Role of WLRT Mitigation Committee

Transit development through our community, whether on the Byron Strip/Richmond Road, or on the Parkway, has been the subject of a great deal of concern, and discussion, over the past few years.

Now that the City, and the NCC, have come to an agreement on the general route of the WLRT line, it is clear that many concerns remain.

The MPCA WLRT committee was set up by the McKellar Park Community Association to address these concerns, and to give the community a voice in the ongoing developments that result from the project.

The statement below emerged from the first meeting of the Committee.

Please let us know if this statement captures your concerns. Let us know, as well, if you would like to be involved in the work of the committee.

This committee’s role is to represent and assist the residents of MP with issues arising from the planned implementation of phase 2 WLRT specifically from Rochester Field to Sherbourne.

We will expect to be involved, and represent the interests of our community, on decisions to mitigate the planned route, on decisions related to station placement, on development related issues that result from the line, and issues that affect our community use of and access to the Parkway.

Among the development related issues, of course, is intensification and densification along the route, which are likely to change the character of our community.

Because our community is affected by the station placement and traffic issues around Dominion Station, we will expect to work cooperatively with the Westboro Community Association on this issue.

We will also want to be involved, and work with the neighbouring community association, on the Official Plan amendments affecting Rochester Field and on any development that results from these changes.

We see our mandate, as well, involving representing the interests of our community with respect to changes in vehicle traffic through our community, communicating with City officials and our Councillor, and ensuring that the kinds of problems that occurred in Phase One do not happen in our community.

In short, we want to ensure as little disruption as possible to the daily lives of people in our community, and that their views are made known regularly to the decision makers on the LRT project.