winning contractor will then schedule individual jobs, so we likely won’t know the exact planned date for implementation until late spring timeframe.

I am supportive of the project, but will review your comments to see whether the plan requires any tweaks and pass those on to City staff.

For more information, please contact:

Amir Zahabi

Engineer, Design Review & Implementation

Transportation Services Department

613-580-2424 x16821



Provincial Proposal to allow cities to pass an open-for-business planning by-law

15 12 2018

On Dec 6th, the Provincial Government tabled its new “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act.”

As part of this proposed act, and in the government’s words, the government “is proposing to make changes to the Planning Act to create a new economic development tool, the open-for-business planning by-law. The tool would be available to all local municipalities to ensure they can act quickly to attract businesses seeking development sites.”

If the proposed bill becomes law, it has major implications for how development applications would be dealt with in Ontario cities.  

The law would apply to development that is:

  • a new major employment use (minimum 100 jobs for larger cities)
  • manufacturing and/or research and development, but not residential, commercial or retail as the primary use

This process would allow municipalities to permit the use (i.e., zone the lands) without having to strictly adhere to existing local requirements (e.g., official plan and zoning). The bill could short-circuit the application approval process and also eliminate the right of appeal to the LPAT in some instances.

A lay-person explanation of the proposed permitted uses is here. The proposed changes to planning process are outlined here.  The full bill is found here.

The deadline for comments is January 20. The comment link for the provincial government is found here. Please consider also leaving comments with:

Ottawa Centre MPP Joel Harden  JHarden-QP@ndp.on.ca

Kitchissippi Ward Councillor Jeff Leiper  jeff@kitchissippiward.ca

McKellar Park Community Association  mpca.blog@gmail.com

Christmas Bird Count 2018

12 12 2018
2018 marks the 100th annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC).  The CBC is a census of birds in the Western Hemisphere, and is conducted by volunteers.  This year’s count will be on Sunday, December 16.  The count involves monitoring your bird feeder and counting the birds that come by.  Participants will be given a checklist and are asked to report the numbers at noon and final numbers at the end of the day.  Gillian Koh, Hintonburg Community Association board member, will be administering the CBC for the Kitchissippi.  If you would like to participate, please email her at gillian.a.koh@gmail.com.

Goldenrod Garden

10 12 2018

Goldenrod Garden Announce copy