Reminder, Thursday night meeting, 7pm. Let the City planners know what you think.

20 02 2018

MPCA Local Commercial Notice Feb 2018



16 02 2018

Renewal of the Strategic Plan for the Capital Pathway:
Public Consultation

Renouvellement du plan stratégique
du Sentier de la capitale :
consultation publique

The NCC invites you to a workshop to discuss the future of the Capital Pathway, and participate in the review of the vision and strategic directions for this exceptional multi-use network.

During this exercise, you will have an opportunity to discuss some of the following themes and explore possible solutions to the issues raised.


  • Integrated, improved network
  • Multi-use, user-friendly pathways
  • Greater public safety
  • Superior, resilient facilities
  • Territorial and seasonal expansion

Join us for this discussion, and help shape the future of the Capital Pathway.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018
6 pm to 8:15 pm


NCC Urbanism Lab,
40 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor, Ottawa

Reserve early. Space is limited. Please register by noon on February 19, 2018.

Universally accessible.

La CCN vous invite à participer à un atelier de discussion sur l’avenir du Sentier de la capitale et à contribuer à la révision de la vision et des orientations stratégiques de cet aménagement exceptionnel.

Lors de cet exercice, vous pourrez discuter de thèmes parmi les suivants et explorer des pistes de solutions face aux préoccupations soulevées.

Thèmes :

  • Un réseau intégré et bonifié
  • ​Des sentiers polyvalents et conviviaux
  • Une sécurité publique renforcée
  • Un aménagement supérieur et résilient
  • Une expansion territoriale et saisonnière

Prenez part à cette activité de réflexion et façonnez le futur du Sentier de la capitale.


Mercredi 21 février 2018
De 18 h à 20 h 15


Labo d’urbanisme,
40, rue Elgin, 2e étage, Ottawa

Réservez tôt, car le nombre de places est limité. Veuillez vous inscrire au plus tard le 19 février 2018 avant midi.

Accès universel.

12 02 2018

MPCA Local Commercial Notice Feb 2018

12 02 2018

CNO - Local Commercial (Feb 8-18)

Taking stock of our built heritage

9 02 2018

The City of Ottawa is undertaking a major project identifying buildings, structures and other built resources of cultural heritage value. The ‘Heritage Inventory Project’ is a city-wide initiative. City staff are surveying and evaluating Ottawa’s built heritage resources, from the modest worker’s houses of Lowertown, to the fine Arts and Crafts homes in Brantwood Place, to the modernist houses of Glabar Park, and even the numerous bridges that span our city’s many waterways.

The goal of the Heritage Inventory Project is to create certainty around Ottawa’s heritage resources. Properties identified through the project will not be designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, rather they will be added to the City’s Heritage Register. A rigorous update to the City’s Heritage Register will be beneficial for property owners, developers, heritage advocates, elected officials, planning staff, community groups and all concerned residents. The research method for the project includes photographing, describing architectural characteristics and evaluating thousands of built resources throughout the city.

As we’re moving into the McKellar Park area, we’re asking readers to share information about your properties or other buildings or structures in your neighbourhood. We would love to know who designed your home or the original use of a particular building.

Please connect with the City of Ottawa’s built heritage researchers: Avery Marshall and Amber Knowles at or say hello if you see us in the neighbourhood.

More information about the Heritage Inventory Project is available at

The City of Ottawa Heritage Inventory Project uses a GIS software tool to collect heritage data on neighbourhood buildings. Readers are invited to get in touch with the authors and share information about your house.

Photo: Courtesy of the City of Ottawa

31 01 2018

The National Capital Commission (NCC) would like to have your thoughts on the draft plan for the Sir John A. Macdonald Riverfront Park. Help shape the riverfront park by completing a short online survey by February 11, 2018.

La Commission de la Capitale Nationale (CCN) souhaite obtenir votre opinion sur le projet de plan du parc riverain Sir-John-A.-Macdonald. Aidez-nous à déterminer la forme que prendra le parc riverain en répondant à un bref questionnaire en ligne d’ici le 11 février 2018.

Urgent! Rochester Field. We need your help!

29 01 2018

On Wednesday, Jan 31st the full City Council will vote on an NCC proposal to have the southwest portion of Rochester Field that fronts on Richmond Road rezoned to “Traditional Mainstreet”. This will allow for 2 six story buildings with commercial space on the ground floor.  There will be a narrow strip between the buildings to allow access to the park. The view of Rochester Field, and the river will be destroyed.

We feel that a better plan could be created preserving the view and still allowing the NCC to keep the number of units that they require.

Please consider writing to the Mayor and Councillors. Your letter doesn’t have to be long, but should be in your own words.


Last week, City Council’s Planning Committee voted to recommend an NCC proposal for Rochester Field that would cluster some new development along its southern edge. If this passes, the NCC would be permitted to build two six-storey buildings that would wall the park off from Richmond Road. The proposal is part of a deal that lets the NCC develop some of the parcel in return for running LRT under the SJAM Parkway.

The proposal is nearly good enough, but there’s more work to do!

In 2015, the NCC and City struck a deal to develop two-thirds of Rochester Field, including with a “green corridor”. That’s now down to under 20%. That’s a huge improvement! But, the current plan eliminates any significant green space linking Richmond to the River. All that remains is a 15 meter pathway between the buildings. But, with a bit more work, we think that further refinements to the current plan could give the NCC a workable development plan AND protect a green corridor to the River.

The Planning Committee vote was close: 6-4. On Wednesday, this item will come to City Council. We think Council might reject the proposal, and send it back to the NCC for tweaks. But we need your support.

Email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,