Meeting Minutes

Community Meetings

WLRT Information Session, 14 December 2015
Byron Traffic Calming Consultation, 29 May 2016
Annual General Meeting, 28 October 2019
Annual General Meeting, 23 November 2020
Byron Estates Site Development meeting minutes December 2, 2020
Annual General Meeting, Monday November 29, 2021
Annual General Meeting, Monday November 20, 2022

(Regular meetings of the executive in inverse chronological order)

Minutes for December 5, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Zoom meeting 7:30 pm
Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for December 5, 2022, 2nd by D. Broscoe, all in favour, motion carried

  1. Determine the role of MPCA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary –
    moved to next meeting for discussion, January 9, 2023
  2. Report on Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit Public Inquiry final report
    • T. Kavanagh wrote a summary of Justice William Hourigan’s inquiry
    • T. Kavanagh’s summary to be posted to MPCA’ website- Action: S. Powell
    • MPCA Executive voiced concern about the Light Rail project, to be addressed with Councillor Kavanagh – Action: S. Powell
    • D. Jackson asked if there is tracking of high-volume posts on website – Action: S. Powell to discuss with R. Brandau
  3. Bill 23 and zoning in McKellar Park
    • great concern about changes coming to current zoning in McKellar Park, currently zoning is R1
    • new Bill 23 will affect R1 zoning
    • MPCA would like to have a Zoom meeting for residents of McKellar Park, invite Councillor Kavanagh, president of FCA, City of Ottawa planning personnel and other Community Associations affected in Bay Ward – Carlingwood, Wood Park, Woodroffe North, and part of Westboro, CAs in the Light Rail corridor
    Action: S. Powell to contact Councillor Kavanagh to discuss, time frame sometime in January 2023
  4. Ideas of what we want to accomplish in 2023
    • promote several Zoom meetings of interest to the community i.e., passive building, Solar heating, permeable laneways
    • meet other CAs in Bay Ward, this could be tagged onto Zoom meeting with T. Kavanagh and residents of McKellar Park
  5. Review and approval of meeting minutes November 7, 2022
    • D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve meeting minutes of November 7, 2022, 2nd by R. McCrae, all in favour, motion carried
  6. Other
    • Dovercourt approached MPCA to see if they would be interested in managing the ice rink, contract is for 3 years with the City of Ottawa (email September 27, 2022 from K. Finn, Dovercourt)
    • K. Finn suggested to S. Powell if MPCA does not want to run the ice rink, Dovercourt will continue
    • S. Powell, responded to email on October 5, 2022, MPCA Executives discussed and declined to take on the management of the rink. S. Powell thanked Dovercourt for the management of the rink over the past several years
    and would be happy if Dovercourt continued to do so
    • MPCA also suggested to Dovercourt a volunteer group, Hosers, may be interested
    • insurance coverage a concern among a number of other items as to why MPCA declined to manage the rink
    • Hosers have agreed to manage the rink with the City of Ottawa
    • email request from a McKellar Park resident wanting MPCA to take a position on the Provincial Bill 23. Discussed with the Executive at the meeting and it was decided MPCA to remain neutral on this issue – Action: S. Powell to respond to the resident’s request

D. Tweedie moved a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 pm, 2nd by S. Powell, all in favour, motion carried
Next meeting January 9, 2023 @ 7:30 on Zoom

Minutes for November 7, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Zoom meeting 7:30 pm
Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie

  1. D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve meeting minutes of October 3, 2022, 2nd by David Broscoe, all in favour, motion carried
    D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for November 7, 2022, 2nd by Rob McCrae, all in favour, motion carried
  2. AGM November 20, 2022 – agenda outline
    a) update from Damon Berlin, Stakeholder Relations, Rail Construction Program, City of Ottawa
    • request focus on the immediate community from Rochester field to New Orchard Station-Action: S. Powell to communicate with D. Berlin
    • questions for discussion:
    • how far along is the construction relative to timeline (projected date of completion is 2026)
    • will there be any respite during this time
    • concern about the dust from construction area from Fraser Avenue along Richmond Road west, update on what is being done to control the dust specifically in the Rochester field staging area
    • questions to be provide to D. Berlin before the presentation – Action: D. Broscoe to receive questions from Executive deadline November 14, 2022 9:00 am, review and forward to D. Berlin by November 15
    • D. Berlin’s presentation will be 1/2 hour including questions
    b) Theresa Kavanagh – Councillor for Bay Ward
    • McKellar Park has moved from Kitchissippi ward to Bay Ward
    • T. Kavanagh to introduce herself and speak to issues in Bay Ward
    • Official Plan has been reviewed by Ontario Provincial Government with changes/additions, suggestion made for MPCA Executives to review the minor corridors in McKellar Park Action: D. O’Hagan to provide information
    • it was also suggested Executive team to review new Bill 23 from the Ontario Provincial Government as zoning will be a big issue for McKellar Park Action: D. O’Hagan to send out to the MPCA Executive for review
    • questions will be gathered before and reviewed and sent to T. Kavanagh prior to meeting Action: D. Broscoe to action this with same time lines as D. Berlin
    • suggestion we have a follow up meeting for McKellar Park residents with Councillor Kavanagh soon after the AGM to review how Bill 23 and new zoning changes
    • suggest McKellar Park start a volunteer zoning action group to stay abreast of the changes
    • another area of concern for Councillor Kavanagh to address is the cost of insurance for community associations like McKellar Park (to be addressed by S. Powell in President’s update at AGM)
    • S. Powell to forward email to Councillor Kavanagh with regards to the insurance concern and Bill 23 and its impact on McKellar Park
    • AGM to start @ 7:00 pm, D. Berlin will start @ 7:15 pm followed by Councillor Kavanagh @ 7:45 pm; followed by President’s Report; Treasurers Report; Boundary Changes – eastern boundary of McKellar has changed and bylaw needs to be amended as the boundary is now on the western side of Denbury – to be voted on @ AGM; new board members/election of officers – bylaw allows 10 executive members on the board, presently we have 4 executive members and their is room for 6 new members, volunteers are not part of the executive/board members
    • encourage volunteers to be part of a number of projects for 2023: a) Bylaw update as per ONCA; b) Social Committee to plan for Fall Festival, Egg Hunt and more; c) Zoning Bylaw
  3. Zoning -what is the impact on MP with regards to Ottawa’s Official Plan and Ontario’s proposed legislation to zoning for this area
    • consider a follow up meeting with resident’s of McKellar Park and Councillor Kavanagh to look more deeply into the impact new zoning legislation could have on McKellar Park
    • it was recommended forming a volunteer zoning group to keep on top of the changes of the new zoning bylaw
  4. MP’s role with K9 group, Westboro CA and CA’s within Bay Ward
    • MPCA is no longer part of K9 group, value their expertise, keeping in touch may be useful for MPCA
    • continue with K9 as a non voting member, but may not attend regular meetings in the future
    Action: S. Powell to contact E. Addison of K9 group to discuss MPCA’s involvement
    • longer focus for MPCA; to determine CA’s in Bay Ward that may have similar issues as MP
    • this bears more discussion in the near future
  5. Other business:
    • Fall Festival made $1900 from the event
    • discussion as to what types of issues/concerns MP would like to fund raise for example; socially useful purpose
    • plan on discussing further @ next meeting after AGM
    • New gazebo to be installed @ McKellar Park in the new year

D.Tweedie moved a motion to adjourn the meeting @ 9:01 pm, 2nd by Derek Jackson, all in favour, motion carried
Next meeting: AGM November 20, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Minutes for October 3, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
Zoom meeting 7:30 pm

Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Guest: Emma Mallach

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve meeting minutes of September 6, 2022, 2nd by Dan O’Hagan, all in favour, motion carried

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for October 3, 2022, 2nd by David Broscoe, all in favour, motion carried

1. Fall Festival Debrief – E. Mallach

  • festival was a tremendous success, weather sunny, mild temperature
  • E. Mallach is setting up Google document to capture information/reflections as it is fresh in our minds and look at some of the unused space in the park
  • provide guidance for future events
  • once completed to be sent out to group to review
  • Zumba – Bluetooth connection not great, future events consider hiring a specialist for all things requiring sound management
  • recommend dedicated volunteers for specific aspects: Food/Drink; Stage/Sound equipment needs and management on the event day; Fundraising activities/contacting vendors; Communication with musicians/speakers for the day; Legal Requirements prior to the event i.e. City of Ottawa contract for the field; insurance; noise bylaw requirements; contacting Ontario One to ensure Gazebos can be safely secured in the ground(requires a site map for this process)
  • how to handle unsolicited requests i.e. selling of tee shirts, professional face painting etc.
  • what is our over achieving goal of these events, a specific need in the community – to be discussed at a future meeting Jan/Feb 2023
  • thank you letters – sponsor/donations- realtors and local building companies; food supplies (food/coffee/pizza); food vendors – Merry Dairy, The Falafel Guys, Lou Fast Food; Ottawa Public Library; Fire Truck; Ottawa Police; Derek McKinley/musician; volunteers Action: S. Powell; D. Tweedie; D. Jackson, R. McCrae, E. Mallach to send out thank you notes
  • D. Jackson was able to get tug of war rope and a parachute game for the kids from the City of Ottawa Recreation department
  • continue to cultivate a relationship with Dovercourt and the new Executive Director and how we can support each other in the community
  • some donations are outstanding: Amsted $500 and Magnolia $1000 – Action S. Powell will contact
  • on the day of the event need to increase community engagement/volunteer table and encourage people to sign up; photographer to take pictures of our sponsors/events
  • E. Mallach did an outstanding job organizing the festival, MPCA thanks Emma for her contribution to McKellar Park

2. McKellar Park ice rink – contract up for renewal

  • MPCA/S. Powell approached by K. Finn from Dovercourt , McKellar park rink agreement is up with the City of Ottawa and Dovercourt is wondering if MPCA is interested in managing the rink. The contract is for 3 years
  • contract due date not available at this time, Action: S. Powell to contact Dovercourt
  • a lengthy discussion on whether MPCA should consider managing the rink
  • request a draft copy of the contract from the City of Ottawa to see what is involved Action: S.Powell to follow up
  • question: does the City of Ottawa’s insurance coverage extend to all events in the park – this requires follow up
  • MPCA may not be interested in operating the ice rinks and it was suggested the McKellar Park Hosers may be interested ( – Dovercourt to be contacted with this information

3. Annual General Meeting – November 20, 2022, via Zoom, 7-10 pm

  • review current Zoom contract re number of attendees, attendance @ AGM 2021 was 64 – D. Broscoe checked contract no upgrade required
  • meeting to be advertised via Posters in the neighbourhood, deadline November 1, 2022
  • Advertise in Bay Ward newsletter – check in with T. Kavanagh
  • Kitchissippi Times – advertise in the local paper
  • encourage greater involvement from the community to become a MPCA Board member and/or volunteer
  • a list of projects for 2022-2023 year to be drawn up i.e. bylaw update; zoning bylaw changes coming, the idea is to help promote community engagement – Action: D. Tweedie to complete
  • post this list on MPCA website and advertise @ AGM

D. Tweedie moved a motion to adjourn the meeting @9:13 pm, 2nd by Derek Jackson, all in favour, motion carried
Next Meeting: November 7, 2022

Minutes for September 6, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
Zoom meeting 8:00 p.m.

Executive members: Sybil Powell, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Dan O’Hagan, Chris Clarke
Guest: Emma Mallach

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve meeting minutes of August 8, 2022, 2nd by D. Jackson, all in favour, motion carried

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for September 6, 2022, 2nd by Rob McCrae, all in favour, motion carried

McKellar Park Fall Festival – September 25, 2022, 10:30 am-2:30 pm

1. D. Jackson – update/Dovercourt involvement

  • requesting help from Dovercourt with stage set-up and take down
  • Gazebos-to be provided by BIA; C. Clarke; D. O’Hagan, we will require a number of gazebo’s for ticket sales; arts/crafts table; food/coffee table; sponsorship, need a minimum of 6, probably more
  • waiting to hear back from Ontario One with regards to staking gazebo’s, Action: D. O’Hagan and D. Jackson to follow up
  • inventory of field house to be conducted to determine number of tables/chairs and another items that may be of use – deadline September 11/22
  • will Dover-cat mascot be attending?

2.  E. Mallach – update

  • using SignUp (the leading online SignUp and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming McKellar Park Fall Festival
  • Activities booked: Sport ball; Library/Bookmobile; Police; Fire Truck; Face painting; Arts/craft; Zumba; entertainment Derek McKinley and April Rick
  • Emma to pick up supplies for face painting and arts/crafts, some supplies available from 2019 Fall Festival
  • Dr. Craig Hindson, Chiropractor unable to participate in the Fall Festival, he has been a regular contributor/attendee @ the Fall Festival
  • Food: Lorenzo Pizzeria to provide Pizza (a week before festival to determine the number of pizzas needed); coffee from Bridgehead; fresh apples from Produce Depot; cotton candy compliments Morris Team
  • snacks: chip, granola bars, drinks – Action: D. Jackson to check into
  • 2 delicious cakes from Loblaws- Action: D. O’Hagan to provide
  • knife and server for cake
  • will need a number of coolers: D. Broscoe; D. Jackson; E. Mallach to provide
  • ice for coolers
  • require security for musical equipment: Action: D. Broscoe volunteered
  • need 140 cups for water/juice (total 200 needed, 60 leftover from Egg Hunt); Action: D. Tweedie to purchase
  • require paper plates, napkins
  • signage for 6 sponsors and MPCA sign
  • need zip ties to secure signs (30 zip ties)
  • tickets for food sales
  • 5 speakers – Yasir Naqvi MP for Ottawa Centre; Joel Harden MPP for Ottawa Centre; Magnolia; Westboro BIA; Sureen Gosal, Executive Director of Dovercourt
  • tap into MPCA network looking for volunteers, to be added to the website blog Action: E. Mallach to provide a brief write up

Poster/Newsletter item #1 from meeting minutes August 8, 2022, completed by D. Broscoe; next step to deliver to residents/homes of McKellar Park

D. Jackson suggested having an elder from the Indigenous community to speak at the opening of the Fall Festival, looking for recommendation/input

Next Step: Walk Through @ McKellar Park on Thursday, September 22, 2022 @ 6:30 pm, meet at the field
In attendance: D. O’Hagan; D. Broscoe; D. Jackson; D. Tweedie, E. Mallach

D. Tweedie moved a motion to adjourn meeting @ 9:22pm, 2nd by Rob McCrae, all in favour, motion carried
Next meeting: October 3, 2022

Minutes for August 8, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
Zoom meeting 7:30 p.m.

Executive members: Sybil Powell; Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Derek Jackson, Chris Clarke
Guest: Emma Mallach

1. Fall Festival, September 25, 2022, update and what needs to be done
presentation from E. Mallach
Outstanding items:

  • Pizza – Lorenzo’s Pizzeria to be contacted
    • Action: S. Powell to complete
  • additional talent for the stage, to date April Rick booked, looking at Sportball which was okayed at meeting to proceed
  • invitations to Mayor, councillor Leiper, Kavanagh, MPP Joel Harden, MP Yasir Naqvi
    • Action: D. Tweedie to email letter of invitation
  • water – need to be organized for festival
  • tickets – will need to purchase for coffee/food
  • small bouncy castle is not allowed
  • poster/flyer
    • Action: D. Broscoe to complete
  • need for 6 gazebos and how to secure
  • arts and crafts items needed

Confirmed or in progress:

  • Merry Dairy: owner confirmed, awaiting confirmation of truck
  • Fire truck: confirmed
  • Police: invited, now confirmed
  • Library book mobile: invited
  • Boom 99.7: invited
  • City of Ottawa bike rodeo: invited
  • Coffee – D. Tweedie has contacted Bridgehead, waiting for confirmation
  • Zumba
  • April Rick – booked
  • Contest for kids (Ann Balasubramaniam)
  • Volunteer sign up
  • Noise by-law exemption – completed
  • Noise notice to be delivered to McKellar Park residents surrounding the park
    • Action: D. Tweedie to completed
  • Donation amount to date received $2500.00
  • site plan to be sent to City of Ottawa
    • Action: deadline August 24, E. Mallach
  • follow up meeting September 6, 2022, E. Mallach to attend

2. MPCA Poster for Fall Festival

  • Action: D. Broscoe to send out to Executive for input
  • plan is to deliver to the community first week of September

3. Emergency Preparedness – follow up to D. Tweedie’s email for posting to MPCA blog

  • discussion, concern it is very dry, suggest a lead in paragraph
  • discussion to be continued

4. Other – Gazebo

  • require 6 gazebos for the event, concern how to secure

Adjournment: 8:45pm
Date of next meeting September 6, 2022

Minutes for July 11, 2002 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
In person meeting @ 4:30 p.m.

Executive members: Sybil Powell; Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Chris Clarke

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve meeting minutes of June 6, 2022, 2nd by Rob McCrae, all in favour, motion carried
D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for July 11, 2022, 2nd by Rob McCrae, all in favour, motion carried

1. Fall Festival-September 25, 2022 @ McKellar Park 10:30 am-2:30 pm

  • contract for McKellar Field has been reviewed by the City of Ottawa, a number of specifics itemized by the City of Ottawa, suggestion made to check with Councillor Leiper as this is process is new for MPCA
    • Action: Sybil to contact J. Leiper, contract will be signed by S. Powell
  • volunteers: Bel-Air Norseman Football club and Nepean Hill School to be contacted
  • insurance to be purchased
  • purpose of the festival is to fund raise money for McKellar Park community activities, no fund raising for the last 2 years, goal is $2500
  • to date 2 real estate companies in the area have given support in the amount of $500 each
  • a number of other real estate groups to be contacted for donation (Morris Home Team; Twin Team, John Bilder, Deb Cherry)
    • Action: Sybil to contact these companies
  • company’s donating will be recognized in the newsletter and flyer for the event
  • ideas/activities for the day
    • Action: Derek meeting with Emma to discuss, f/u in 2-3 weeks
  • Pizza slices will be sold, organized in August
  • Cake for the event
    • Action: Dan to purchase
  • Apples to give away at the festival
    • Action: Dorothy to contact Produce Depot for donate
  • Advertising in Kitchissippi Times
    • Action: Dorothy, deadline August 20
  • Merry Dairy —
    • Action: Sybil to contact and make arrangements
  • cost of the Festival –
    • Action: Rob to send previous costs to Executive
  • Tents/Gazebo for shade –
    • Action: Sybil to contact Chris Clarke

2. Emergency Preparedness – follow up from June 6, 2022 meeting item 2

  • no specific information available for local community associations other than the emergency kit for 72 hours, City of Ottawa
  • area of concern during power outage is internet loss
  • getting a hot cup of coffee was mentioned
  • we need to check on our neighbours especially those who are vulnerable
    • Action: Dorothy to put together sources of Emergency preparedness information i.e. Red Cross; City of Ottawa for publication on MPCA website, J. Leiper’s office to be contacted as well

3. Follow up to items from June 6, 2022 meeting:

a) Gazebo for McKellar Park, item 4a June 6, 2022 meeting

  • J. Leiper’s office will purchase a new Gazebo for McKellar Park, monies from current budget, installation will be in 2023. This is good news.

b) Newsletter

  • C. De Cuypere contacted by S. Powell, to provide template of newsletter and she would volunteer to help distribute newsletter
  • D. Broscoe volunteered to put together newsletter
  • items to be included in the upcoming newsletter:
    • Municipal Election, voting October 24
    • MPCA moving to Bay Ward after municipal election and change to existing boundaries
    • amend MPCA bylaws with respect to boundary changes, voted on @ AGM
    • AGM to be held in early November, meeting maybe via Zoom

D. Tweedie moved a motion to adjourn meeting @7:00 pm, 2nd by Rob McCrae, all in favour, motion carried
Next meeting: August 8, 2022

Minutes of the June 6, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom @ 7:30

Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Chris Clarke

D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve meeting minutes of May 10, 2022, 2nd by D. Broscoe, all in favour, motion carried
D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for June 6, 2022, 2nd by D. Broscoe, all in favour, motion carried

1. Fall Festival – September 25, 2022 @ McKellar Park

  • application required from the City of Ottawa to reserve the site, Sybil has application
  • discussion on the application questions
  • bouncy castle provide by Dovercourt at last Fall Festival, decision to hold off on this
  • last Fall Festival had 2 vendors present-Food Truck and Merry Dairy, will continue with Merry Dairy
  • a number of real estate companies contributed monetarily to the Festival, will contact
  • hope to have police, fire department and mobile library
  • expect 400 participants
  • insurance will be required
  • purpose at this time is to fund raise money to go back into MPCA to fund community activities, due to Covid-19 there has been no fund raising for 2 years

Action: Sybil to send completed application to City of Ottawa

2. Emergency preparedness (due to storm May 21, 2022) information for MPCA website, D. Tweedie presented

  • extensive discussion on how MPCA can provide information on what to do during a severe storm/power outage
  • review of Councillor J. Leiper’s newsletter and information updates, review of other community associations websites for storm related information
  • decision is to start a dialogue with McKellar Park residents “What I learned from the Storm?”

Action: D. Tweedie will provide a write up for Face Book

3. Provincial Candidate Debate on Zoom reviewed

  • a big Thank you to David Broscoe for all his technical support. David thanked Sybil, Dan and Derek for their support as well
  • production of the Debate on Zoom went well, it was some issues organizing the number of candidates (total candidates on Zoom 7)

4. Other

a. Follow up on the gazebo, item from 5c meeting minutes May 10, 2022

  • McKellar Park Community Association informed gazebo from Laroche Park will not be able to be used @ McKellar Park
  • it was mentioned in the email (email from J. Leiper’s Assistant S. Chevalier-Crockett, May 20, 2022) that there would be consultation with the community this summer to go over possible designs to choose from for the new gazebo

Action: Sybil will send an email to City of Ottawa, Louise Cerveny and cc Councillor J. Leiper requesting a time frame for consultation

b. Yard Sale in Ward 15 – June 4, 2022

  • mild success for McKellar Park considering it was McKellar Park’s first time participating
  • a number of suggestions came forward to help improve the exposure
  • one suggestion was a map of the area for buyers to find sellers
  • simplified poster/signage so it can be seen from the roadway

c. Resignation of S. Manh – we accept S. Manh’s resignation and thank her for her service and contribution to McKellar Park

Notes for next meeting: discuss producing a Newsletter for the community in August, need to review what we want in the Newsletter
will need volunteer/students to help deliver
Action: Sybil to contact C. De Cuypere re layout of Newsletter

D. Tweedie moved a motion the meeting be adjourned at 9:30 pm, 2nd by Rob McCrae
Date of next meeting July 11, 2022

Minutes of the May 10, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom @ 7:30

Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Rob McCrae, Shirley Manh, Chris Clarke

Meeting date changed from May 2 to May 10, 2022
D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the meeting minutes of April 6, 2022, 2nd by Dan O’Hagan, all in favour, motion carried
D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the Agenda for May 10, 2022, 2nd by Dan O’Hagan, all in favour, motion carried

1. Ottawa Centre-Provincial Election, all Candidates virtual Debate, May 17, 2022 @7:00 pm via Zoom, follow up to item 2 meeting minutes April 6, 2022

  • 2 questions to be submitted by MPCA for the All Candidates Debate
  • the questions are about R1 zoning changes and parkland
  • Action: Dan O’Hagan to rewrite the questions and send out to the Executive for review

2. Yard Sale – Kitchissippi ward 15, June 4 2022, rain date June 5, 2022, follow up to item 4b meeting minutes April 6, 2022

  • flyers will be posted after the All Candidates debate
  • Councillor Leiper’s office provided 18 posters
  • there may be issues with parking on Richmond Road due to construction

3. McKellar Fall Festival, September 25, 2022, follow up to item 3 meeting minutes April 6, 2022

  • Shirley Manh updated letter for donations, reviewed by Executive with some minor changes, see action below
  • Realtor’s will be approached for monetary donation, cheques to be sent to Sybil Powell
  • Donations required to support community efforts by MPCA
  • Action: Derek Jackson to send a rewrite to Shirley changing the sentence “funds raised will be put towards various initiatives for the renewal of both McKellar and Tillbury Parks and to promote the activities of the MPCA” to “Funds raised will support the festival and other community initiatives of the MPCA throughout the year.”

4. Spring Egg Hunt- wrap up, item 1 meeting minutes April 6, 2022

  • event was well received by the community
  • going forward we need a contact name to avoid any hiccups getting into the Field House

5. Gazebo, item 4c meeting minutes April 6, 2022

  • concern about cost of installation, is Councillors Leiper’s office paying for this?
  • local neighbours around the park asked where they would like the Gazebo to go, it was agreed to install it near the play structure
  • Action: Sybil Powell to follow up with J. Leiper’s office

6. Other

  • discussion about a site next door App, get local tips, buy and sell items and more, it was considered spam, no action required

D. Tweedie moved a motion the meeting be adjourned at 8:50 pm, 2nd by Dan O’Hagan
Date of next meeting June 6, 2022

Minutes of the April 6, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom @ 7:30 pm

Executive members: Sybil Powell, DanO’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson, Shirley
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Chris Clarke

Meeting date changed from April 4 to April 6, 2022
D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the meeting minutes from March 7, 2022, second Dan O’Hagan, carried
D. Tweedie moved a motion to approve the revised Agenda for April 6, 2022, second Dan O’Hagan, carried

1. Spring Egg Hunt – April 16, 2022

  • flyers ready for posting in the neighbourhood, complete by April 7-8, 2022
  • contract signed for the field with the City of Ottawa
  • insurance purchased for the event, cost $156.00 through Pal Insurance Canada Ltd
  • Field House reserved through Dovercourt, access to washrooms, tables to be used for refreshments outside, completed
  • box of masks to have on hand
  • Sybil to pick up extra eggs from Dollar Store
  • all food related items to be peanut free, i.e. cookies, muffins etc
  • Dorothy to pick up coffee/cups/milk/sugar/stir sticks from Bridgehead on the day of event, Sybil waiting for confirmation from Bridgehead
  • Derek to provide mega phone, Derek will be the announcer
  • Shirley to provide a water container/paper cups
  • advertise Fall Festival, this is a good time to talk with residents about the event
  • Sybil to bring MPCA banner

2. Provincial Candidate Debate, update

  • organization to take place within the month of April
  • 6-7 candidates at the event
  • tentative dates for the debate May 16 or 17, 2022, via Zoom?
  • Dan, Sybil, David met with the event organizer to discuss what is needed for the debate
  • Dan is not able to participate in the event
  • David to provide the technical support
  • Hampton Iona CA to contact the candidates and set up times
  • time keeper required, can use Google Timer, Derek to be involved
  • vetting questions to be done May 14-15, Shirley to provided assistance with David and someone from Hampton Iona CA
  • Joanne Chianello from CBC may be the moderator

3. Fall Festival

  • Tentative date September 24, 2022 at the McKellar Park/Field House
  • City of Ottawa will charge a fee for the field, cost maybe covered by Councillor J. Leiper’s office
  • insurance will be required
  • in the past a number of vendors provided support for the event anywhere from $100-$500, vendors were real estate companies, local chiropractor, food stores
  • Action: Sybil to contact J. Leiper with regards to the cost of renting the field; Sybil to send letter requesting donations to Shirley who will revise

4. Other Items:

a) MPCA By-law Update, Dan O’Hagan

  • expertise provide by a lawyer, by-laws passed @ AGM meeting April 2018
  • MPCA incorporated April 2019
  • new act Not-for-profit Corporations Act (2010) modernizes the way not-for-profit corporations operate
  • by-laws need to be compatible with the new act, deadline 2024
  • Action: subcommittee to review and revise, meet in June, 2022 after Provincial Election
  • review at Executive meeting in July and post prior to AGM meeting in the fall

b) Garage Sale

  • Ward 15 hosting Garage sale on June 4, rain date June 5th
  • J. Leiper’s office advertising event
  • MPCA to put up flyers in the neighbourhood
  • concern for surrounding condo corporations and how they can participate in the event, MPCA Executive’s who live in condos to check with their Board Directors

c) Gazebo for McKellar Park

  • J. Leiper’s office to pay for the move of the Gazebo to McKellar Park
  • Action: Sybil to confirm with J. Leiper’s office

d) Traffic Subcommittee

  • meeting held on March 22, purpose to meet each other and discuss the issues
  • local resident concerned about traffic issues within the neighbourhood
  • guidelines to be drafted for next meeting, April 12 via Zoom

Meeting Adjourned, second D. Jackson, 9:25 pm
Next meeting via Zoom May 2, 2022 @ 7:30 pm

Minutes of the March 7, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 pm


Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Chris Clarke, Shirley Manh

Zoom presentation “Rain Ready Ottawa” information session, presenter Simon Greenland-Smith, Program Coordinator, City of Ottawa

  • Contact details for Simon:, phone 613-580-2424 Ex 35625
  • 24 registered attendees
  • Theresa Kavangh Councillor for Bay also presentation
  • presentation available on You Tube website:
  • Goal of the program is to help homeowners on a small scale to help with overland flooding
  • supports projects that can boost infiltration of water into landscapes improving rainwater management conditions at a neighbourhood scale in the priority storm water retrofit areas
  • check out for more details
  • Rain Ready Ottawa will support Community Associations like MPCA through a rain barrel sale/fundraiser for the CA, advertising the event
  • Questions/Answers followed presentation
  • Presentation concluded @ 8:30 p.m.

General MPCA meeting followed presentation

  • D. Tweedie moved motion to adopt meeting minutes from February 7, 2022, second was Dan O’Hagan

1. Egg Hunt for Easter, April 16, 2022 for the morning

  • Field house @ McKellar Park has been booked through Dovercourt
  • park area booked through the City of Ottawa, no cost at this time to MPCA
  • it was agreed MPCA Executive would like to meet with the new Executive Director @ Dovercourt to discuss the field house and park area objectives

2. Provincial Candidate Debate

  • follow up to item # 5 from February 7, 2022 meeting minutes
  • Sybil Powell has spoken with past organizer and the role she would like to play
  • Action: individual to get back to Sybil

3. K9 group asked by J. Leiper Councillor for ward 15 to give thoughts about whether he should give the City of Ottawa $100,000 from his cash in lieu account to top up their budget to $21,000 for artwork at the new Laroch Park which is nearing completion and cost of 2.1 million

  • MPCA Executive had a robust discussion, Executive is not in favour of the monies for this purpose
  • monies could be spent within the ward
  • Action: Sybil will forward thoughts to J. Leiper

4. Follow up to item # 1b, meeting minutes February 7, 2022, posting slide presentation given by David Wise, Program Manager Zoning and Intensification Unit, City of Ottawa

  • plan to go ahead and post the slide presentation to the MPCA website
  • in the slide deck there is mention the Official Plan had not been sent to the Province, due to timing of the presentation the Official Plan has since been sent to the Province of Ontario for review

5. Follow up to item 1a, meeting minutes February 7, 2022, D. Broscoe to send out a 1-2 paragraph statement to MPCA Executive for comments and once accepted to be posted to blog

  • discussion at this time is to hold off doing this and revisit at a later date

6. Tilbury Park in McKellar to be renamed in honour of David Shentow, Holocaust survior. No action required at this time

7. Traffic subcommittee follow up to presentation by resident John Lindsay, resident of McKellar Park

  • refer to item 1. from meeting minutes June 7, 2021
  • members of the subcommittee: Dan O’Hagan; Sybil Powell; Derek Jackson; David Broscoe
  • Action: Sybil to contact John Lindsay, to set a date (March 22, 2022 possibility) via Zoom

8. Poll Results from Zoom presentation “Rain Ready Ottawa”. How did you hear about this presentation. 16 participants responded

  • MPCA newsletter/mailing list 6% (1/16)
  • Facebook 0%
  • Other Social Media 13% (2/16)
  • A poster in the neighbourhood 13% (2/16)
  • A neighbour told me 0%
  • The Kitchissippi Times 13% (2/16)
  • Councillor Leiper’s newsletter 38% (6/16)
  • Councillor Kavanagh’s newsletter 38% (6/16)
  • Other topics of interest: anything environmental and climate related

Meeting adjourned @ 9:30 p.m.
Next meeting: April 4, 2022 on Zoom
Recorder: Dorothy Tweedie

Minutes of the February 7, 2022 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 pm

Executive members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson, Shirley Manh
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Chris Clarke

1. City of Ottawa Official Plan

    • follow up from meeting minutes January 10, 2022,what is the Provincial time line; concern about the effect of the Official Plan on McKellar Park with regards to changes to zoning
    • Sybil spoke with J. Leiper, Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward
    • J. Leiper unable to give any definitive answer as to when the Province of Ontario will respond to the Official Plan for the City of Ottawa

1a. David Broscoe to provide an overview/map of the transfer buffer area of the o-train transportation corridor as it relates to the official plan

    • 2-page pdf developed by D. Broscoe; page 1 written text, page 2 map showing the overlay
    • document was circulated to J. Leiper prior
    • to be posted to the MPCA blog with a statement and a link to the map and text
      Action: David to send out a 1-2 paragraph statement to Executive for comment and once accepted to be posted to blog

1b. David Wise, Program Manager Zoning and Intensification Unit, City of Ottawa

    • David gave a presentation to the K9 group, Implementing of the New Official Plan; New Zoning By-law Framework
    • zoning by-laws to be amended in 2023
      Action: eventually to post on MPCA website, review in a few weeks
      Sybil will contact David Wise prior to posting to ensure time lines are updated

2. Rain Ready presentation on Zoom March 7, 2022

    • presentation will run 15-20 minutes with questions after
    • D. Broscoe has developed flyer
    • suggestions: to add pm to start time of 7:30; to poll participants after presentation on future topics of interest; ask how the participants heard about the presentation
      Action: David and Shirley to meet to organize registration, Zoom or Goggle poll/form;
      Sybil to contact J. Leiper and T. Kavanagh as a courtesy, and to place advert in the Kitchissippe Times;
      Derek to send a copy of the flyer to Simon Greenland-Smith, presenter Rain Ready

 3. Mugs

    • it was decided at the previous meeting to research providing a thank gift to our presenters,
      suggestion at the time was a mug with photo of McKellar Park
    • Shirley tasked with researching, her recommendation is a gift card supporting local businesses in the area i.e. Thyme and Again; Scone Witch; coffee shops, especially because of covid restrictions and its affect on local businesses
    • can be done via email to presenter
    • if gift is donated vendor will be acknowledged
    • Executive agreed to give a gift card as a thank you instead of a mug
      Action: Shirley to execute gift card

4. Bike Rodeo

    • Sybil contacted City of Ottawa, no return email as of yet
    • rodeo would be held on the tennis court at McKellar Park

5. Egg Hunt for Easter

    • email sent to Tina and she sent back a to do list
    • date: April 16, 2022, Saturday before Easter
    • suggestion: find a local resident who has young children to help organize

6. Upcoming Provincial Election Debate

    • present organizer may not be available to organize the debate
    • concern/discussion on how to execute specific roles
    • timing would be the middle of May for the Provincial debate(election is June 2)
    • it may be a live event instead of Zoom
    • if live event the concern is finding a large enough venue in central Ottawa and at a fair price
    • to discuss further before April meeting
      Action: Sybil to check with organizer about her interest in organizing

7. McKellar Park rink concerns from last meeting

    • no further concerns at this time, rink will close Mid March

8. Other Business

    • concern about voting via email; this may not be part of the Community Association’s by-laws, MPCA to check into the by-laws
    • next meeting March 7, 2022, after Rain Ready presentation there will be a general MPCA meeting to discuss the upcoming Provincial candidate debate and egg hunt

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 p.m.
Next meeting March 7, 2022; 7:30 pm via Zoom
Recorder: Dorothy Tweedie

Minutes of the November 1, 2021 Meeting of MPCA  Executive
On Zoom 7:30 pm  

Executive Members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Vicki Orsborne, Chris Clarke, Michelle Milne  

  1. Upcoming AGM meeting November 29, 2021 
    • start time 7:00 pm on Zoom  
    • Guests: 
    • LRT update from John Caldwell, City of Ottawa 
    • J. Leiper, Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward to provide a summary/update for McKellar Park  area 
    • J. Rapp from Dovercourt update on how community centre is fairing due to Covid 19 impact • request questions from the community prior to meeting through MPCA website • register for meeting on website 
    • Flyers to be posted in neighbourhood week of November 15-21/2021 
    • Sybil to check with current Executive if they want to continue to serve, voting for MPCA  Executive to take place @ AGM 
  1. Sherbourne Corridor designation and the Official Plan, follow up to discussion from October  4/21 meeting of the MPCA Executive 
    • J. Leiper, Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward brought a motion forward to Council to remove  Sherbourne as minor corridor 
    • Sherbourne is now part of the OP as a neighbourhood street, less chance for intensification  to the street, however the top and bottom end of the street will be affected by  transit/intensification 
  1. MPCA Finances update provided by Rob McCrae 
    • MPCA paid for Federal Candidates debate in the fall 
    • Rob to confirm repay from other community associations  
  1. Gary Ludington, retiring from Westboro CA 
    • MPCA to send a letter celebrating Gary’s contribution to the community and his retirement • Dan will draft the letter, Sybil will review, deadline November 6, 2021  
  1. Ongoing/Future issues 
    • Manor House: contradictory historical information on the origins of the home, Sybil to  speak with current owners  
    • Gazebo – currently in storage, to be installed Spring 2022 
    • need to determine who is paying for installation, to be discussed with J. Leiper, Councillor  Kitchissippi  
    • Continue to keep this moving forward  
  1. Possible Future Projects for McKellar Park 
    • Bike Rodeo – Sybil to contact Ottawa Safety council to set up, Rob to provide contact  information for Sybil 
    • Rain Ready Initiative for Zoom – Derek checked into this and it will be something MPCA  will book for a Zoom meeting Feb/March 2022  
    • Byron/Windermere large infrastructure object – unattractive, David to follow up on 

Next meeting: AGM Meeting November 29, 2021

Minutes of the Oct 04, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM

Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson
Volunteers: David Broscoe
Regrets: Michelle Milne, Chris Clarke, Dorothy Tweedie, Vicki Orsborne 

  1. Official Plan – Is there anything we should be doing?
    • Sherbourne Corridor designation – Sybil to send a friendly email about motion and canvassing support
    • Dan to canvass Theresa
  1. Community Policing – Det. Kostuch sent an email asking for our thoughts re Community Policing ‘branding’ initiative
    • Sent to multiple CAs mostly west of MP
    • Exec approves of initiative. Sybil to send out message
  1. McKellar Park – carried over from last two meetings – are there small projects we could undertake that would help improve the park/ community?
    • Led to a discussion of staffing in Councillor Leiper’s Ben is Emma’s replacement Steph (Stephany) is Fiona’s replacement Laroche park gazebo to go in storage temporarily 
  1. AGM – should be held in November – topics?
    • Monday November 29th alternate date Sunday November 28th
    • Suggested Invitees
      • LRT2 rep – Emily?
      • Councillor Leiper – OP, Budget preplanning
      • Police guy
      • John Rapp Dovercourt (sidebar – Derek Jackson is now a Dovercourt board member)
  1. Discussion regarding the success of the free tree giveaway and the All-Candidates Debate.
    • Debatable Comments on YouTube. Some discussion on YouTube comments. Generally, a positive event
    • Tree giveaway positive experience – gave exposure to CA – visit from new Councillor Kavanagh
  1. Other- topics of items that could go on our site
    • Heat Island map and implications for future planning. Perhaps a set of ecological posts on MP website
    • Rain Ready initiative for Zoom early next year? Derek to check in.
    • Byron and Windermere large infrastructure object – post for website re the shrinkage of the Byron Linear Park – David to do

Next meeting Monday 1st Nov 2021
Prepared by David Broscoe 1st Nov 2021

Minutes of the September 1, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 pm 

Executive Members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Derek Jackson, Vicki Orsborne, Chris Clarke, Michelle Milne  

  1. All Candidates Debate update 
    • September 13, 2021 from 7:00-9:00 pm via Zoom/webinar which is a one time cost for the  associations 
    • MPCA has a You Tube channel and people may watch the debate on this setting, it will be  about 4 seconds behind if the webinar is oversubscribed 
    • 10 community associations supporting the debate 
    • Sybil Powell, D. O’Hagan, and D. Broscoe from MPCA involved in the process of the  debate 
    • host is Amanda Pfeffer, CBC journalist  
    • Glebe Community Association will hold their debate on September 16/21, September 15 is  the beginning of Yom Kippur at sundown 
    • there will be 8-9 candidate at the debate, to date 5 candidates have confirmed their  attendance 
    • cost to each community association will be $50-60 for the debate 
    • allows 1,000 people to attendance 
    • MPCA should come up with a question, it should be of a Federal nature, maybe to do with  NCC 
    • group will post posters within the neighbour advertising the event, to be done over weekend  Sept 4-6, 2021
  2. Tree Giveway @ McKellar Park Fieldhouse
    • to be held on Saturday September 11, 2021, from 11:00-2:00 pm
    • put on in conjunction with Ecology Ottawa 
    • set up @ 10:30 am on Saturday, Sybil, Dorothy, Rob in attendance 
    • Sybil to bring MCPA banner 
  2. Flyers required to advertise Federal candidate debate and tree giveaway 
    • event will be posted on MPCA web site 
    • Tree Giveaway flyer developed by C. Clarke, thank you Chris for developing the poster
    • volunteers to put up flyers 
    • Dan – around McKellar Park – Wavell, Keenen, Windermere 
    • Dorothy- Sherbourne Avenue, post in Produce Depot/Loblaws 
    • David – Byron Linear park  
    • Rob – Fraser Street  
  2. City of Ottawa Official Plan 
    • community meeting with J. Leiper? Was there one?  
    • J. Leiper has been involved in K9 meetings 
    • discussion took place about doing this, there seems to be a desire to have a ward 15 general  meeting, possible date, end of September 
    • time line: September 29, 2021 is a public open house. October 14, 2021 is the joint statutory meeting of the Planning Committee and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee,  this was originally scheduled for September 13. October 27, 2021 City Council  consideration of the report on the final draft of New Official Plan 
    • plan to check in with R. Dorsey/K9 on the process of the Official plan, where are we at  • MPCA supports FCA and K9 briefs, is this the best way to deal with this?  
  1. MP Gazebo 
    • Sybil delivered a letter requesting resident’s input as to where Gazebo should be located • 62 homes solicited in McKellar Park 
    • received 5-6 positive responses  
    • 3-4 responses from Wavell – suggested near the play structure or around the Gainborough  end of the park 
    • suggestion was made to not put it near the tennis courts and pool, kids hangout in the  evening in this area 
    • near play structure favoured area  
    • Sybil to send a note to J. Leiper and J. Rapp @ Dovercourt about the results of the survey  
  1. McKellar Park – how can we make our community better? 
    • moved to next meeting 
  1. Timing of Executive meetings/discussion 
    • executive and volunteers members surveyed and the decision is to go back to the first  Monday of the month 
    • continue with Zoom platform for now 

Next Meeting October 4, 2021, 7:30 pm via Zoom 

Minutes of the August 4, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive 
On Zoom 7:30 pm 

Executive Members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae,
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Derek Jackson, Vicki Orsborne, Chris Clarke, Michelle Milne  

  1. All Candidates Debate Discussion
    Election may be called on August 8 but Dan thinks it will be the 16, an election would be 36 days  from then. David Broscoe was asked if he would run the Zoom meeting. He was accepting of the  request but is unavailable Sept 15-20/21 and has an elderly relative which may require him to go to Alberta. Require a moderator for the event, someone like Amanda Pfeffer or Lucy van  Oldenbarneveld. Possible timekeeper Seema, Sybil to contact her. We will need someone to  monitor the internal chat, Dan O’Hagan volunteered. It was suggested we keep it open, no  registration. It was suggested a webinar be the best format where participants can type in a  question. There maybe an extra cost for the webinar format. How will questions be handled?  Sorting beforehand is a good idea. Maybe have themes for questions and a time frame. Themes  could be transportation, environment, Indigenous issues, climate issues, Covid, maybe a time  frame of 20 minutes for each theme, includes presentation and questions. 
  1. Official Plan, what should we be doing?
    Lengthy discussion amongst the group, concern about the plan. There is a K9 Quarterly meeting  on Wed August 5, David, Rob, Dorothy to attend as the Official Plan is on the agenda.
  1. McKellar and Tilbury Park – is there anything we want to do before the AGM? This item to be brought forward at the next Executive meeting
    There was discussion about the Gazabo and where it should be installed in McKellar Park.  Looking at getting input from resident’s close to the park. No specifics of when the Gazabo will  arrive.
  1. The Embassy Issue
    MPCA to support Mechanicsville. Information about changes to the NCC land/park to be posted  on MPCA website, D. Tweedie to complete.
  1. Executive meetings
    Sybil to send email requesting availability in the week, from there the best meeting day to be  determined
  1. Tree Give Away
    Date: September 11/21 (Sat) 11:00-2:00 pm, next step to advertise in Ecology Ottawa and  Kitchissippi Times
  1. Other – O Train – request from the City of Ottawa for report on vibration report due to O Train  construction, has not been made available as of yet
    Suggested putting a question on the MPCS website and ask residents if they are or have had  issues with vibration

Next Executive meeting via Zoom Wednesday September 1, 2021

Minutes of the July 08, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM 

Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson, Vicki Orsborne
Volunteers: David Broscoe
Regrets: Michelle Milne, Chris Clarke, Dorothy Tweedie 

  1. Gypsy Moths – Discussion about what to post to MPCA website. Widespread infestation  along Byron Linear Park. Vicki to contact City arborist about steps forward beyond the  wrapping-the-trunk-with-burlap phase. 
  2. Tree giveaway – Set for Sept 11 11 AM-2 PM at McKellar Park according to Ecology Ottawa.  Ecology Ottawa members to be present along with MPCA volunteers. Sybil to contact John  Rapp about possible use of tables. 
  3. McKellar Park  
    • Gazebo – Assumed that City will cover costs of move of old gazebo from Laroche Park. Discussion about potential issues including neighbourhood engagement, possible misuse, possible locations within park, and whether location is an issue to be discussed now. Sybil to contact Councillor’s office to indicate MPCA wants the  gazebo in McKellar Park 
    • McKellar Park Long Term Engagement Subcommittee – Vicki, Derek, and Michelle – ongoing discussions – Derek thinks city has an inventory – perhaps MPCA needs to establish an alternative inventory. Sybil to forward Tillbury planner contacts to Vicki (Renée Proteau
    • McKellar Park Play structure repairs – some progress but still existing issues according to Vicki
  4. MPCA Meeting dates – set for 1st Wednesday of the month on Zoom or alternative in person meeting arrangements as needed/allowed. Sybil to enquire about reserving quarterly meetings at McKellar Park fieldhouse.
  5. Liability Insurance – currently MPCA has no insurance – quote offered was too expensive. City (through Dovercourt) covers activities in McKellar Park activities. Lorne Cutler from K9 has written letter to Councillor Leiper about this issue. A number of other CAs are in the  same position. If a CA runs a rink, then City provides insurance. Vicki mentioned that Single  Event Insurance may be an alternative. 
  6. Official Plan – Dan – As-We-Heard-It Report by ward – released on June 10, Inner Urban transect Zoom meeting June 28. Although Sherbourne is still to be designated a minor corridor, development would be focused at the Byron and Carling ends. Overall, in the  Draft OP there were some changes to neighbourhood designation with respect to transects for example, Alta Vista has been redesignated as outer urban. But McKellar Park and  neighbourhoods to the west still remain inner urban. Full second draft of OP expected to be  released late August. 

OP only one of Master Plans – Dan discussed the Parks and Rec Master Plan – targets have  been for increased parkland but no sources of money for buying parkland have been  identified beyond current sources (cash in lieu and development charges).  

There was some discussion on the 15 min neighbourhood concept and its interpretation,  both by planners and by city residents. Exec members should send Dan their thoughts as to  what should McKellar Park should look like in 10 years. 

Interim As-We-Heard-It-Report – City Wide here 

Interim As-We-Heard-It-Report – Ward 15 here 

  1. CAs have been asked to support the Generic CA Tree Motion letter written by Daniel Buckle. Exec generally in favour of the letter but have suggestions about altering the tone of the letter. 

Next meeting set for Wednesday, Aug 4th via Zoom

Minutes of the June 07, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM

Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Derek Jackson, Michelle Milne
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets:  Vicki Orsborne, Chris Clarke
Guest: J. Lindsay, resident of McKellar Park 

  1. Traffic in MP – J. Lindsay, resident presenting his concerns 

concern about traffic patterns in MP and how decisions are made to mitigate traffic by the City 

Two questions presented:

    • closing of Byron westboound– east only traffic, closing of Redwoods @ Richmond eliminate options for cars taking a shortcut from Richmond to Carlingwood/Woodroffe, ie cars can no longer go west on Byron and turn left on Sherbourne. More traffic going through McKellar Park  residential streets, ie Wavell, Windermere 
    • What kind of data is appropriate for decisions to shift traffic flow between streets? 

Prior to changes to Byron Avenue there were 7-8 options for traffic heading west on Richmond, the new changes reduce option to 2.5; concern pitting residential streets against each other 

Concerns have been raised with Councillor Leiper’s office, response about collection of data was casual, there was no traffic study done for Redwoods

What is the long term plan for traffic moving through McKellar Park?

Looking for support/help from MPCA

S.Powell made a suggestion to John to join MPCA as part of a subcommitte on MP traffic, J. Lindsey to get back to Sybil 

  1. Official Plan/What we heard: no release as of June 7 deadline from the City of Ottawa 

upcoming K9 meeting either June 17 or 24 – S. Powell to confirm date

Dan O’Hagan attending, 2 other members of MPCA may also attend, please get back to Sybil if you are interested 

  1. What the new OP means for renters meeting June 3, 2021 – webinar, D.Tweedie attended

Hosted by City of Ottawa, Alain Miguelez, Manager, Policy Planning

Also attending: 6 Councillors: M. Fleury, T. Kavanagh, R. King, J.Leiper, S. Menard, C. McKenney

Event recorded: What the New Official Plan Means for Renters: Webinar, June 3, 2021 – YouTube 

Discussion around five big moves:

    • Intensification- encourage 2nd apartments in existing housing, coach housing
    • Mobility – reduce car dependency
    • Affordability definition
    • Types of housing
    • Renter protection – City to adopt inclusionary zoning bylaw, Ottawa will be the 1st to use this 
  1. Future Community Meeting – ideas to consider
    • recycling – why we need to do it and how we do it especially if there are 2 types of materials in the same item
    • historical overview of McKellar Park – did you know there was a golf course?  Historian David Allston
    • Community safety – an issue, local police office to present, Sybil to contact 

Plan: to poll MP community via website for input

Time frame: Sept/October 2021 (people might be Zoom fatigued)

  1. Dogs in McKellar Park
    • concern from a resident not happy with dogs in MP, has increased since pandemic
    • this is a big topic and can be very polarizing

Plan: consider a poll of community via MPCA website, check how it is going @ Tilbury

M.Milne to take the lead on this

  1. MP wade pool hours
    • pool is operated by Dovercourt, open to suggestion on time of operation, suggestion to have 1 day on the weekend and 4 other days in the week
    • Executive to provide hours to Dovercourt for consideration 
  1. MPCA Insurance
    • this is becoming a difficult issue due to the increase in yearly cost 
    • cost of insurance prior to pandemic less than $500
    • current quote is $1800
    • goal is to be under the City of Ottawa umbrella as it is usually at a good price
    • continue with investigation to determine best route
  1. Free Trees-Ecology Ottawa 
    • MPCA to set up a booth with Ottawa Market, time frame late August/September 
    • Sybil to provide a firm date 
  1. MLS neighbourhood description north of Richmond Road
    • area not referred to as McKellar Park which it is
    • no action on this for now 
  1. Fall Fair – on hold due to pandemic and insurance
  2. Scavenger Hunt – on hold
  3. Tilbury Park – Sybil to send a want list of items to executives
  4. Newsletter – provide 3 /year to MP community, discuss @ next meeting, goal to provide newsletter in September
  5. Fundraising
    • reserve funds are decreasing, no new monies added due to pandemic/inability to hold activities 
    • currently we have $6000
  1. Dovercourt – contact J. Rapp if interested in becoming a board member
  2. Update on few items from D. Broscoe

Rebates up to $5,000 may be available to help you install rainwater management projects. Rebates are available in priority retrofit areas of Ottawa where studies have shown that actions on private property like redirecting downspouts and installing rain gardens are effective ways to manage rainwater.

Rain Ready Ottawa was created to help you manage rainwater on your property. In addition to information and resources on rainwater projects for your home, Rain Ready Ottawa also offers custom home assessments, and financial rebates for certain rainwater management projects to eligible residents.

For more information on the program and how to apply go to Rain Ready Ottawa

  1. Public Art stage 2 light rail – Zoom meeting

from Cleary going west, only a small section around Cleary
more discussion on this, check out Councillors Kavanagh’s website
to be completed before O Train is up and running, within the year
suggestion from the community is art to reflect the green space in the area 

Next meeting: July 8, 2021, note a change from usual Monday 

Minutes of the May 03, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM

Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Chris Clarke, Derek Jackson,
Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie
Regrets: Michelle Milne, Vicki Orsborne

  1. Review presentation LRT Stage 2 construction update webinar, April 29, 2021, hosted by Jeff Leiper, Councillor, Kitchissippi
    •  in attendance: City of Ottawa and KEV, residents of Westboro, Westboro Beach, McKellar Park and Carlingwood
    • 145 people in attendance
    • questions emailed in prior to presentation to MPCA website
    • all questions were not answered in the webinar, to be completed by Jeff’s office after webinar
    • consider putting slides and answers to questions (FAQs) up on MPCA website
    • webinar will be posted on Kitchissippi Ward YouTube channel
    • concern by MPCA executive some questions not answered fully, pedestrian overpass @ Dominion station, dust control during construction
    • plan going forward: MPCA would like to host a meeting in the fall, be a “clearing house” for questions
  1. MPCA Insurance: not completed as of yet, waiting for City of Ottawa as to the cost, would like to meet deadline of June 1, 2021
  2. Dovercourt Board Position opening
    • not able to get an answer on this, J. Rapp may be busy with more pressing issues due to reduction in operating monies from Covid shut down
    • there are a number of McKellar citizens that are interested in being considered for Dovercourt Board positions
    • plan going forward – to contact Dovercourt before next years Board nomination
  3. Community activities for MPCA
    • D. O’Hagan mentioned Tina would be interested in organizing a Covid~celebration for McKellar park residents
    • it was mentioned Sept/21 may not work for Fall Fair (Covid may still be with us) but maybe a winter carnival could be considered
    • we should continue with the idea of a Scavenger Hunt as planned
  4. Ideas~New Business
    • S. Powell presented a history associated about MP. When Councillor Leiper was first elected there was monies available for ward updates/infrastructure. It was felt MP did not receive their share and the opinion is MP is considered to be affluent while other areas in the ward are not and in need of major upgrades
    • when McKellar Park moves to Bay Ward maybe we can help our neighbours in Bay Ward with fund raising as an example
  5. Items to follow up on @ next meeting:
    • Manor Park Community Association/policies they use to run their association, suggestion made by M. Milne, to be discussed @ next meeting
    • Revised Official Plan – meeting to be held by K9 group (Community Association presidents of Kitchissippi), Roland Dorsey organizing, timeline Mid May. MPCA would like other members of the executives to be in attendance, S. Powell to check into

Next meeting Monday, June 7 th via Zoom

Minutes of the March 29, 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM 


Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Chris Clarke, Derek Jackson, Michelle  Milne, Vicki Orsborne 

Volunteers: David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie 

Guest: Mark Halloran  

Regrets: None 

1 Presentation from Keith Lewis~Bel-Air Norseman Football club, follow up from last Executive Meeting to meet with the club  

  • midget football team for underprivileged teens, up to age 18 years, founded 1993, 45 team  players 
  • club has been part of McKellar park for the last 40 years, used previous field house, now  using current field house since 2002, equipment stored year round at field house  • alternate with soccer club 
  • volunteers support club and help fund raise through Bingo to help cover league fees etc,  Norseman Club has the lowest fees in the league 
  • season starts mid July and runs till 1st of November 
  • practice 3 nights/week Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:00-9:00 pm, lighting makes this  possible, lights turned off by club, usually before 11:00 pm  
  • games played @ Nepean Sportplex, there are a number of cross province games as well • President of the club John Smith has a good working relationship with Dovercourt • assist with Westfest i.e. provide security services 
  • request for help with McKellar Park Fall festival, Keith will check with head coach • dates when established to be sent to Keith  

2 McKellar Park Scavenger Hunt, presentation by Emma Mallach, resident and volunteer of  McKellar Park  

  • Emma has provided a list of community activities i.e. Scavenger Hunt; Music on the street;  Food Trucks; Bike Rodeo; Pizza/ice cream Fridays @ the wading pool; Monthly movie  night in the park 
  • Scavenger hunt is suggested, need more volunteers, consider youth committees that require  volunteer hours for help with set up etc  
  • date after June 2/2021 once Insurance renewed  
  • Vicki Orsborne has agreed to coordinate with Emma and let MPCA know what is needed i.e. prizes/money etc  
  • Bike Rodeo of interest, can be done in a parking lot, it afford for local Bike shops to  participate, possible coordination with City of Ottawa instructors and trained volunteers  • Movie Night, licensing for movies is more affordable than previously thought  • Thank you to Emma for her work in providing the list of ideas  
  • Vicki suggested a drive to provide school supplies for those in need  

3 Presentation from Chris Hircock (resident of McKellar Park) Broadview School Traffic IssueMembers of the MPCA were given a presentation on early plans for a Broadview School  Street (roads closed to vehicle traffic during school drop off and pick up) trial achieve the objectives of the Broadview School Street and to consider needs of the  community, MPCA members added the following considerations and points of feedback:proposed walking routes on the map should highlight where the sidewalks are in the  community that lead up to the proposed School Street 

  • initial proposal has drop offs on Windermere Avenue as potential transfer point to a OSC walking school bus, this could cause a point of contention with residents on parking, and that alternatives should be considered as the plan develops  
  • consider the drop off distances for younger children or those who need proximity to the school when carrying projects or those having other such extenuating circumstancesconsider including Notre Dame High School as part of a School program for a later trial
  • consider wher to redeploy the existing OSC Crossing Guards currently on Broadview and Denbury avenues, including points along Princeton or Crossfield
  • consider a poll via social media or school newsletter to further validate the demand for a School Street
  • Chris Hircock noted he will keep MPCA involved as the School Street plan develops so that residents can be fully informed

4 Dovercourt Board Position opening 

  • decision to be made within a week
  • ideal candidate from McKellar Park community association?
  • Sybil to clarify with John Rapp from Dovercourt as to the requirements of the position

5 MPCA-MP subcommitte  

  • rescheduled to next meeting, going forward update to be provide @ Executive meeting

6 Draft Official Plan 

  • further discussion to determine what questions we have about the Draft OP that affect McKellar Park residents/community directly (Jeff Leiper’s request for most pressing items that should be addressed with city planners) 
  • each executive member to provide one priority question to Dan, deadline April 1, Dan to comply

7 Insurance 

  • year runs from June 1 to May 31, cost is $500.00, will be activated June 01/21

8 LRT Zoom meeting/update on project – MPCA to invite Carlingwood and Westboroto be organized by MPCA using their Zoom account  

  • Sybil to provide a date

9 15 Minute Neighbourhood: is MPCA a 15 minute neighbourhood 

  • what is the criteria to determine a 15 minute neighbourhood
  • Zoom video open house presentation scheduled by City of Ottawa March 30/21 Next meeting Monday, May 3rd via Zoom 

Minutes of the Feb 01 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM


Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Chris Clarke, Derek Jackson, Michelle  Milne, Vicki Orsborne 

Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie 

Guest: Mark Halloran  

Regrets: None 

1 McKellar Park overview with John Rapp from Dovercourt 

Overview of Dovercourt 

1977 origin of Dovercourt, last of community centres run by the community, this model is  cost effective when compared to city run community centres 

province and municipality provided funding to replace old field house at McKellar Park,  time frame tight completed in 6 months, difficult to solicit community involved during this  time  

Dovercourt provides programming affecting field house and surrounding fields, Dovecourt  provides cleaning service to the field house  

outside lighting installed during this time, some controversy with neighbours but comprised  was reached 

MPCA has priority use of field house, booked through Dovercourt 

long standing tenant Bel Air Norseman Football club (no rent is charged), grandfathered in,  they are very responsive to concerns/suggestions, they are good tenants 

relationship with Nepean High School, they use the field area, no permit to use, regular user  of rink and softball field, usually field booking done through City of Ottawa but not in this  case 

busiest time is winter rink season  

Dovercourt is struggling financially due to covid-19, income has shrunk from 6M to 2M  dependent on donations/contributions from community, largest program is the summer and  swimming camps, clients and volunteers most important to their operation  


Wading pool – in need of repair, hours of operation is a concern may not be benefiting the  community – ACTION: Vicki to provide information on preferred hours of operation to John City of Ottawa is gradually closing wading pools and installing splash pads Dovercourt wants to keep wading pool – to teach swimming, opportunity for summer  employment for youth 

City of Ottawa is responsible for the maintenance of the wading pool  

any concerns about the pool please email John and he will contact the City of Ottawa  there was mention of a hybrid wading pools/splash pads would the City be interested in this? 

Question about monies available in the ward through J. Leiper’s office for improvements to the  park, to be checked into  

Program demographic to be provided by John, wading pool not included in these numbers 

Question: Is there something we should be asking for McKellar Park? 

◦ passive shelters from the sun 

◦ natural performance area – amphitheatre  

◦ new wading pool  

  • This is a good time to submit request as the City of Ottawa is reviewing their parks and  recreational plans 
  • John suggests we contact Bel Air Norseman, Keith Lewis, • it was noted MPCA is engaging the community through events (Easter Egg hunt, Fall Fair)  this makes for a better community association 
  • McKellar Park is considered a neighbour park and a city park, suggest we move toward a  fully neighbour park  
  • John mentioned a number of contacts that would be useful for MPCA, information to be  forwarded via email  

2 Official Plan  

  • important for the community to know what the Official plan is and how it will impact McKellar Park
  • zoning of the area will be redefined by the City of Ottawa /Official Plandocument is large and difficulty to comprehend
  • Plan – MPCA executive to have a panel discussion with Jeff Leiper to discuss the impact of the OP on McKellar Park
  • questions to be provided to Jeff prior to meeting
  • ACTION: Sybil to contact Jeff to set up meeting, hopefully with the weekoutcome to provide information to the community

3 Byron – citizen’s petition with Jeff Leiper 

  • Jeff to consult with the community, they will have 3 weeks to respond
  • concern about traffic pressure due to LRT construction
  • review yearly and assess
  • difficult for MPCA to get involved when there are 2 different sides to this issue

4 Free trees – update 

  • table to be set up @ farmers market or along side field house

5 Approval of January 11, 2021 meeting minutes as presented  

6 Pollinator Garden – Update 

  • Zoom license updated to accommodate 300 participants
  • video to be turned off, uses large amounts of bandwidth
  • meeting to start @ 7:00 via Zoom, 147 people have registered

Next meeting Monday March 1, 2021 @ 7:30 on Zoom

Minutes of the Jan 11th 2021 Meeting of the MPCA Executive
On Zoom 7:30 PM 


Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Chris Clarke, Derek Jackson, Michelle Milne,  Vicki Orsborne 

Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie 

Regrets: None 

  1. Approval of December minutes as presented
  2. Scott Street Reconfiguration meeting January 13, 2021 w Bike Ottawa, City of Ottawa planning staff, select K9 CA execs

Discussion re the eastbound bike lane along the south side of Scott Street. Some members  would prefer that two-way bike traffic remain in the narrow linear park to the north of Scott  Rob will attend meeting but can only stay till 3PM. Looking for other volunteers to attend  (possibly Derek and/or David) 

  1. Selection of a date for the Pollinator Garden Presentation on Zoom

Suggested date Feb 16 with alternate date Feb 17 

Cindy to contact Berit Erickson 

Michelle will create a FB event for the presentation once the date is finalized David to create the Zoom meeting. Suggested the registration would not be necessary Notice to be sent to K9, Bay Ward, Councillor Leiper, Kitchissippi Times 

  1. Request from the Dovercourt Board for our thoughts regarding COVID-19 impacts – discussion on the loss of in-person events, increased capabilities for online events. Also led to a more general discussion on the demographics of the neighbourhood and the feasibility of creating a survey on  use and revitalization priorities of McKellar Park facilities ten years on from last survey Sybil to speak to Dovercourt 

Invite John Tapp to next meeting (problematic given item 6 below) 

  1. Fall Fair – time to start thinking about

Although there is much uncertainty, we should book the park for a date in late September (Sat  Sept 26?) 

Further planning deferred until a later date 

Discussion re scavenger hunt – need not be tied to Fall Fair. Could be virtual, or tied to the  neighbourhood walk. Sybil to contact Tina Casey and Emma Mallach. Vicki is also interested in  the scavenger hunt

  1. City Official Plan – How to proceed?

Create website post with a link to City of Ottawa one-pagers on various aspects of the official  plan and ask MP residents to comment directly to the City by Feb 17th deadline Need to focus on specific aspects  

o tree canopy preservation 

o move to more densification through zoning tweaks (essentially R1 to R3) 

o need for more parks in densified neighbourhoods 

Need more advice on this – invite Roland Dorsay to the next meeting Feb 1st o Dan to approach Roland 

o Open meeting up to all? If so, we need to advertise the meeting 

  1. School Board – How can we keep track of discussion regarding trustee boundaries? Michelle and Vicki to discuss further
  2. Short Term Rentals – need to keep monitoring – further discussion deferred
  3. Transition to Bay Ward

MPCA invited to Bay Ward meeting 20 Jan 6:30-7:30 

Exec member invited to speak briefly at that meeting 

Announcement of meeting to be posted on MPCA website  

  1. Westboro Community Association decision to remain as is regardless of ward boundary changes WCA blog post indicates WCA will retain their CA boundary for the time being Some discussion about the boundaries south of Richmond Road. Suggested that moving the CA

boundary one half block east from the property line between Fraser and Denbury (current) to  the Denbury street centreline (new ward boundary) would make sense 

  1. Officer Positions MPCA

Agreement that current officers would carry on (Sybil – president, Dan – vice-president, Rob – treasurer). New board members (Chris, Derek, Michelle, Vicki) will continue without specific  duties 

  1. Topics for possible zoom meetings

Two upcoming meetings sufficient for now 

o Roland Dorsay (Official Plan) Feb 1 – Dan to confirm 

o Berit Erickson (Pollinator Gardens) mid Feb – Cindy to confirm 

  1. Interests board members would like to pursue this year – already covered in previous items
  2. Other Business – discussion about McKellar Park rink volunteering – rota for adult volunteers – on duty for 1 in 5 nights – discussion on policing COVID protocols – snowplow company does pro bono snow clearing. 

Next meeting Monday Feb 1 7:30 on Zoom – possibly a general meeting with Roland Dorsay of the FCA  discussing the proposed City of Ottawa Official Plan – David to set up

Minutes of the Dec 2 2020 Byron Estates Site Development meeting


  • Site Development meeting December 2, 2020 for Byron Estates, Site Development 455- 463-471-483 Sherbourne Road-534-542-550-560-568 Redwood Avenue and 890 Byron Avenue site  


  • Meeting conducted via Zoom  


  •  Fiona Mitchell  


  • Attendance: Jeff Leiper, Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward; Fiona Mitchell, assistant to  Councillor Leiper; Theresa Cavanagh, Councillor Bay Ward, Steve Gauthier, Planning  Department, City of Ottawa; Kayla Blakely and Jordan Tannis, Planners with Novatech
  • Members from the community  


Councillor Leiper had the following to say:  

  • It is a site plan application, not a rezoning, midrise 5 storeys up to 6 storeys along Byron  Avenue 
  • R4 zoning, maintain a mixed building form


  • 3 low rise apartments within an existing residential complex known as Byron Estate
  • 2 of the 9 existing low-rise apartment building within the complex and associated  attached garages will be removed to accommodate the new development
  • proposed building will be 3 storeys in height and contain 24 units in 2 buildings and 10  in the 3rd building  
  • Complex will have a total of 100 dwelling units, including proposed units and existing  units 
  • A total of 68 parking spaces are provided for residents and visitors with access from  Redwood Avenue  
  • There will be a mixture of studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms units in the new  development  
  • Site development complies with existing zoning today  
  • Time frame: site development to start within 3-5 years, development will not impact neighbouring residents  
  • Project will take 14-15 months to complete  
  • Tenants will be given 1-year notice prior to development/removal of the building
  • Redwood Avenue to be closed @ Byron Road  
  • Greenspace will remain as shown on site development 


  • concern about parking availability, traffic issues on Redwood Avenue- not addressed in  this presentation  
  • what support is being given to residents losing their homes; Jordan Tannis answered  question – owners of Byron Estates have a number of properties throughout the city and  would provide help to existing tenants  
  • will there be future development on the site? Jordan Tannis answered – this is all that  will happen at this time, potential for site development on the corner of  Byron/Redwoods Avenue  


  • not applicable  



Dorothy Tweedie, volunteer for McKellar Park Association 

Minutes of the Nov 23 2020 AGM of the MPCA

Virtual meeting via ZOOM
Executive Attendees:
Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae
Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Amy Richardson, Dorothy Tweedie
Attendees: registered 104, 74 participants, start time 7:30 pm

1. Review of how to use Zoom, voting question and process, abstain response is for those not living within the ward, it is anonymous, questions via chat – David Broscoe

2. Welcome, Sybil Powell, President MPCA

3. Approval of last AGM minutes and agenda: Polling 49 approved, 10 abstain, carried

4. LRT Stage 2, Dominion to Woodroffe – Damon Berlin Stage 2 City of Ottawa, update, joining Damon is a new colleague Jessica Maxwell also introduced Jamie Robinson, Director of Communication and Stake Holders Relations for KEV
• bigger project than just what affects MPCA, 15 km of new rail from Moodie to Trim (total 11 stations)
• 2 tunnels – Parkway and Connaught
• removal of ½ million bus trips once completed
• 4 km from Dominion to Lincoln Fields
• using cut and cover tunneling from grade and dig down, reinforced with concrete
• create slurry plant area to separate solid from liquid of what is excavated from the tunnel area, and allows it to be removed safely from the site
• contractually construction to be completed 2025 for west extension and 2024 for east extension, 2022 for the south, these dates do not mean operation of trains, only construction
Contact information for Damon Berlin:,; 2 to sign up for e-newsletter
613-580-2424 ex 12764 (forwarded during COVID-19)
Slide presentation:

5. Tillbury Park Update-Amy Richardson
• Previous play structure was in need of complete rebuild
• 2018 – construction started
• 2020 – opened Fall 2020
• Thank you to Amy for her hard work and City of Ottawa, Renee Proteau, Planner, Parks and Facilities Planning
• Thank you to Jeff Leiper’s office for the extra monies to complete this project
• Community is enjoying the new play structure
• City of Ottawa needs to upgrade a number of its play structure throughout the city, we are well behind, hence one of the reasons there has been an increase in property taxes

6.Treasurer’s Report – Rob McCrae
• MPCA incorporated in 2019
• Partial Year (April 19-October 2019) opening balance $6900 available funds, balance end of 2019 $7284
• Limited expenses, cost to produce newsletter, events (AGM Zoom) and membership to FCA, total $420.24
• Balance $6380.00
• Finished the year @ $6863.00, Total liabilities/equity
• No income for 2020 due to pandemic, expenses limited because of this
• Holding off on insurance for this year due to pandemic, it is a significant cost, costs have gone up by 50%
• Not expecting major expenses for the for see able future
• Polling: 47 voted yes, 0 for No, 0 abstain, treasurers report approved

7. President’s Report – Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan
Due to pandemic a number of programs were cancelled:
• Easter Egg Hunt
• Garage Sale
• Butterfly garden presentation
• Fall Festival
Items completed:
• Emergency Preparedness presentation in December put on by the Red Cross
• opening of Tillbury Park play structure
Posted 66 items on our blog
Walking History Guide on the MPCA Blog, developed by Kathryn Mikoski, see MPCA website
Continue to communicate with the community through Newsletters, blog, Social Media
Some concerns:2
• traffic, increase in volume, speed
• effect of construction on traffic
• 11 of the 66 blogs due to construction/LRT
• Richmond/Redwood road construction: water main completed to help with vibration, there is still vibration
• Fraser Avenue- residents concerned about volume of traffic, speed
• Closing of Byron to through traffic from Redwood to Golden, to be addressed by Councillor Leiper, petition started to make it permanent. Section of Byron closed down this year due to pandemic has since reopened
• 6 posts from Ottawa Police to alert neighbourhood of break-ins
Ward Boundary Report – Discussion
• 6 options for the City Ottawa, MPCA was still part of Ward 15 Kitchissippi, Mayor did not like as rural areas were too big, needed to make them smaller
• MPCA moved to Bay Ward
• MPCA wanted to stay with Ward 15
Byron Estate – Byron/Sherbourne/Keenan/Redwood site development
• removal of 2 buildings and parking/garages
• increase in apartments 58, loss of 12 apartments due to removal
Dan O’Hagan thanked volunteers for the last years efforts, David Broscoe, Cindy De Cuypere, Dorothy Tweedie
Election of Officers
issues to consider being part of MPCA board:
• Ward Boundary changes
• City of Ottawa Official plan tabled on Friday November 20, 2020
• LRT and its impact on the neighbourhood
• Transit development zone (easily to get development) up for discussion
• concern about densification/intensification in the area, up for grabs over the next few years
• Get involved, and be involved in these changes happening in our area, we need an organization to make things happen, we need more involved residents
• we need help organizing Fall/Winter Festivals etc
• Current board: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae – will continue in their current capacity
• 7 available spots, current 3 will continue to stand, looking for volunteers
• 4 people came forward: Vicki Orsborne, Derek Jackson, Chris Clarke, Michelle Milne
Polling: 42 approve; 6 abstain
President’s report approved

8. Jeff Leiper Councillor for Kitchissippi, also in attendance is Theresa Kavanagh, Councillor for Bay Ward, P. Simister from NDP office, Jeff’s assistant Fiona Mitchell
Please sign up for Kitchissippi newsletter
Jeff suggested Planning Primer course offered by the City of Ottawa to help understand how planning is conducted in the City:

Official Plan being rewritten, why is this important:
• Province gives direction on how City of Ottawa will grow – intensification, especially growth around transit
• City of Ottawa then tasked with writing the plan
• Transportation master plan is important
• A number of master plans need to be accomplished and feed into development costs
• Zoning needs to be in place, current zoning dates back to 1960, therefore not up to date, this needs to be done, this is how we end up with “one of” zoning fights in the neighbourhood
• zoning to be brought into line with Official plan
• R4 zone, specifically in Hintonburg/Mechanicsville, take a look at this
• Question: what will R1 zoning look like in the future, McKellar Park is zoned R1

Ward Boundary changes: Jeff would like Ward 15 to be kept whole, what is the wriggle room available, follow Newsletter for the most current information, voting on Ward Boundaries December 1, 2020, completion December 9/2020

Byron Avenue closure to through traffic – Redwood to Golden Avenue
• No plan to bring closure back
• 178 residents have emailed Jeff’s office, from the Living Byron petition
• there needs to be consultation with residents, Jeff checked with City and they are open to some type of modification
• Jeff would need a more formal proposal to move forward on this issue
• this will be a contentious issue

Richmond Road
• Is in bad shape
• Jeff wants repairs to be completed quickly, it is in the 2022 Budget to resurface the road from Cleary to Golden

Byron Estates – Site Development
• Open House December 2/2020
• Site plan, not rezoning, they have permission to build what they want
• recognize affordability housing
• Jeff Leiper has no authority/leverage on this project as it is not a rezoning issue, he does have moral suasion
• will be in the hands of the landlord and tenant tribunal

Tom Brown Arena has been turned temporarily to a respite centre, operates weekdays
• Request for donations, see Kitchissippi newsletter for a list, need to make an appointment with Tom Brown Arena for drop off
• They are seeing 100 visitors/day
• John @ Giant Tiger is taking $ donations, account has been set up

Meeting adjourned @ 9:35 pm

Minutes of the Oct 28th 2019 AGM of the MPCA

McKellar Park Fieldhouse 7:00 PM
Executive Attendees:
Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae
Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Amy Richardson
Volunteer Regrets: Mike Yeates, Dorothy Tweedie
Attendees: 15 signed attendance sheet, approximately 30 attendees in total

  1. Tillbury Park, Renée Proteau, City Parks Planning Department (6:30-7:00)
    Presented illustrations of planned updates to Tillbury Park playground and discussed with interested constituents. Construction slated to commence Spring 2020
  2. Welcome, Sybil Powell, President MPCA
  3. Constable Jason Brown, Community Safety Service, Ottawa Police
    • Three policing zones in city – Central, East, West – three community officers in West Zone
    • In West Zone, 13 reported offences in 3 months, property, no robberies, some thefts, one assault
    • Prevention Measures
      • Rash of Break and Enters means an increase of community interest and people are more vigilant
      • Three Programs Targeting Prevention
        1. Neighbourhood Resource Units
        2. Safeguard Our Home Program (pioneered by OPP as SafeGuard Ontario Property Security Program) Volunteer run. Focus on outside factors, blind spots in yard, weaknesses in entry points
        3. Neighbourhood Watch
      • Alarms are a deterrent but time lag before police are called
      • Video Systems can result in arrests
      • 529 Garage – bikes are photographed and registered. Image of bike is uploaded for identification purposes
      • Question re cyclist education on rules of the road (Jeff Leiper mentioned Safer Roads Ottawa, falls under provincial jurisdiction – Jeff to speak to Joel Harden re potential pilot)
  4. Councillor’s Report – Jeff Leiper
    • Richmond Road Water Main repairs to be completed Nov 12
    • New lane configuration on Richmond Road to be done next year
    • Richmond Road Contractor ‘new to this sort of work.’ According to Councillor Leiper, the contract started badly but has been running smoothly lately
    • Interest in small permanent stop signs for Byron Linear Path at road intersections
    • Discussion of snow plowing and removal. Snow plowing responsibility of the city. Snow removal contracted out
    • Call 311 to get storm grates located and painted
    • Discussion on LRT Noise complaints near Bayview Station and the implications for Cleary Station. Noise dampening components on order for the section near Bayview Station and will be installed soon. Then an assessment may be made on the effectiveness of the noise dampening measures
    • Discussion about recycling. All City of Ottawa recycling is bought by buyers locally but what happens after that in the cycle is not clear. Jeff Leiper indicated that a solid waste review coming up.
    • Discussion about Lansdowne Park and OSEG. Concern was expressed about handing over the management of the Lansdowne Park Urban Park to OSEG (Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, already managing the retail and sports aspects of Lansdowne Park). Jeff Leiper suggested contacting the mayor directly but time is short. Vote is on Nov 5
    • Byron No-Trucks signs are missing – call or email Jeff’s office
    • Byron Market sod solutions. Some discussion as to how effective the re-sodding would be once the market moves back to Byron next spring. Jeff Leiper mentioned that vendors had been asked to move their stands right up to the path but some had concerns about pedestrian flow if that was to be implemented
    • Councillor Leiper outlined some local street with priority for fixing potholes
    • Dovercourt Sidewalk, Sherbourne to Denbury north side. Audience members indicated it was in poor condition Councillor Leiper indicated that sidewalk repairs tend to be done only in conjunction with road upgrades.
    • Winter paths now to be maintained – new city policy although insufficient money so far to be implemented fully. SJAM winter trail opening again
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Rob McCrae
    • $6800 opening balance
    • $4100 income
    • $4000 expenses
    • $6900 closing balance
  6. President’s Report – Sybil Powell
    • Emergency preparedness meeting potentially Dec 2
    • LRT phase 2
      • updates have been posted to the MPCA blog
      • 15 months prep work so far
      • Nov 4 all trees on Byron Linear Park from Cleary to New Orchard to be removed
      • LRT phase 2 worksite to be in place on Rochester Field by end of 2019. Only pruning of oak trees lining Richmond Road, no removal, in order to create access road to worksite
      • LRT Citizens Group Dominion to New Orchard
      • Phone 311 with any issues, excessive noise in LRT construction
    • Tillbury Park
      • Upgrade to be built early 2020
      • Tillbury Park now Dogs-On-Leash park. No dogs are allowed in play area
    • Easter Egg Hunt and Fall Fair events successful
    • All Candidates event Nov 15 well attended
    • MPCA has representation on the FCA (Federation of Community Associations across Ottawa) and K9 (Community Associations within Kitchissippi ward)
    • Improved communication to community through Newsletter, Blog and Social Media
    • Incorporated as a non-profit organization with liability insurance
    • Looking for additional board members, federation reps, an accountant, volunteers for special events
  7. Election of Officers – Dan O’Hagan
    • Current exec nominated to run again. Vote carried
    • Several community members said they would consider but didn’t commit
    • Cindy, Amy and David to continue as volunteers
  8. Other Business
    • None

Meeting adjourned at 9:15

Minutes of the Oct 7th 2019 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

McKellar Park Fieldhouse 7:30 PM
Attendees: Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae

Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie, Amy Richardson

Regrets: Mike Yeates

Guest: Kim Millar (Windermere parking issues)

  1. Fall Fair wrap up – what worked, any problem areas?
    Successful event. Great team of volunteers. Lots of unsolicited help. Revenue to CA ca. $1400.
    Ran out of compostable cups for water and coffee. Suggestion of locating free activities (e.g. balls, hula hoops) for kids while waiting in line for ticketed events.
  2. AGM Monday 28 Oct at McKellar Park Fieldhouse
    • Time set 7:00 PM – ca. 10:00 PM
    • Final concept artwork boards for playground at Tillbury Park will be setup 6:00 – 6:45. To be confirmed with Renée Proteau City Parks Planning department
    • Lesley or Rich to create FB event for the AGM.
    • Agenda order was discussed. Yet to be finalized. May include reports from the Community Police Officer, the Counsellor, and the Red Cross
    • Mention new location of executive meetings (McKellar Park Fieldhouse) in President’s report
  3. Federal Election Ottawa Centre All-Candidates Debate Tuesday 15 Oct – what we need to do and who is going to do it
    • Volunteers should get there at 6
    • Kevin will do coffee pickup from Starbucks
    • David to provide ice and jugs for water. Cindy to provide water jugs to David
    • Alternate timekeepers Dan then David
    • Sybil (and others?) to bring cookies
    • Hampton Iona CA looking after security, although MPCA signed for the insurance
    • Some discussion about questions provided by CAs and debate format. Final choice of questions is the hands of the two principal organizers
  4. Windermere Parking Issues: Kim Millar 525 Windermere is proposing limiting parking on Windermere to the east side of the street only between Crossfield and the north end of McKellar Park. This proposal was prompted by cars parked on both sides of Windermere for 8 AM-1 PM Saturday Kids Soccer activities. Kim has requested the petition from the City of Ottawa, which then has to be signed by a certain percentage of the affected residents to be considered by the City. Kim asked for a letter of support from MPCA. The MPCA agreed to draft a letter. The MPCA executive suggested extending the parking on one side of the street only for that entire block – all the way north to Byron. Kim has been invited to speak at the AGM on this issue.
  5. Official Plan: FCA is to represent MPCA wrt new City of Ottawa official plan discussions
  6. Other
    • Amy noted that there is an individual taking pictures of dogs in Tillbury Park (the bylaw has recently changed so that dogs are allowed on-leash in Tillbury Park as long as they are away from the play structures). Sybil to discuss with Counsellor Leiper
    • Basement Flooding Study: David is working on summary of the responses to the request on the MPCA webpage soliciting residents’ experiences with basement flooding
    • LRT Phase 2 construction along SJAM Parkway: Rob sent Jeff Leiper a letter seeking an update on construction, with a focus on pedestrian access to Dominion during construction. Jeff Leiper replied to say working on a response.
    • Loving Life Chiropractic wants to sponsor newsletter delivery. They are sending a proposal. Discussion ensued about potential risks and benefits of such a proposal. Executive awaits the proposal

Meeting adjourned at 8:55
Next Meeting Nov 4 7:30 McKellar Park Fieldhouse

Minutes of the August 19th 2019 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees: Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan

Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie

Regrets: Rob McCrae, Amy Richardson

  1. Fall Fair 2019 Sept 22nd. Superstore Richmond donated full slab cake (thanks Cindy) and Produce Depot Carling gift certificate $25 (thanks Dorothy).
  2. Responses to website requests for info about home flooding: Eight responses received. It can only be considered as anecdotal evidence, but most around the table considered it a strong response. David is to draft a summary report and contact J. Leiper.
  3. AGM Oct 28: Presenters – Red Cross on Emergency Planning, J. Leiper, Police representative on Community Policing, and Rescue Westboro (Roosevelt Condo Development LPAT Appeal).
  4. Federal Ottawa Centre All-Candidate’s Debate Oct 15: Expecting a candidate from each of the four major parties. To be held at St. George’s Hall. Organizing CAs: Westboro Village, Hampton-Iona, McKellar Park. Altogether six CAs are involved. Coffee and water to be provided by MPCA.
    Outstanding issues: security and question format.
  5. Newsletter for end of Aug (Fall Fair flyer only) and then again end of September (All Candidates Debate, AGM). Sybil to organize Fall Fair flyer printing and delivery routes. Deadline for text submissions to Cindy for second newsletter is Sept 13.
  6. Pre-Construction Survey for Richmond Road Watermain Replacement and LRT2: Residents in the 727 Richmond condos and the Continental (75 Cleary) had not received Pre-Construction Survey notices for LRT2. Also left out were residents of Fraser Avenue north of Richmond Road. Sybil and Dan ensured those residents were aware of the Pre-Construction Survey.
  7. Sherbourne Update: Line painting on road is complete. Sherbourne now has bike lanes. At least one resident of Sherbourne was inquiring about putting flexiposts on Sherbourne, but J. Leiper reports that flexiposts are not in the Kitchissippi ward budget for this year. Perhaps for next year? No sidewalks as part of this phase.
  8. LRT Noise Issues: In the light of the letter written by the Mechanicsville CA re LRT noise levels, MPCA to draft a letter to J. Leiper re potential noise levels for Cleary Station.
  9. Syrian Refugee Group: Cindy to write up a brief thank you note on behalf of Ottawa Embraces for funds donated in response to fundraising request posts on the blog
  10. Emergency Planning for Ward: Meeting Planned for Aug 28th 7:30 for K9 Group at Richmond Rd. This is a planning meeting for a full K9 Meeting Sept 12.
  11. Tillbury Park Playground: Revised comments from MPCA had been sent to planner. Planner is to come up with new revisions and send to MPCA. MPCA priorities include a paved circular path, two covered picnic tables, and a sandbox with roof. Gazebo replacement is the lowest priority.
  12. Grace Strachan has resigned from the MPCA exec. Proposed that formal resignation occur at AGM. Dan to contact Grace.
  13. Other – Insurance Concerns: Sybil submitted MPCA insurance application. Application has been in process for 15 days.

Other insurance concerns:

    • Liability insurance for All Candidates Debate (MPCA responsible for signing lease this time around – Sybil to investigate special insurance for debate)
    • Fall Fair (liability insurance covered by Dovercourt)

Meeting adjourned at 9:10
Next Meeting Sept 9 McKellar Park Fieldhouse

Minutes of the July 8th 2019 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees: Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae

Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, David Broscoe, Grace Strachan, Dorothy Tweedie

Regrets: Amy Richardson

  1. Fall Fair 2019: Date set Sept 22nd. Organizers have created a matrix of tasks. Amy to explore possible cake suppliers (Strawberry Blonde, Batter Up). Sybil to draft letter for local grocery stores for vouchers and/or donations (Superstore Richmond to be approached by Cindy and Produce Depot Carling to be approached by Dorothy). Sybil to approach Bridgehead for coffee donation.
    Rob had researched BBQ alternatives. Hot dogs are cheapest option. Consensus is that pizza is easiest.
    There was discussion about inviting one or more food truck. No decision as yet.
  2. Federal Ottawa Centre All-Candidate’s Debate Oct 15: Expecting a candidate from each of the four major parties. To be held at St. George’s Hall. Organizing CAs: Westboro Village, Hampton-Iona, McKellar Park. Altogether six CAs are involved. Coffee and water to be provided by MPCA.
    Discussion re security and providing a timekeeper.
  3. AGM: Set for Oct 28th. Potential topics include LRT Phase 2, Richmond Rd Water Main Reconstruction, Red Cross on Emergency Planning, Community Policing, and Recue Westboro (Roosevelt Condo Development LPAT Appeal).
  4. Tillbury Park: Comments from MPCA had been sent to planner. Planner is to come up with new plan and send to MPCA. MPCA priorities include a paved circular path, two covered picnic tables, and a sandbox with roof. Gazebo replacement is the lowest priority.
  5. SJAM LRT Pre-Vibration Study: 3-page flyer delivered locally to properties near proposed LRT phase 2 right of way. On appointment, contractor for City to enter properties to document pre-construction conditions. Dan to ensure that flyers have been delivered to 655 Richmond, 727 Richmond and the Continental. Dan to draft note for posting on MPCA website to inform residents of this initiative. Sybil to ensure Skeed residents have received flyers.
  6. Richmond Road Watermain Reconstruction/Traffic Diversion to Byron: Looking for clarification on Byron one-way Fraser to Redwood for diversion of Richmond Rd traffic. Will Byron be one-way or two-way in that stretch? Construction scheduled to start at end of July.
  7. Newsletter: Discussion about content and timing of next newsletter. Should it cover Fall Fair? Dan suggested Fall Fair flyer to be posted on hydro poles. Newsletter to cover debate and AGM and to be delivered after the Fall Fair.
  8. FCA – Dorothy attended a Short-term Rental meeting, Grace withdrawing as FCA rep for MPCA.
  9. Ghost Hotels – General discussion ensued.
  10. Other
    • The rebranded Rescue-Westboro organization (LPAT appeal for 398, 402 and 406 Roosevelt) has sent out an announcement with a more streamlined donation protocol. David to create an announcement for posting to MPCA website with a bit of context.
    • Drainage and Flooding: In light of anecdotal reports of winter and spring flooding from storm drain backups and frozen hydrants (not Ottawa River flooding) David will draft an announcement for posting on the MPCA website suggesting that affected residents should report such incidents to Councillor Leiper and to the MPCA.
    • Report from LRT Mitigation Group: NCC is proposing a more curved SJAM parkway post LRT Phase 2, to encourage slower traffic. Concerns about headlights shining into adjacent houses, and potential closer proximity of SJAM right of way to adjacent properties. Also, potential infrastructure and drainage issues due to change in road alignment. Difficult to determine due to lack of information from the NCC. Rob to write to Councillor Leiper about concerns in realignment. Understood that there is a minimum 30m rule from roadway to residential property as part of the 100 day solution.

Meeting adjourned 9:15
Next meeting Aug12 (since moved to Aug 19)

Minutes of the February 18th 2019 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees:      Exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae

Volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, Amy Richardson, David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie

Regrets:          Grace Strachan

  1. Minutes for meeting January 7th: Minutes approved.
  2. Newsletter: All agreed that Cindy’s reformatted version was good. Awaiting Tilbury Park update which Amy is to write and submit. LRT update may be available by late March. Printing pricing options were discussed. Rob to print small volume of colour for posting in condos/apartment lobbies.
  3. Incorporation: Application has been completed by Sybil and Dan. All officers have signed except for Grace.
  4. Insurance: Sybil will look into the cost of getting liability insurance once we are incorporated.
  5. Easter Egg Hunt: Date set for April 20 at the McKellar Park Field House. Sybil has booked the field house and grounds.
  6. Fall Festival: A point person and a number of volunteers are in place; more volunteers are needed.
  7. Zoning: Dan discussed various issues:
  • Changes to proposed provincial Bill 66 – Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act. Section 10, addressing ‘zoning barriers for jobs’ is now removed from the proposed bill.  Thanks to Jeff Leiper and the K9 Community Associations for their submission.
  • Ottawa’s Official Plan is up for revision soon. It will include a Transportation Master Plan, a Zoning Plan, and an Available Land survey. The new director is Steve Willis (from NCC). Plan promised to be shorter, more detailed, prescriptive at higher level.  Consultation starts in March.  A representative from CA should be present on consultations.  Jeff Leiper’s view: R1 and R2 zoned areas are unlikely to change significantly. Changes coming more along major thoroughfares. Clarity is needed around the definition of the term intensification.
  • ‘Longhouses’ (e.g. 514 Roosevelt Ave, where the existing lot would be divided in two, and two long semi-detached homes would be separated by a common driveway with parking around the back) on agenda for Committee of Adjustment meeting Wed 20 Feb 1PM.
  1. 398, 402 and 406 Roosevelt Avenue Proposed Domicile Development update: Traditional Main St (TM) Zoning has been applied to a side street off of an arterial road. David reported on the January 24 meeting discussing progress in the LPAT appeal.  The lawyer representing the community was cautiously optimistic about the appeal but all LPAT cases are stalled awaiting legal verdict on the LPAT process itself.  The Westboro Residents Group is seeking donations.  MPCA decided to donate $200.  Posting about this for website is to be drafted by David.
  2. Banner: done – thanks to Sybil.
  3. K9 Ward Council: Sybil and Dan have been attending quarterly meetings. Roland Dorsay has been spearheading discussion on Air B&B / ghost houses. It will be several months before issue hits council.
  4. Discussion with John Rapp re use of McKellar Park Field House and Emergency Planning:
  • Field house:
  • Meeting Space: Sybil reported that the lack of access to hold MPCA meetings was discussed. John Rapp was clear that the MPCA is a partner in the field house and we should have access. It was agreed that Sybil would provide dates when the MPCA would like to hold meetings.
  • Skating rink. Lights but no boards.  A group of volunteers manage the rink. MPCA should highlight volunteers on webpage or in newsletter. Action?
  • Emergency Planning: John Rapp is agreeable to working with the MPCA if the MPCA develops an emergency plan. Dovercourt is the main emergency shelter for the community, however John said he could possibly provide a staff member to be located at the field house at a time of emergency to assist people seeking information. No details were discussed. Neither Dovercourt or the field house have backup generators. Action – We need to discuss with Jeff Leiper what actions he is planning and work from there. The concern is how to help vulnerable people in the neighbourhood in the time of an emergency.
  1. Light rail: Expecting announcement by end of month for contractor of phase 2 Confederation Line.
  2. FCA Update: Nothing to report
  3. Other Business:
  • Carlingwood CA is to discuss Sherbourne Avenue upgrades. Amy is to follow up.
  • Carlingwood Mall development meeting 26 Feb 6:00-7:30 Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre, 102 Greenview Ave – Sybil is to send info to post.
  • Lincoln Fields Mall development meeting Mar 6 6-830 Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre.

Next Meeting April 1 7:30


Minutes of the Jan 7th Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees:      exec members: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Grace Strachan

volunteers: Cindy De Cuypere, Amy Richardson, David Broscoe, Dorothy Tweedie

  1. Minutes Dec 10 – approved with minor changes. Motion: Dan seconded Rob
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Sherbourne resurfacing – limited to painting lines, setup of bike lanes, changes to parking. Little consultation expected as it is public works roadway life cycle maintenance. Perceived that city avoiding consultation. Suggestion from Amy: ask City of Ottawa Public Works include community association in mailout for any notification.
  4. Proposed ‘Open for Business’ Provincial Bill 66 – specifically the sections of the bill which would allow municipalities to pass a bylaw bypassing many of the zoning provisions for certain types of industrial development. Dan and Sybil are meeting Tuesday Jan 8 with Jeff Leiper.
  5. FCA meeting Dec 12 – Dorothy and Grace attended. Presentation on affordable housing near to transit hubs by the Healthy Transportation Coalition.  Petition is found here Motion presented and passed at that meeting that the City should have authority to choose location of cannabis outlets. Next meeting Jan 16 Nepean Sportsplex. Grace to attend Jan 9 LPAT information session.
  6. Goals for MPCA – Dan presented a list he had drafted. Discussion on priorities to continue next meeting. Some of the identified priorities:
  • Fall Fair and Easter Egg Hunt volunteers in place
  • Create FB events for exec meetings – Sybil and Amy
  • Confirm timing of new Community Development Plan (CDP) w Jeff Leiper – Dan and Sybil
  • Organize public meetings on a new CDP, infill and LRT development
  • Access to McKellar Park Fieldhouse – Sybil to speak to John Rapp
  1. MPCA Banner – Sybil has ordered the banner
  2. Parks – no discussion here, but parks discussed in items 6 and 9.
  3. Ward 15 budget Meeting with Jeff Leiper Jan 10thSybil to attend. She will ask about a Tillbury Park refurbishment timeline.
  4. Ottawa Police Budget Meeting Feb 20th.Some discussion about community policing.  Representative from exec for this next meeting to be chosen at next MPCA exec meeting.
  5. Incorporation – Dan to finalize document
  6. Other – Communications – Cindy undertook to draft a two page newsletter by the end of the January for comment by the group and to aim to have it distributed in March by volunteer Nepean High School students.

Next Meeting Feb 11 7:30 PM


McKellar Park Community Association Executive Meeting – December 10, 2018

In attendance: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, David Briscoe, Dorothy Tweedie, Grace Strachan

Regrets: Cyndy  De Cuypere

  1. Approval of the Agenda

Jeff’s pop-up meetings and the request to send a representative to a meeting regarding the use of bottled water  in City facilities were added to Other Business.

The motion to approve was made by Dorothy and seconded by Rob.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of the November 5 meeting

Under Areas of Responsibility Rob’s name is to be added to the Byron Calming issue and Sybil and Dan for the LRT. The minutes as amended were approved with a motion by Sybil, seconded by Dan.

  1. Reports of meetings
  • Meeting with Jeff (Sybil and Dan)

Ward meetings are held every 3 or 4 months for all associations.

Sybil and Dan met with Jeff who seems to think there will be big changes in the Planning Committee. He indicated that he thought there would be no changes to the R1 designation but that we should pay attention to this issue.

  • FCA Meeting (Dorothy and Grace)

Grace explained that she had missed the last Planning and Zoning meeting as she had received no notification and it was not included on the FCA website.

Dorothy mentioned that information was provided by a student from Ottawa University about the Michaelle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement.  This is an organization that matches students and volunteer positions posted by community organizations.

Dorothy and Grace requested clarification regarding whether they should vote on behalf of the CA at FCA meetings. They had abstained from voting at the meeting.

A motion was presented by Dan that “Delegates have the discretionary authority to vote at FCA meetings on motions presented”. The motion was seconded by Sybil.

  1. Other Updates
  • The Banner

Rich produced a design for a Banner that was circulated to all members of the executive for comment. Various changes were requested and included: the addition of the Facebook and Twitter logos and changes to the font size and placement. Sybil was to pass the suggestions to Rich.

  • Communications

Cindy has talked to local schools about delivering newsletters. It was agreed to discuss this further at the next meeting.

  • Community Garden

David will post the request for participants on the MPCA website.

  1. Incorporation

Dan explained that the process was close to being completed. A name search was required to ensure there was no other organization with the same name. He will have it ready for the next meeting. Stella (last name???)has agreed to help.

  1. Goals for the year

Dan committed to put together a document for discussion at the next meeting. He will send it out prior to the meeting for comments from the members.

  1. Zoning and other planning issues.

David agreed to put on the website a link to and a short explanation of the Provincial Government’s proposed  “Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act”.

It was agreed that the Halifax Urban Trees video should also be put on the website. (Who is to do this??)

  1. Other Business
  • Web site content: We receive many request to add items to the web page. It was agreed that certain of these, such as requests for donations, should be included as side-bars. It was suggested that the website should be expanded to be more inclusive of community events.
  • A request was received to send a representative to a meeting on December 12 of the Ottawa Water Study/Action Group (OWSAG) which is trying to get the City to phase out the sale of bottled water on its premises. It was agreed we would send a note supporting the initiative and suggesting they contact the FCA. Action???
  • Jeff’s Pop-up meetings.

It was agreed that a link to Jeff’s Newsletter should be put on the website.

Next Meeting: January 7, 2019

November 5th2018 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees:Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Rob McCrae, Cindy De Cuypere, Grace Strachan, Amy Richardson, David Broscoe

Regrets:Dorothy Tweedie


  1. Officers
  2. Areas of Responsibility:
  • FCA
  • Richmond Rd. Rebuild Cleary to Fraser
  • Byron Traffic Calming
  • LRT
  • Zoning
  • Roads – other than Byron and Richmond – Sherbourne, Carling
  • Parks
    • Tillbury
    • McKellar- Fall Fair
    • Rochester Field
    • SJAM – Cleary to Dominion
    • Byron Linear Path – Cleary to Golden
  • Communications
  • Ward Council
  1. Incorporation
  2. Banner
  3. Other


  1. Officers

President: Sybil Powell

Deputy President: Dan O’Hagan

Treasurer: Rob McCrae

Secretary(s): Grace Strachan/David Broscoe

FCA Rep(s): Dorothy Tweedie/Grace Strachan (next FCA meeting Nov 21 7:15-9:30 St. Giles Church 181 First Ave.)

  1. Areas of Responsibility
    • Richmond Road rebuild: Rob sent letter to city re crosswalks, bike lanes, left turn lanes. Action: Sybil and Dan to attend one of Jeff Leiper’s upcoming pop-ups re left turn lanes
    • Zoning: Dan and Grace to represent. Important to be involved in upcoming community plan/secondary plan development
    • Byron Traffic Calming: Rob
    • LRT: Sybil/Dan
    • Other Roads:
      • Sherbourne: too wide, school kids cross it. Speeding an issue – responsibility shared with Carlingwood CA. Amy to follow up with Carlingwood CA.
      • Carling: to be discussed
    • Parks
      • McKellar Fall Fair 2019: Volunteers in place
      • McKellar Park room bookings: Sybil
      • Rochester Field, SJAM: David, Grace. Rochester Field staging area should be monitored Action: David to send NCC email list signup to executive
      • Byron Linear Path, especially around Cleary transit station: Rob and Sybil
    • Communication: Cindy willing to work on this.
      • Amy suggested community noticeboard at parks. Possibility of obtaining email list from Jeff? Unlikely, Sybil and Dan to discuss w Jeff at popup?
      • Submit Kitchissippi Times ad to inform and recruit people.Website tweaks suggested
    • Ward CA Council: Sybil/Dan
  1. Incorporation

Bylaws as passed with minor amendments agreed to at AGM to be posted on website. Dan and Sybil to review and act on requirements to get incorporated. Once done, to arrange to have incorporation completed. Getting incorporated will allow us to get liability insurance as well as be able to better represent the community in hearings.

  1. Banner – coming from FCA emergency meeting – Motion to purchase banner with MPCA name, logo and relevant contact info for events, emergencies. Motion passed unanimously.Action: Sybil
  1. Other
    • Flyer distribution for AGM notice post-mortem
      • Flyer Force discussion: FF claims flyers were delivered. No one in community seems to have received them. FF will not be used again. Other options for delivery:
        1. High School students to deliver flyers as part of community service?
        2. Partitioning area amongst interested residents?
      • Alternatives to flyers: increase email list – resend the ‘do you want to subscribe?’ email to increase subscription.
    • Emergency Planning: post on website the counsellor’s letter on emergency planning.
    • Work on developing project list w priorities for next meeting. Action: David to extract priority items from minutes, Dan to edit and set priorities for discussion next meeting.Potential of posting to website but perhaps only after next executive meeting.
    • Ghost hotels email: Action: Sybil to research AirBnB bylaws and draft a response.
    • Tunney’s Pasture Community gardens email request for volunteers. Action: Sybil to post email summary to website. David willing to edit info from email and submit to Sybil

Upcoming meetings Dec 3, Jan 7

January 8, 2018 Meeting of the MPCA Executive


Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae, David Broscoe, Amy


  1. Rochester Field Update – David and Dan
  2. Cleary to New Orchard zoning update and request by  City  to meet with us.- Dan

Retail on Byron

  1. Toboggan Hill and amphitheatre – update and course of action- Sybil
  2. Tillbury Park Update and action
  3. Heritage Inventory Update
  4. Other
  5. Next meeting


  1. Previous Minutes –approved.
  2. Rochester Field Update – David and Dan

Review of petition proposal against the re-zoning of Rochester Field.

Action: Motion passed to send advance notice/copy to key stakeholders

Action: Need closure with adjacent commumity associations (Carlingwood/Westboro)

  1. Cleary to New Orchard zoning update and request by  City to meet with us.- Dan

Retail on Byron

Action: Motion passed to send letter to planning group head requesting a separate session regarding “micro retail” – Dan

Action: Respond to request for to planning group head meeting with MPCA – Sybil

  1. Toboggan Hill and amphitheatre – update and course of action- Sybil

Action: Motion passed to request Toboggan Hill and amphitheatre to be built

Action: Need preliminary plan to socialize with immediate residents of McKellar Park

Timeline needs approval before March 2018 to secure free fill

Action: Budget items to be defined

  1. Tillbury Park Update and action – Amy

Sybil asked Jeff’s office if replacement of retaining wall was still on city list for 2018

Basketball court needs attention – re-paint

  1. Heritage Inventory Update

Action: Invite Heritage group to February MPCA meeting. Invite Catherine, Lesley, Rich.

  1. Other

Action: Post draft bi-laws on MPCA web site

  1. Next meeting – Next meeting in February 5th 2018

Action: Banking update – open

Action: Request speed sign west of Fraser


November 19, 2017 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

1. Meeting called to order.

  1. Agenda approved.
  1. Pinecrest Neighbourhood Rain Project – Julia Robinson from the City of Ottawa explained that the project hopes to provide simple strategies to capture rain; protect properties  and reduce storm water run off. Communities like ours would benefit from greater awareness. Project/City will be holding information sessions in spring and summer 2018.

4. Safety in our neighbourhood.

Constable Williams from the Ottawa Police explained when and which numbers to use when calling police.

He said to not delay in calling  911 if  a crime is in process, we see dangerous or impaired driving or there is a medical emergency.

When reporting after the fact for non emergency incidents, such as discovering that your home has been burglarized but thieves have already left, traffic complaints etc. call 613-236-1222.

It is important to communicate with police if you see something that isn’t right.  It gives police an idea of what is going on in the area which might be a much larger issue than we think. He used an example of finding that your car has been entered and  change that you left for parking has been taken.

He stated we were lucky to live in one of the safest city in Canada.

Personal Safety- He said to walk with confidence, don’t display money or expensive gadgets; to be aware of your surroundings and to listen to your senses and instincts.

If you suspect you are being followed, cross over to the other side of the street,  turn around and yell loudly if others are near; call 911 as soon as you can.

If you are being  attacked, give them your purse etc.  get away, and make a mental note of their build, clothing, etc.

If you are going out on bike ride, run etc, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to get back.

If you note something suspicious call it in . The information is important to police.

If you are away from home for the holidays-

– Don’t post it on social media.

– let your trusted neighbours know that you are away.

– use timers on lights.

– secure valuables in a safe.

There is a new Ottawa Police App to report fraud and traffic issues.

Safety Audits- if you want the police to do. Safety audit, this can be arranged through your community police officer.

Neighbourhood Watches- To have a formal neighbourhood watch , 50% of residents on the street have to take part.

There is a value of having neighbourhood watches. He again stressed that for tracking purposes, it was important to report break ins.

  1.  Update on MPCA ‘s activities and concerns

Treasure’s Report-

We have $ 7300.

Main activity was Fall Festival

$3100 . in sponsorships

$ 2900 was spent on the direct  expenses for a Fall Festival.

Tickets -2300.

Fall Festival.

Successful in spite of incredible heat.

Thank you to our sponsors-

Morris Home Team

Living Life Chiropractic

Burke Clemons

Dr. Dan Hwang

Twin Team

Westboro B.I.A

The Fall Festival is a chance for the our community and our partners to meet  and mingle

Other Business

BY-Laws- MPCA will issue draft on website in new year.

Incorporation- MPCA plans to hold a meeting in spring to get bylaws approved and hopefully finalize what needs to be done to get incorporated.

Sherbourne  Traffic Calming Update – To date no action has been taken

Stage 2 LRT 2019-2923

747Richmond Rd. (Corner of Cleary) –  City takes possession in April 2018 and strip mall will be demolished in Oct. 2018.

Zoning- Kristy’s will be 24 stories. They are looking at possible zoning of Unitarian property of 30 stories.

What happens next to us matters-   More residents means more traffic, more people at library.  parks, pools etc.

Carlingwood  CA and MPCA have voiced concerns about height.

Cleary Mitigation Group- meets regularly to resolve as many issues as possible that involve route and Cleary Station. 727 Richmond Rd. and 75 Cleary most affected as route goes between their buildings. Fan plant and station still of concern.


City of Ottawa long term plan has Tilbury getting new play equipment in 2019 and McKellar Park having the pool replaced in 2019. City has limited resources and not guaranteed that these plans will happen then or be put off. City is known to put off these projects unless seems absolutely necessary.

Jeff Leiper is finalizing a plan of how he will spend the money he receives for the next six years because of development in the ward. Tilbury is on his list about half way down for a splash pad and If funds permit , MP may get a berm for  a toboggan hill / amphitheatre and a gazebo.

Nothing is definite and it will be a few years before these projects are realized.

Rochester Field- The NCC has asked the City to re-zone the south west side of the park adjacent to Richmond Rd. As main street which will allow six story blogs with retail on first floor. A path in middle will lead to rest of Field.

Residents are very unhappy with this plan. a Jeff has asked the Mayor to consult with NCC has 100 day agreement says development should be on east side of Park.

The NCC has no plans for the property at this time.

  1. Jeff Leiper reported-

Sherbourne- Jeff  said that traffic is a huge priority across the ward and all he has to offer are flexi sticks , planters, speed bumps and possibly paint. He said that Sherbourne is too wide and needs to be redesigned. He doesn’t see this happening for passably seven years.

LRT – O Train. Jeff said that he didn’t think that construction would start in our area until later because if availability of buses that  are needed first for the  O-Train.  Once contract given out to contractor, more detail of plans for stage 2 implementation will become known.

Rochester Field- 100 day MOU between NCC and City  has development to be in eastern section of Park with western section being major open space land. The present plan that is before planning committee has development on north western side of field. Opposition is growing.

He believes any development that is contrary to the 100 day agreement would need an amendment to that agreement before re-zoning can  be done.

He said he hoped to know more in January.

He asked if it was realistic to expect a wall of high rises. He said the City’s

policy is one of intensification. He feels we can influence design but harder to influence height.

He thought zoning in Mckellar Park which is primarily R1 would remain the same except on Byron closer to Cleary.

Micro – Commercial

Possible micro commercial from Rowanwood to Sherbourne. Community Association feels this should not be allowed on Byron from Rowanwood to Redwood as this is single family residential and will intrude into residential area.

Draft of Secondary Plan is next step.

Byron will be closed at Lanark and Byron from Lanark to Woodroffe will be turned into green space.

Jeff said a crosswalk would be installed on Richmond Rd. at Wavell.

He was unsure if any crosswalks being put on Byron and this will have to be clarified.

He said Tilbury and McKellar Park would likely not get improvements until 2019.

  1. Election of Officers-

Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan and Nadia Thorne were re-elected.

Tina Casey and Rob McCrae will continue for the second year of their mandate.

The community  thanked Lesley Taylor and Stella Militano for their years of service as both are not returning.


Meeting adjourned 9:15 PM.


February 6, 2017 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website
1. Parks – update on last session of Councillor Leiper’s consultation, what is currently scheduled for MP and Tillbury in next three years and Councillor Leiper’s next and final meeting. Next meeting in March 2017

2. Richmond Rd Complete Street and Byron Linear Path consultation
-Discussed the implications of the city’s proposal to close Byron at Lockhart
Action: Sybil to ask complete streets prime to meet with Condo members

3. Byron Rd. Calming measures
4. Zoning Cleary to New Orchard Bryon and RR, Kristy’s, Fan Plant
5. Sherbourne progress on getting speed reduced
6. Community Police – community prime name to be posted on website & to be invited to AGM/Fall Fairs
7. Fall Fair
Action: Sybil to contact Tina to have meeting in April

8. Incorporation
Reviewed Stella`s proposed plan for Incorporation
Action: Rob to contact FCA for association bylaws examples & learnings
Action: Sybil to contact Councillor Leiper
Action: Sybil to contact Dovercourt as headquarters
Action: Sybil/Dan/Lesley to review bylaws
Action: Sybil to ask Stella re-use of new bylaws and when new regulations in force
Action: Plan bylaw review meeting for May 2017

9. Other – FCA
Action: Rob to review FCA membership payment

10. Next meeting – Next meeting in April 2017

November 7, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Attendees: Sybil Powell, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae, Larry Murphy, Julie DeMole

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Introduction

2. Discussion of roles
President – Sybil Powell
Deputy – TBD
Treasurer – Rob McCrae
Secretary – Nadia Thorne

3. Social-Media: Website, Facebook, Twitter, and blog. We need someone to take on the task of keeping these updated.
Action: Julie/Lesley to follow up with Rich for full list of social-media.

4. Updates from studies in area:

A. Byron traffic calming – Tina Casey
Action: Request Speed display on Byron

B. RR complete streets – Rob McCrae
Proposal to reduce Richmond Road to 2 lanes from Richardson to Berkeley using a complete street model.
– Proposal includes wider sidewalks on the north side, adding cycling tracks and parking protected lanes.
– Concerns re concrete barrier between cycling lane and parking required by province on north-side of Richmond.
– Proposal to close off Redwood between Richmond and Byron.
– Proposal to have drop-off area on Byron for Cleary station
– Meeting request with Jeff Leiper to discuss 1) concerns about vehicular traffic crossing the bike lane on north side of Richmond Road 2) additional crosswalks on Richmond Road between Fraser and Cleary
– Next Public Consultation 6:30 November 15th at 1000 Byron (Ukranian Hall)

C. Cleary 100 ft. Mitigation group – Dan O’Hagan
Mitigation plans for 727 Richmond Road and 75 Cleary regarding impact due to new route of WLRT and associated 5 meter tall fan plant. Concerns have been raised with province regarding fan plant exclusion from the EA submission. Concerns also raised regarding vibration and requirement for slab through Cleary area.

D. Sherbourne – looking to start petition process to reduce speed to 40km on Sherbourne in line with Dovercourt. Need agreement with Carlingwood Community Association as shared road.

E. Zoning Cleary to New Orchard – Dan O’Hagan
Study initiated to amend zoning between Cleary and New Orchard for intensification Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Study to be completed by 2017.

F. Rochester Field – Lesley Taylor
Mayor has asked NCC to back and re-look at proposals.

5. Parks and 2017 – no update

6. Incorporation and Insurance – Stella Militano
Action: All members to review current bylaws posted on MPCA website

7. Other

A. MPCA Planning Prime
Action: MPCA Planning Prime – Lesley Taylor prime to interface with city planner for McKellar Park Community

B. OMB Town Hall Nov 9th

C. Urban Forest Management Plan
Draft available on city website and three more consultations planned
Action: All Review Urban Forest Management Plan draft

October 3, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attendees:  Sybil Powell, Tina Casey, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae, Stella Militano

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Fall Festival wrap up
Outstanding items
Brief discussion of what worked and what didn’t. ( 99% worked)
– ~400 attendees, great partnerships with Dovercourt and Festival House, and great sponsorship
– Very positive experience
– All volunteer spots filled but could have used more
– Got word out about the Fall Fair early which turned into higher than anticipated attendance
Action: Debrief and lessons learned meeting this coming week
Seating or hay bundles around bands
More food trucks
Water sale
Height sign for bouncy castle at ticket sale booth
Single ticket rolls
Food/drink delivery to volunteers
Action: Thank all sponsors via letters and on MCPA website

2. Request for cycling expert
Action: Rob McCrae to be proposed to cycling group as prime

3. Reports of sub-committees
Byron traffic calming
RR Complete Street
Cleary Mitigation – On-going discussion concerning the fan plant
Cleary to New Orchard
Sherbourne – New sidewalks being installed on Knightsbridge to connect to Keenan. Need to follow up with city planners to determine other safety/traffic initiatives planned.
Action: Sybil/Dan to review objections raised by residents concerning Cleary LRT fan plant
Action: Nadia to follow up with city planning to determine other safety/traffic initiatives planned.

4. Zoning contact – single point of contact as interface to city per community association
Action: to decide who will be the zone prime post AGM

5. Incorporation and insurance
Action: Review at post AGM first meeting

6. AGM
a. Format – 2 hours
b. Agenda Items:
– Agenda – 5 minutes
– President recaps the year – 15 minutes
– Fall Fair Report & Community Engagement– 10 minutes
– Treasurer report – 5 minutes
– Next three big challenges – LRT, zoning, traffic
– Election of Directors– 15 minutes
– Jeff Leiper – 20 minutes
– Q&A – 15 minutes
c. Election of the Executive – Sybil, Lesley, Rob, Tina would need to run for re-election with 2-3 more vacancies
d. Other
Action – blurb from each committee – Byron, fall fair, LRT, Richmond road, cleary to new orchard working group, Sherbourne
Action: Sybil request 50 chairs

7. Other

September 8, 2016 Meeting of the MCPA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attendees: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Rob McCrae, Stella Militano

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Banking – Signees met at bank and completed Bank signature process and assignment of Treasurer.

2. AGM – Date is October 17,2016 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the McKellar Park Fieldhouse. Jeff Leiper will be speaker.

4. WLRT related subcommittees / issues
Byron – update in Fall
Richmond Rd – update in Fall
Cleary mitigation – ongoing
Cleary – New Orchard – ongoing
Special LRT Implementation Richmond/Byron public consultation September 14th at 6pm, Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 1000 Byron Avenue

5. Fall fair – Posters being published, info has been posted on website and Facebook site. Budget completed, invoices have been sent for donations. 2 boxes and a variety of signs have been retrieved from a former board member.

6. Westboro Market – We will have a table at the Market on September 24th. Need to bring chairs. Purpose is to publicize Fall Fair and AGM and to answer questions about our community association.

7. Sherbourne study –
Action: Nadia to follow with Jeff Leiper, Carlingwood Association and city prime

8. Communication Liaison with City – Agreed to identify one person who will liaise with City.

August 10, 2016 Meeting of the MCPA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attendees: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae, Stella Militano

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Banking – Motion to change Treasurer and Bank Signature passed. Rob McCrae to assume role as treasurer from Leslie. Signees to change to Rob, Stella and Nadia.
Action: Signees to meet at bank to complete Bank signature process and assignment of Treasurer.

2. Rosemount Library – send statement of support of Rosemount library to community association
Action: Dan to send wording. Sybil to send statement

3. AGM – To be discussed at next meeting

4. WLRT related subcommittees/ issues
Byron – update in Fall
Richmond Rd – update in Fall
Cleary mitigation – next meeting Aug 25th
Cleary- New Orchard – next meeting in September

5. Fall fair – email to sent next week

6. Westboro BIA – send statement to indicate no objection to initiative
Action: Stella to send statement

7. Sherbourne study
Action: Nadia to follow with Jeff Leiper, Carlingwood Association and city prime

June 6, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attending: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Sherbourne traffic calming– Nadia
CCA/MCPA/Ecology Ottawa primes setting up joint meeting with Carlingwood and Kitchissipi ward councillors.

2. Byron traffic calming– Tina
New draft of Byron Traffic Calming proposal available for feedback to working group. June 16th presentation of Byron Traffic Calming survey results as well as draft design to public for feedback. Comments by June 30th.
Action: Rich to post notice to MPCA website re comments by June 30th

3. Richmond Rd. Complete Street-Trish Blackstaffe and Rob who is representing 635 RR
First public consultation/kick-off June 4th – at early stage in design gathering data.
Target September for draft design and public consultation.
Action: Identify concerns by July MCPA monthly meeting

4. Cleary alignment WLRT Stg.2 committee-Sybil and Dan who is representing 701 RR
First public consultation/kick-off June 4th – at early stage in design gathering data.
June 21st working group meeting for residents surrounding Cleary station

5. Cleary to New Orchard Planning Study– Dan
First public consultation/kick-off June 4th – at early stage in design gathering data.
Working group first meeting on June 14th.

6. Zoning Liason with City
Action: Lesley now prime for MCPA

7. Stg.2 connectivity study

8. Fall Fair– Stella
Action: MCPA executive to join Google group – Rich to ask Stella to send invite

9. 2017– Stella

10. Kristy’s – deadline for comments is June 9th
Action: MCPA to submit concerns online

11. Environment Assessment WLRT2– Draft EA available for review

12. Coach Houses– Nadia and Rich
Working group meeting held to review online feedback and seek further feedback. Draft document being revised based on feedback.
Action: Nadia to send notes and forwarded slides

13. AGM date– Sybil
Action: Target 1st week of October – Sunday evening

14. FCA– Lesley

15. Police service consultation – register for consultation meeting Tuesday June 7th or Wednesday June 8th or send feedback online
Action: MCPA to fill out online feedback

16. Province/City is considering closing 417 on ramp on Carling west of Westgate
Action: MCPA would like to see rational why that ramp is planned to be closed especially in view of proposed redevelopment plans for Westgate.

Next meeting – proposed Monday July 4th

Byron Traffic Calming Consultation

May 29, 2016 – McKellar Park Community Centre

Jeff Leiper
Justin Swan

1. Byron Traffic Calming Initiative
2. Q & A

1. Jeff:

  • Direction initiative in going is generally pleased with

2. Justin Swan:

  • Online survey is closed and consolidating the data
  • Several projects on-going in this neighborhood
  • WLRT still in planning stage
  • Richmond complete streets – Sir John A to beginning of Westboro village design to be continuous
  • Byron project more short term Sherbourne to Island Park
  • June 4th meeting public consultation
  • Area traffic management – city wide budget with problems prioritized based on severity
  • Previous McKellar Park study controversial
  • This study not looking at traffic re-routing
  • Study being extended to Woodroffe but funding not be applied to extension to Woodroffe at this time
  • 128 collisions in 5 years mostly rear ends but more severe accidents at Roosevelt – some traffic/safety mitigation now already in place at Roosevelt intersection
  • June 4th consultation with major detail rollout June 16th
  • 18% of through volumes are cyclist most on the road itself – very high


  • Cross walks, bump outs, speed bumps curb reductions at corners to reduce size of cross walks
  • Green cycling lanes, advisory lanes where roads narrow (used in Europe)


  • 750 people responded to survey – 3000 comments
  • 70-80% from immediate area
  • Comments on the new concept of advisory lanes
  • FAQ list published on city website
  • Byron will not be reconstructed like for example Churchill
  • Project has limited funding that will be reallocated if not spent and can cover some paint and only roadwork for a few traffic-calming measures.
  • Questions about traffic and street parking associated with business near Bryon/Golden – visibility & parking on Golden. Safety issues related to pedestrian and cyclist from behavior of cars.
  • Visibility at corner of Byron/Redwood/Richmond request a four way stop
  • Byron very narrow at Golden, Roosevelt – very unsafe to cyclists
  • Concern that the traffic will move from Byron to Richmond may actually push the traffic onto to side streets like Keenan.
  • Suggestion example Blvd de la cite Desjeunse in east side of Gatineau park – both directions of cyclist on one side with least interaction on Byron park side south side
  • Suggestion to consideration for angled parking on Byron as well as Richmond – used in Germany
  • Considering removal of some parking
  • Narrow width of Byron and state of shoulders along Linear Park won’t support two way single band of cyclist route
  • Advisory lane being considered as alternative
  • Questions re transition to and from advisory lanes – example some done in US 4% road share. Advisory lanes intuitive but also need education on how to use them. Also look at connection to Churchill complete street.
  • Use of advisory lanes will be monitored to determine use and safety – lateral space between cars and bicycles and traffic speeds. Filming data as well.
  • Winter snow removal maintenance needs to be taken into consider as snow removal much more costly ie speed bumps and complete street. Example complete streets like Main costs 60% more to snow removal

4 categories of cyclist (study primarily targets 2 and 3):

  1. road warriors
  2. comfortable mixing with traffic
  3. cyclist but concerned about traffic
  4. novice cyclist

Next Steps:

  • June 4th Richmond Road Byron Corridor – Our Lady Of Fatima
  • June 16th Byron Traffic Calming Design Project – Our Lady Of Fatima
  • WLRT 2023 completion – design phase starting for Phase 2. Planning studies set the zoning rules around the stations. June 4th consultation start

May 2, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attending: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne, Rob McCrae, Tina Casey

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Byron Avenue Re-design Meeting on May 29th
– Place booked – McKellar Park Fieldhouse at 7:15pm
– City planning project manager to speak regarding Byron study.
– Jeff Leiper to attend
– Flyer required and mention May 25th deadline for input to City of Ottawa
Action: Rich to prepare flyer. Sybil to print. Executive to post on roads.
Action: Sybil to request 50 chairs for meeting from Dovercourt
Action: Tina to request timeline for multiple initiatives from City Planning

2. Byron study – In progress
– Study scope Byron from Island Park to Sherbourne.
– May 25th deadline for input to City of Ottawa
– Community Advisory participation in place

3. Richmond Road Complete Street study – beginning
– A public consultation meeting will be held with the City of Ottawa on June 4th at Our Lady of Fatima to discuss Richmond Road Complete Street study
– Scale of the this initiative is extensive and important to the community
– Scope of study Berkley to Pinecrest Creek
– Community Advisory participation in place
– Documents will be posted on the city site in advance of the meeting

4. City zoning study Cleary to Old Orchard
– City starting to study LRT area intensification
– Study scope from Cleary to Old Orchard stations

5. Cleary station – Finance Committee (FEDCO) & City Council
– Meeting to be held May 3rd 2016
– Community to make presentations regarding proposed route and Fan Plant building and associated on-going train noise
Action: MCPA executive to express support of community concerns

6. Sherbourne report
– Final feedback being included
– Reword bump outs to more generic term
– Target release next week to MCPA executive then Ward Councillors, city planning and public

7. Building Parking study – City looking to revise minimum requirements for residential and commercial building parking.

8. City Coach House Zoning Study Meeting – May 17th 6-8pm
– Meeting to review City Coach House Zoning Study proposal
ActionNadia to attend

9. 2017 – report on efforts to hold an event
– 2017 blurb posted on MCPA website

10. Fall Fair – Google group created
Other ideas – movie nights, wading pool party, princess teas, butter tart contest, skating party

11. Other

April 7, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Meeting held at a member’s private residence

Attending: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Tina Casey, Stella Militano, Dan O’Hagan
Guest: Rob McCrae

1. Rochester field

  • A survey and public consultation process has been launched by the NCC for the waterfront linear park including Rochester field.  We should expect to see development within 5 years.  The community, generally, does not know about the survey or plans.
  •  We should send a notice out on the blog.

2. Cleary realignment

  • The new alignment has been posted to the blog. 75 Cleary and 727 Richmond have been affected negatively by the new alignment as is passes mere metres from those structures. Concerns include: noise, vibrations, security, traffic and disruption during construction. Also a concern, a concrete structure meant to house a passive fan and emergency exit which will be located near the buildings.
  •  We should support efforts to mitigate these concerns.

3. Byron Traffic survey

  •  Advisory bike lanes are being considered for the McKellar Park part of Byron. There is a Public Advisory Meeting scheduled for May and a public meeting in June. Tina Will attend. The survey link has been posted to the blog and will be reposted at a later date.

4. Sherbourne Traffic Report with Ecology Ottawa

  •  We await a final draft

5. Incorporation and Insurance

  • We agree that we need this but we have no money. Sybill has compiled some sources of insurance, based on other community associations. We will have to improve fundraising before we can move forward with this.

6. Ottawa 2017 Celebrations

  • Money is available to community groups who wish to host celebrations in 2017. The city prefers that these celebrations take place on or near public holidays. We need an idea, volunteers and can apply for funds mid-June.

7. AGM

  •  AGM is booked for May 29th, but we are considering moving it to September and using that booking to host another event. Sybill and Tina will confirm if the Councillor and another guest speaker will be available.

8. City Study on Planning from Cleary to New Orchard

  •  The issues are height and density. Sybill, Dan and Rich will attend a meeting to find out more about the study on Monday.

9. Island Park Drive thru

  •  Agree to support Jeff Leiper’s letter opposing a drive thru on this site.

February 1, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attending: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. Incorporation- legal and financial implications – follow-up re insurance costs
Action – Dan to follow up re insurance

2. AGM
– May 29th scheduled
– invite NCC to provide update re Rochester Field and Linear Park
Action – Rich/Jimmy to follow up with NCC

3. Sherbourne traffic study update:
– Two weeks behind schedule – Final report to likely slip out to end of March 2016
– Additional student (Ogen Tsomo) and Ecology Ottawa prime (Robb Barnes) brought in to pull in schedule
– Currently collating the data (Ben Giroux) and researching City Plans (Ogen)
– Francois Belanger to be part of review/editorial team
– Robb out of town next 2 weeks

MPCA/Carlingwood Responsibilities:
– Review of draft document (collated data, key issues and interim recommendations)
– Input to final recommendations
– Final ok to release for publication (softcopy and minimal hardcopy – 10)
– Crafting of press release – or Ecology Ottawa
– Determine method of public release and feedback to constituents and press
– Ecology Ottawa suggested leveraging their media release list and mailing list
– MPCA prime interface to Jeff Leiper
Action – Need additional traffic study data from previous City Traffic Study. MPCA on wait list for new traffic study but not scheduled – Nadia/Dan
Action – Need to forward latest WLRT Phase 2 plans to Ecology Ottawa (background for report) – Nadia;
Action – Do we want the report to be translated?
Action – Determine MPCA & Carlingwood budget – Nadia

4. Byron – need for stop signs – no update

5. Fall Fair – no update

6. 2017 ideas – garage sale/food. FCA meeting Feb

7. WLRT – Update on EA process
– update on Rochester Field – decisions delayed until public consultation meeting – TBD
WLRT – no update

8. Next meeting – First week of April

9. Other

January 4, 2016 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attending: Sybil Powell, Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne, Stella Militano

0. Previous Minutes – Passed last meeting minutes and they can be posted on the website

1. WLRT meeting take aways (location/turn out/follow up)
– need more chairs for next large meeting
– good turnout but need to better communicate future meetings
– good information but more details would be appreciated
Action – Send email to Dovercourt re additional chairs for future meetings ie AGM – Sybil
Action – Contact city – Determine when next information session for phase 2 & environmental assessment. Follow up to find list of affected houses & Notice of commencement. Provide additional information re four lanes on Richmond. Also re Rochester Field proposed use – Dan

2. Sherbourne update and any action required
Action – Need to start advocating for stop signs in advance of LRT planning including Knightsbridge/Keenan, Byron/Wavell, Byron/Cleary/Sherbourne – Nadia

3. Byron –
Action – Need to start advocating for stop signs in advance of LRT planning including Knightsbridge/Keenan, Byron/Wavell, Byron/Cleary/Sherbourne – Tina

4. AGM –
Action – Book last Sunday in May 2016 – Sybil

5. Fall Fair
Options to have smaller venue – movie in the park, skating party with music, classical music in park, theatre in the park, dance in the park
Action – Find volunteers word of mouth & then post request for volunteers for Fall Fair

6. Trees – no current issues

7. FCA next meeting – Jan 13 FCA Dessert Levy. Next meeting Feb 4th – community & 2017
Action – Sybil/Lesley to attend Feb 4th

8. Finances
Action – Target to complete signature by end of Feb – Lesley

9. Homes being turned into student residences – student housing group. Meeting on Jan 17th
Action – Determine intent of initiative prior to feedback – Sybil

10. Incorporation –
Legal fees – $1250 + HST (potential to be waved)
Disbursements – > $155 +
Spoke with Champlain Park at FCA – Incorporation & insurance very important if presenting at OMB.
Director liability insurance – ~ City community association $300 +HST for $2 Million coverage
Action – Talk to other community groups & City of Ottawa
Action – needs to determine ongoing yearly cost

12. Ward meeting Jan. 12th at 5:30 PM at GCTC
Action – Sybil/Lesley/Dan to attend

13. Rochester Field
Action – Sybil to contact Westboro re communication with NCC

14. Other – none

WLRT Information Session

Dec 14, 2015 – McKellar Park Community Centre


Jeff Leiper
Chris Swail
Damen Berlin
Jackie Leroue

1. Ottawa LRT Stage 2 – McKellar Park WLRT Information Session
2. Q & A

1. Jeff Leiper:

– City has approved.
– Environmental assessment underway
– Looking for provincial approval of the project

2. Chris Swail:
– The project team is at the stage of data collection for submission to the provincial approval authority
– The project scope is what was approved by the City of Ottawa council.
– Any changes to the scope or substantive alignment changes will require a resubmission to the City of Ottawa council (including for example any hypothetical change of where the line crosses Richmond Road).
– Council will have final approval of contract award, but not of RFP terms.
– The connection to the Ottawa airport is not included in the current project scope due to affordability.
– Additional funding from the province or the airport authority could allow the airport connect to be included in Phase 2.
– Intent to have most of Ottawa population connect to rail within 5km
– So far no hospitals will be directly connected in Phase 2.
– 100 day solution – 3km buried tunnel
– Cleary station will be fully buried
– New Old Orchard station will be below grade
– The parkway road will be re-aligned closer to the houses – suggestion to change grading to reduce car noise.
– January 2016 environment report draft to be prepared
– 120 day consultation period
– Environment report draft to be submitted to province with 30 days public consultation to write to province
–  The EA process is, in effect, open to everyone when the Notice of commencement is given early next year. They will notify “stakeholders” but anyone who wants to be on the list of those notified can add their name.
– Agency and stakeholders will include community associations. Notices will be sent to the affected stakeholders within 30 metres of affected area.
– Construction near sensitive receivers (notably Unitarian House & daycare) will have special consideration (specific threshold for sound and vibration), according to specifications those parties and the city work out prior to RFP.
– Cleary station will be built on NCC land and have the same look and feel as phase 1 stations
– Trying to avoid cars driving down Cleary to drop off passengers at Cleary station
– There will be 5 year construction timeline 2018-2023. Dates for specific station construction will be defined in planning stage Q42016-Q12017.
– Richmond road will be affected west of Cleary. Looking at having Richmond Road be a more complete street, first west of Cleary (part of the WLRT project footprint), then perhaps between Cleary and Golden.
– Connectivity study.
– NCC looking at buried tunnel land as part of parkland.
– Discussion with NCC for allowing busing on parkway in both east and west directions during construction beyond current use, to re-route buses.
– Potential to detour/re-route traffic from Richmond to Byron as a temporary measure block by block as part of staged construction.
– 2 construction seasons to move through the McKellar park corridor
– Although comments for the city will be shared with NCC, comments can be directly sent to NCC as well.
– Only sounds that will be heard when trains pass will be wind from vents
– Access will be maintained to Unitarian House throughout construction for both public and emergency vehicles.
– Properties that may be expropriated for construction may be Kristy’s and Dave Rennie’s – under discussion. Looking to mitigate how much and how potential properties may be used. There are 4+ properties under review. Existing sewer lines are also under consideration in route engineering.
– NCC interested in bundling the NCC parkway, road work and parkland work with the WLRT project.
– There will be noise and vibration specification and monitoring post the construction for running of the trains.
– Train wheels to be “resilient”: metal with polymer (damping)
– Construction access – possible staging areas ie Rochester park TBD. No more than 2-3 trucks waiting to remove construction debris at a time.
– Trains to come every 4 minutes at an average speed of 35km with 600 passengers
– Plans to have 50% reduction of buses in downtown core. OC Transpo looking at busing plans post LRT Phase 1 and Phase 2.
– Top 3 concerns heard so far – construction, station design (access and security), and full train use impact to surrounding neighborhoods.
– Contact project team at

Questions collected and submitted by the MPCA executive, answered by LRT Stage2 project team

The Environmental Assessment Process

When will it begin?

The planning process for the Confederation Line West project commenced in 2009, with City Council approval of the Statement of Work. Between 2010 and mid-2015, the city undertook a comprehensive study of alternative corridors, alignments and designs. Last July, City Council approved the functional design for the WLRT extension, which defined the project to be assessed as part of the EA stage.

The City will be using the provincial Transit Project Approval Process (TPAP) to obtain EA approval, and we expect to file our Notice of Commencement for this project early in 2016.

The best resource to learn more about this process is a guide published by the Province of Ontario: Ontario’s Transit Project Assessment Process, January 2014. It is on the web at:

The City adheres to the provincial TPAP regulations. This guide describes the terms and key steps in the process, types of notification and who is to be consulted and how. The TPAP process focuses on matters of provincial significance and Aboriginal treaty rights. The assumption is that local planning matters, including location of the project, have been addressed by the proponent prior to initiating the EA.

Some milestones are described below:

The Notice of Commencement – This process signals the formal TPAP process. Project information, which is basically all the work done to date during the planning phase including Council resolution, is posted on the project website and all interested parties are invited to review the materials during the 120-day public review period. The Notice of Commencement is posted publicly (city website and newspapers) and sent to all regulatory agencies, Aboriginal communities, adjacent landowners and interested persons. The Notice of Commencement is scheduled to be issued in early 2016 (February or March)

Environmental Project Report (EPR) – This is the formal report that documents the entire study process including all consultation efforts (issues and responses), all technical findings, staff reports and study recommendations.

Notice of Completion – This is issued when the final EPR document has been completed. The EPR will be made available for a final 30-day public and agency review period. The document is placed in a number of locations where it can be accessed and reviewed by the public. The Notice of Completion is scheduled to be issued in the summer (June) 2016. Written comments are submitted to the City and the Ministry of Environment. After 30 days, the Ministry reviews the project file, written comments, and renders a decision. The Minister has 35 days to issue approval or direct additional work to be undertaken to satisfy TPAP requirements. The Minister’s approval may also include conditions which the proponent needs to meet. The entire EA process including approval is expected to be completed by fall 2016.

What issues will it cover?

The focus of the EPR is on impact assessment, mitigation and future project commitments – specifically on matters of provincial significance and Aboriginal treaty rights. In addition, other key considerations for the Western LRT Corridor Planning and EA study were laid out in the approved statement of work and include the following:

o Ridership potential for all feasible options and travel time savings;
o Coordination with/incorporating the results of the ongoing LRT Technology review;
o Integration with existing communities and planned land uses;
o Potential to promote and advance transit-oriented development;
o Visual, cultural landscape and heritage attributes;
o Impact on green spaces and natural areas including the Ottawa River Parkway corridor, Ottawa River;
o Access to pedestrian, cycling and multi-use pathway facilities;
o Geotechnical conditions;
o Urban environment / design;
o Environmental characteristics;
o Capital and operating costs;
o Construction phasing and detours;
o Consultation with NCC; government agencies; adjacent communities and the general public.

Who can participate and will there be public meetings to allow community involvement?

A comprehensive consultation program was carried out during the planning phase of this study, which included several rounds of public engagement at key milestones in the study process. Each round consisted of meetings with the Agency, Business and Public Consultation Groups prior to a Public Open House. There have been several consultation events on the Western LRT project since 2013 leading up to its approval at Committee and Council last summer. Ni further public open meetings are planned. As noted above, the City can take up to 120 days to consult further during the EA phase, and once the Notice of Completion is filed, any member of the public has 30 days to review and comment on the EA process and documentation to the Minister.

Construction Impacts

Noise and vibration and their impact on adjoining residents; hours when noise will be most evident and how you intend to minimize the impact on residents?

It is best to discuss these issues in general terms at this point, as many of the specific details with respect to construction techniques, activities and schedule will not be confirmed until after a proponent is awarded the contract for construction. This is because these details as to how construction impacts will be mitigated and any prescriptive construction techniques or methods become embedded within the Project Agreement and result from discussions with adjacent property owners and noise sensitive receivers in negotiation with the City. Noise and vibration thresholds will be set and these levels can be monitored. Loud continuous noise and vibration levels are not expected. The geotechnical investigations that are currently underway will help to determine the appropriate construction techniques such that construction vibration and noise can be limited to provincially and municipally acceptable levels.

The expected impacts from construction of the LRT line will be limited to isolated and local surface construction projects generating occasional minor ground vibrations, fumes and dust, as well as intermittent noise. Common mitigation measures should make use of moveable noise barriers around the perimeter of the work areas, extensive water spraying to control dust, and implementing daytime hours of operation to avoid night time impacts when background noise is lowest. In all cases, air quality, noise and ground vibrations are not expected to be disruptive to commonly occurring regular activities.

For noise and vibrations, common control methods include but are not limited to:
(i) Limit speeds of heavy vehicles within and approaching the site
(ii) Provide compacted smooth surfaces, avoiding abrupt steps and ditches
(iii) Install movable barriers or temporary enclosures
(iv) Keep equipment properly maintained and functioning as intended by the manufacturer

Dust and debris resulting from construction and how you intend to minimize it

It is expected that the Contractor will employ common practices to reduce dust such as water spraying. In addition, an inspector will ensure the site remains clean, safe and that detours are accessible. ‎

Impacts during construction on infrastructure and services – Hydro, phone, cable, water, sewage, gas services. What impacts are expected and how long might they last?

Utility services will be maintained throughout the construction period, although there may be short, planned shutdowns in order to switch to temporary facilities from time to time (water, for example; hydro service and other utilities may undergo short shut-offs). Notifications will be provided to potentially impacted residents.

Property damage during construction, such as damage to foundations and vegetation

Pre- and post-construction surveys will be performed at properties adjacent to the construction zone in order to document and protect property owners from damages as a direct result of LRT construction activities.

Impact on trees along the Parkway, and on properties that will be used during construction

The 100-day solution alignment better protects existing tress and foliage (20-metre buffer from NCC property line to the south). In addition, the NCC has a stringent tree compensation policy which will serve to incent contractors to avoid tree removal where possible. Some NCC lands along this section may be used for construction staging and mobilization areas. In addition, temporary lanes may be implemented to ensure traffic and transit detours through the corridor during construction. All of these possibilities will be subject to NCC approval.

Will areas like Rochester Field, the Byron Strip and Skead be used for storage or preparation of materials?

We have yet to do a full assessment of potential staging areas for the entire Stage 2 project. Rochester Field is the most likely candidate on this list. Other properties required for construction of the project may also be made use of as temporary staging areas.

City Officials will be aware that a number of these issues are of particular importance to members of the Unitarian community, and that a number of people from the Unitarian community feel that issues remain unanswered after the recent meeting there

The City strives to answer all questions as additional information becomes available. Many of the remaining issues pertain to construction techniques and timing – which can only be answered once a contractor is selected to undertake the work.

Traffic Impacts During and After Construction

With respect to traffic and transit detours, a number of options are being explored, and these too will not likely be confirmed much in advance of 2018. After construction, there should be little to no traffic impact caused by the LRT, and the additional transit access and capacity will help manage traffic growth city-wide.

How long will Richmond Road be closed during construction and where will traffic be rerouted?

We anticipate that Richmond Rd. could be under construction for up to two construction seasons. Along Richmond Rd. during construction, from Cleary to New Orchard, it is quite likely that Byron will provide detours as segments of the tunnel are constructed under the existing right-of-way. This will likely cause traffic impacts on both Richmond and Woodroffe Ave. At this time, staff are looking at ways to keep temporary lanes in service along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway for both traffic and transit. However, there may be a reduction in capacity during this time.

Impact on traffic through the community – will streets be closed off or modified during construction; can we expect traffic congestion and delays to occur?

With any construction project of this nature, some traffic impacts will be felt. The City will work to ensure that any detours do not serve to contribute to cut-through traffic as we appreciate there is already concerns regarding cut-through traffic between Richmond and Carling today.

How do you intend to manage car and cycling traffic when the Dominion to Tunney’s Pasture section is closed for construction, and when the Dominion to Lincoln Fields section is closed?

There are a number of options being explored to facilitate the construction of the Confederation Line West Extension from Tunney’s Pasture to Dominion. The Transitway will need to be temporarily closed east of Dominion Station. Options to provide supplemental service during this time include running additional transit service along sections of Carling, Woodroffe, Richmond, Churchill, Scott, Holland, or the Parkway. With respect to the section from Dominion to Lincoln Fields, the Parkway could continue to provide reliable Transitway service with some temporary lane adjustments to accommodate construction.

What impact do you foresee on Byron during and after construction?

Staff are in the process of getting public feedback on a connectivity study.

How will you ensure the character of our neighbourhood doesn’t change due to traffic, kiss and ride activity and parking on Byron and side streets?

In general, the LRT will help reduce traffic growth in the neighbourhood by offering more convenient access to transit for many trips. Kiss and ride and parking activity in the vicinity of stations in the McKeller Park area are intended to meet the needs of the more local community and will need to be managed through physical design (e.g. provision of formal, limited facilities where appropriate) and enforcement of curbside regulations.

How will existing bus routes be affected by construction, and what will bus routes through the community look like once the line is in operation?

The Project Agreement and procurement documents will be structured to minimize transit impacts during construction but there will be bus detours and bus service adjustments that will be minimized and spread out along multiple potential corridors (e.g. Carling Avenue, Richmond Road, SJAM, etc.) as much as possible. Work will be done in 2016 to determine the best detour routes. Post construction, bus routes will be adjusted to complement the LRT operation. For example, it is anticipated that some local bus activity will be reconfigured with the provision of stations at Cleary and New Orchard to the O-Train LRT system, but it is too early to determine how.

Operation of the Line

When do you expect construction to finish and the line to begin operating?

Revenue service is planned to commence in 2023. It is possible that the line could open in stages. For example, the segment from Tunney’s Pasture to Lincoln Fields opening sooner (e.g. 2021). This would reduce the length and duration of bus detours needed.

Is there any noise to be expected during LRT operation?

Where the LRT runs in a tunnel, there will be no increase is noise levels during operation of the LRT. Work undertaken to date indicates marginal increases in noise levels from existing conditions where the LRT runs along the surface, but those levels are less than that made by buses and do not exceed provincial standards. It should be noted that even if mitigation is not explicitly required, best practices entail use of features to minimize noise (e.g. continuously welded rail, resilient track fasteners, ballast mats) and will form part of the Project Agreement.

Vibration during LRT operation, and impact on adjoining buildings

Vibration related to the operations of the LRT system will be imperceptible to the adjacent community and also do not exceed provincial standards. As with noise control, best practices for LRT construction entail use of features to reduce vibration even where mitigation is not required.

Effect on existing infrastructure – roads, cycling and walking paths

These will all be enhanced as a result of the project, specifically along the Richmond/Byron Corridor (Golden to west of MacEwen)

Impact on existing ground water flows and on sewer and storm water lines

Any impacts to ground water flows are expected to be temporary and insignificant during construction. Impacts to sewer and storm water lines will be addressed through utility relocation works and will not affect functioning of these elements.

The following can be discussed Monday…

Placement and Design of Stations

  • Design issues around Cleary station – where will the public access points be, how many people are expected to use the station on most days, impact on traffic on Cleary and Richmond Road as well as on Byron and adjoining side streets, how much noise and garbage can be expected?
  • Security issues around Cleary station – lighting, vandalism, graffiti, loitering

The Route and How/When the Final Alignment Will Be Decided

  • How much flexibility is there in the actual route? How will final route alignment be affected by consultation during the EA process, and when will these sorts of decisions be made? Will the community be given information when such decisions are being considered?
  • There is a general understanding in the community that the City may be considering a route that goes through the existing strip mall at 747 Richmond Road as a way of avoiding use of the Unitarian property. Would this decision be part of the EA process? What factors would go into a decision on the use of 747?

It is premature to speculate on the consideration of other route alignment options. The approved route was endorsed by Council in the summer of 2015 and the Environmental Assessment is being prepared based on that route. The EA will be circulated to technical agencies for review and feedback. The EA is an initial strategic document providing the analysis and guidance for a project in an iterative multi-phase design process. During the upcoming preliminarily engineering phase, some of the more challenging areas will be reviewed in finer detail. For example, one of the areas the preliminary engineering team is looking at in terms of refining the EA includes the area around 747 Richmond Rd. With greater available information and refinements, and depending on timing, it may be possible to have this recorded in the EA documentation.

November 9th, 2015 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attending: Rich, Lesley, Sybil, Dan.
Absent: Stella, Nadia, Tina.

1. Minutes approved from Oct 5th meeting.
2. Sybil to set up meeting for MPCA and Westboro residents with city Planning office re: Western LRT, EA, Timeline, Dominion Station, Cleary Station.
3. Sybil and Dan to attend Unitarian meeting with City Planners on LRT.
4. Sybil to send response to Newswest re: Rochester Field.
5. Stella has agreed to be MPCA rep on city wide tree committee.

October 5th, 2015 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Office meeting room, 655 Richmond Road

Attendees: Nadia Thorne, Rich Brandau, Sybil Powell, Lesley Taylor
Absent: Tina Casey

1. FCA – are we interested in partnering with like minded community assoc. for the next four year on transit ,traffic, pedestrian and road safety enhancements. See Lesley’s email of September 10th

Action – Nadia interested in participating in initiative with other communities.
Action – Nadia/Sybil to attend FCA meeting. FCA meeting October 6, 9PM Hintonburg.

2. CAFES– Revised list of priorities. Nadia

Transportation committee meeting Oct. 7th  Nadia
See Nadia’s emails Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st and Tina’s email Sept. 30th

3. Transit – Sherbourne walking audit/Byron/Other

Action – Nadia to send electronic survey to Rich to post on MCPA website
Action – Nadia to send email to Jeff re monitor on corner of Sherbourne/Dovercourt ** which has now been removed

4. Finances – Signatories need to be changed

5. Parks

Byron Linear – trees being planted
Tillbury – no news
MP off leash/ off hours dog park request update
Rochester zoning.
Trees – Champlain Park etc. are looking for someone to be part of tree group. Julie did this in the past.

Action – Stella to send input to school board to use school property as off leash parks during non-school hours
Action – Sybil to send Stella information re tree committee

6. Demolition permit on at 727 Windermere. – a detached garage.
Have we figured out who is getting the committee of adjustment notices?

7. Refugee update Info on where to seek information on Jeff’s ward newsletter. Look at
Action – Rich to put info on website – pointers to Jeff and City info

8. Jeff’s ward letter City looking at allowing people to have Carriage houses – should our zoning committee look at that?
Action – Dan to go to budget consultation
Action – Sybil to ask Julie to look at Carriage houses if it impacts our neighborhood
Action – Jeff has a Pop up Oct 7 – Rich to go

9. Other –
Action – Stella to draft request for assistance from community for incorporation
Action – Sybil to follow up re any outstanding issues

10. Housekeeping – please clean up all candidates’ debate signs

September 9th, 2015 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Dovercourt Recreation Centre

Attendees: Nadia Thorne, Rich Brandau, Sybil Powell, Tina Casey

Absent: Lesley Taylor (at FCA meeting)

  1. Previous MinutesMinutes Approved with addition of online voting re the Fall Festival
  2. All Candidates debate. October 1st . What do we need to do? – final version of flyer available/printed. Our neighborhood likely to be largest. 5 party candidates have agreed to attend 6 community associations. Moderator to be Amanda Pfeffer (CBC). Each community association to pose a question.

Rich to task for assistance needed for all candidates meeting.

Subcommittee reports:

  1. Traffic :

Sherbourne Rd. Walking audit Sept. 14th. – review media advisory and post on McKellar Park Website

Byron – Post Sherbourne lessons learned in prep for Bryon initiative. Opportunity to combine efforts with three community associations, McKellar Park, Carlingwood and Westboro.

Other – Rochester fields – opportunity to work with Westboro

Communication –

  1. WLRT Mitigation meeting scheduled for Sept. 10th
    • provincial environmental assessment
    • Rochester field zoning to reflect 110 day agreement.
  1. Parks – resident request for assistance in securing an off leash / off hours dog park at MP.
  • How should we approach this?

Received request for off-leash dog park in McKellar Park. More information has been requested.

  1. Refugee crisis

– Resident request for MPCA to take leadership role to help facilitate residents to form groups to bring on refugees. Resident request that MPCA indicate to politicians that they need to do more to help refugees

Jeff Leiper convening meeting on Sept 17th to marshal Kitchissipi resources re the Syrian crisis. Post on MPCA.

Sybil to attend meeting, letter to Mayor, Provincial and Federal representatives to follow.

  1. Fall Festival cancellation wrap up – Follow up with Westboro Business BIA. Collecting best practices. Start planning of next year’s Fall Festival in January with completion of planning by end of May.
  2. Demolition permit issued for 512 Fraser.
  3. Ward Council comments.
  4. Do we need a new secretary? – Nadia to provide minutes each meeting
  5. Future meetings – Office at Sybil’s condo Wednesday nights in 7th at 7:30 at 655 Richmond office. First Wednesday in each month thereafter.

August 10th, 2015 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

McKellar Park Field House

Attendees: Nadia Thorne, Rich Brandau, Sybil Powell, Lesley Taylor, Tina Casey

Absent: Julie Pandeya, Dan O’Hagan


  1. Minutes Communication
  2. Fall Fair (Tina)
  3. All candidates Meeting
  4. FCA Meetings
  5. Ward Meetings
  6. MCPA Meetings
  7. Traffic Calming (Tina/Nadia)
  8. Discuss Committee descriptions as a group for posting to the Web-site
  9. Other Items


  1. Previous Minutes – Approved July 13 meeting minutes and will post on MCPA web site newly created Meeting minutes page as document link.
  2. Fall Fair – Julie sent notes from last year. Still in planning stage. Reviewed last year’s sponsorship package – needs to be revised. Fall Festival tentative date Sunday Sept 27th with no rain date. In event of rain date, sponsors monies to be used for future events with recognition of their contribution or refunded on prorated basis. Budget limited to monies received from sponsors.

Action: Determine sponsors. Need to ensure sponsors by end of next week with an associated go/no go decision at that time.

Action: Determine number tickets sold. – Leslie

Action: Contact Ozzie at Dovercourt post decision – Option to re-use house of pizza. – Nadia

Action: Look at Loblaws for sponsorship, cake, juice boxes etc. Decision to not sell bottled water. May need to borrow large water container from Dovercourt

Action: Ask Alecia how food managed – Tina

Action: Inquire about sourcing stage

Action: Look at entertainment opportunities – RBC sponsorship?

  1. All candidates meeting – MCPA will help out day of. Rich to be lead. MCPA allowed one question. Executive to decide one question.

Action: need to reply MCPA still interested and we will be prepared to do more. Rich prime

  1. Ecology – Save the trees – meeting on August 12th concerning Nepean. No one to attend.
  2. Ward Meeting – Aug 22nd – Sybil will attend
  3. FCA Meetings – Sept 9th Jules Morin Park – Leslie to attend, Oct 6th Hintonburg, Nov 2nd Manotick TBD to attend
  4. MPCA Meetings – 2nd Monday of each month – looking for locations Oct onward. No Oct meeting unless required.
  5. Traffic Calming


We are trying to get some traffic calming measures put in place on Sherbourne as walking traffic is not safe. There are limited cross walks traversing Sherbourne and in particular abnormally large intersections at Saville and Dovercourt.

This is an initiative for both MPCA and Carlingwood associations.

This becomes increasingly important as the school boarders have changed and Woodroffe grades 7/8 now have the choice to attend Broadview. Also will a factor with Phase 2 of the LRT with Cleary station.

Embarking on a 3 prong approach:

1. City Full traffic assessment (cars)

2. Walking Audit – Ecology Ottawa

3. Cycling Audit – Citizens for Safe Cycling

  • Ottawa City Traffic department has put Sherbourne on list for Full Traffic Study but there are other streets already on the list so timeframe TBD.
  • Walking Audit Survey Question to be selected at August 24th joint meeting. Ecology Ottawa volunteers already going door to door distributing flyers and discussing the planned Sept 14th Walking Audit.
  • Citizens for Safe Cycling is interested in getting involved with the project and plan to attend August 24 meeting.

All data collected from Walking and Cycling Audit as well as any from City Full traffic report will be included in Sherbourne report to be presented to both MCPA and Carlingwood City Councillors and press.

Byron: Interested in discussing Byron Avenue with Ecology Ottawa re strategy recommendations. There was a meeting at Mark Taylor office re Bryon/Woodroffe. Also need to understand plan in progress for Byron avenue east. People may be looking for more stop signs (Wavell) as well as pedestrian markings at Byron and Broadview.

Action: Slow down signs – send link to Rich

  1. Discuss Committee descriptions as a group for posting to the Web-site – posted


On August 22nd, an update from the Co-chairs of the Fall Festival was delivered by email informing the executive of the proposed budget for the event and informing that one of the event’s coordinators effectively resigned.  A motion was proposed:
Motion: The Fall Festival Committee may proceed with the Fall Festival with a $2100 sponsorship budget and with only 2 coordinators.
Votes were collected by email: Stella-No, Rich-No, Tina-No, Dan-No, Nadia-No, Lesley-No
The motion failed.

July 13th, 2015 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

McKellar Park Field House

Attendees: Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Julie Pandeya, Sybil Powell, Lesley Taylor, Tina Casey

Absent: Nadia Thorne

1    Executive Meeting Calendar & Committee

October Meeting has been reset to October 8th. Feb confirmation is required. Sybil will ensure the Field House is accordingly booked.

President – Sybil Powell
Vice President – Stella Militano
Treasurer – Lesley Taylor
Secretary – Julie Pandeya
Web Site – Rich Brandau
Members at Large – Tina Casey, Nadia Thorne

Committee membership is below in Item 8. Lesley was going to confirm Jimmy Cheng’s participation in the Zoning Committee.

2  Fall Fair

The budget was sent to the Fall Fair Committee. Fundraising document needs to be sent out to the community. The budget information includes all merchant contacts.

General bookings should occur in the next two weeks.

The Committee needs to present a proposal for food (excluding water) to ensure feasibility

3    Traffic Committee

The Sherbourne Committee of 8 people has scheduled a traffic study, but it may still exclude some of our areas. The Executive discussed if we should poll the Byron neighbours on concerns in order to determine if an effort is required for a traffic study.

4    LRT Committee

Randy Gordon has agreed to participate in this sub-committee. Dan will organize the group to determine objectives that should be set based on upcoming milestones/decisions related to the LRT Project.

5    All Candidates Meeting

Dan will inquire with Lorne Cutler regarding a Federal All Candidates meeting.

6    Boundaries

Jeff Leiper has advised boundaries relating to communities are not necessarily formal. He suggested MCPA discuss the boundary issue with Westboro Community association directly and ensure the missing houses in the boundaries map are properly claimed.

7    Mailboxes

An Email has been sent to Paul Dewar, but no significant facts have been provided. Canada Post has commenced installing Community mailboxes in Westboro.

8    McKellar Park website updates

Julie created the following summary and requested each member of the respective committees review the commentary to ensure it reflects the objectives of the Committee. It would be ideal to post the objectives on our website so interested community members can better understand process and how they can contribute or provide feedback.


  1. Traffic Committee – Nadia Thorne, Neeta McMurtry, Tina Casey, Stella Lamba, Seema Lamba, Sybil Powell

    The committee will deal with all internal neighbourhood traffic issues and partner with other bordering communities and Jeff Leiper as needed to offer input into necessary traffic calming measure. It is anticipated that sub-committees may arise depending on the exact traffic issue.

  2. Parks & Environment – Tina, Neeta, Julie Pandeya, Rich Brandau

    The committee will work with the community and Jeff Leiper’s office to ensure we are communicating park needs and priorities. It will also continue to work with the broader Kitchissippi Tree Group that has worked to influence the City Environment committee to review the adherence to City Tree policies. Lastly, it will also include participation as required with the NCC in regards to the Linear Park along SJAM Parkway.

  3. Zoning & Development – Julie, Lesley Taylor, Stella, Jimmy Cheng (?), Rich

    The committee will be responsible for communicating new zoning and development initiatives that impact our neighbourhood residents and will play an active role where there are community concerns. This will include any potential developments and zoning changes resulting from the LRT

  4. Transit Committee – Dan O’Hagan, Sybil, Alex Campbell, Ian Joiner

    The committee will deal with all issues arising from the LRT including Cleary Stations, LRT, Mitigation of bus routes; some of these issues may be dealt jointly with the Traffic and Environment committees. It is anticipated that sub-committees may arise depending on the exact LRT issue.

  5. Community Activities & Fundraising – Tina, Stella, Julie

    The committee will focus mainly on the Fall Fair community event and others. It expected there will be sub-committees for any other special events.

June 18, 2015 Meeting of the MPCA Executive

Lesley Taylor’s house

Attendees: Rich Brandau, Dan O’Hagan, Julie Pandeya, Sybil Powell, Lesley Taylor, Nadia Thorne

Absent: Tina Casey

1    Executive Meeting Calendar

It was agreed the committee would meet every second Monday of the Month; meeting times/dates will be amended as needed based on anticipated attendance. This has been calendared for the rest of the year, but we will need to adjust October 12, 2015 (Thanksgiving) and Feb 15, 2016 (Family Day).

2    Executive Roles & Committees

Given Tina’s absence we did not finalize all roles

President – Sybil was nominated and will give it consideration; will not finalize without input from Tina
Vice President – Stella
Treasurer – Lesley Taylor
Secretary – Julie Pandeya
Web Site – Rich Brandau
Community Relations – Tina?


  1. Traffic Committee – Nadia Thorne, Neeta McMurtry, Tina Casey, Stella, Seema Lamba, Sybil Powell

    The committee will deal with all internal neighbourhood traffic issues and partner with other bordering communities and Jeff Leiper as needed to offer input into necessary traffic calming measure. It is anticipated that sub-committees may arise depending on the exact traffic issue.

  1. Parks & Environment – Tina Casey, Neeta, Julie Pandeya, Rich Brandau

    The committee will work with the community and Jeff Leipers office to ensure we are communicating park needs and priorities. It will also continue to work with the broader Kitchissippi Tree Group that has worked to influence the City Environment committee to review the adherence to City Tree policies. Lastly, it will also include participation as required with the NCC in regards to the Linear Park along SJAM Parkway.

  2. Zoning & Development – Julie Pandeya, Lesley Taylor, Stella, Jimmy Cheng (?), Rich ?

    The committee will be responsible for communicating new zoning and development initiatives that impact our neighbourhood residents and will play an active role where there are community concerns. This will include any potential developments and zoning changes resulting from the LRT

  3. Transit Committee – Dan O’Hagan, Sybil Powell, Alex Campbell, Ian Joiner

    The committee will deal with all issues arising from the LRT including Cleary Stations, LRT, Mitigation of bus routes; some of these issues may be dealt jointly with the Traffic and Environment committees. It is anticipated that sub-committees may arise depending on the exact LRT issue.

  4. Community Activities & Fundraising – Tina Casey, Stella, Julie Pandeya

    The committee will focus mainly on the Fall Fair community event and others. It expected there will be sub-committees for any other special events.

3    Signatories for Bank Account

Currently Seema Lamba (past president), Lesley Taylor (treasurer) and Stell (VP) are bank signatories. Nadia Thorne will replace Seema Lamba as a signatory.

4    Boundaries

There is a question whether some of the homes on Denbury are part of McKellar Park Community. Since the community map is unclear Jeff Leiper’s office will be queried by Rich.

5    Mailboxes

It is unclear what process Canada Post is undertaking to determine where and when mailboxes will be installed in McKellar Park. Sybil will inquire with Paul Dewar and provide a status in the next meeting.

6    Fall Fair

Committee should discuss key factors before agreeing to move forward with another Fall festival. It was a welcome event last year, but we did lose money. The loss was attributable to printing costs. Printing could be eliminated in lieu of offering more social media acknowledgement of sponsors and allowing individual activity sponsorship. The Committee will have a proposal for the next meeting

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