Current standing committees of McKellar Park Community Association include:

Traffic Committee – Nadia Thorne, Neeta McMurtry, Tina Casey, Stella Militano, Seema Lamba, Sybil Powell

The committee will deal with all internal neighbourhood traffic issues and partner with other bordering communities and Jeff Leiper as needed to offer input into necessary traffic calming measure. It is anticipated that sub-committees may arise depending on the exact traffic issue.

Parks & Environment – Tina, Neeta, Rich Brandau

The committee will work with the community and Jeff Leipers office to ensure we are communicating park needs and priorities. It will also continue to work with the broader Kitchissippi Tree Group that has worked to influence the City Environment committee to review the adherence to City Tree policies. Lastly, it will also include participation as required with the NCC in regards to the Linear Park along SJAM Parkway.

Zoning & Development – Lesley, Stella, Rich, Julie Pandeya

The committee will be responsible for communicating new zoning and development initiatives that impact our neighbourhood residents and will play an active role where there are community concerns. This will include any potential developments and zoning changes resulting from the LRT.

Transit Committee – Dan O’Hagan, Sybil, Alex Campbell, Ian Joiner

The committee will deal with all issues arising from the LRT including Cleary Stations, LRT, Mitigation of bus routes; some of these issues may be dealt jointly with the Traffic and Environment committees. It is anticipated that sub-committees may arise depending on the exact LRT issue.

Community Activities & Fundraising – Tina, Stella

The committee will focus mainly on the Fall Fair community event and others. It expected there will be sub-committees for any other special events.

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