Tillbury Park- notice of designation change request.

14 06 2019



13 06 2019


June, 2019

Welcome to the summer edition

We are expecting the next few months to be a busy period in our community. Work on Phase 2 of Light Rail Transit has started on the Parkway. The City will be replacing aging watermains along Richmond Road starting in July, and work continues on Sherbourne.

There will be a federal election on Oct. 21, and the MPCA, along with other associations, plans to organize an all candidates debate for Ottawa Centre. Details and timing will be available on our website. If you would like to help organize this event, please email us.

Our next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 7:15 pm on Oct. 28 at the McKellar Park fieldhouse. Please contact us if you have ideas for it, or would like to contribute to our ongoing work.

Our association runs on volunteer labour, and our work is most effective when residents like you get involved. So please come out to meetings. Sign up for regular communications using the links to the right. Pass this on to your friends and neighbours and urge them to connect with us. Let us and your Councillor, Jeff Leiper, know how you feel about the issues that you care about. Tell us about improvements, additions, and changes that you would like to see.

Your MPCA Executive

The Fall Festival is back this autumn!

Please join us at McKellar Park on Sunday, Sept. 22 from 10 am to 2 pm for a fun-filled day of activities, music, food, and great company. This local event is about bringing together hundreds of community members from near and far to celebrate our wonderful neighbourhood. Planning has already begun and we’re recruiting volunteers. If you have ideas to suggest, time to help promote the event throughout the summer, or are interested in lending a hand at the event, contact us. Support from our local businesses makes it possible for us to host the festival. Sponsors will receive several promotional opportunities in September, including at the event and on publicity materials, the MPCA website and social media channels. Please email Emma Mallach at mpca.blog@gmail.com.


Stay informed!



News in brief

Richmond Road watermains will be reconstructed between Redwood and Fraser starting in late July, with final paving in the spring. Richmond will become one-way westbound, and eastbound traffic including buses will be detoured along Byron Ave. Cycle tracks on Richmond are postponed due to budget constraints, but on-street bike lanes are planned for 2020. Jeff Leiper invites suggestions for pedestrian and cycling safety in his May 30 news posting at kitchissippiward.ca.

As the summer weather finally arrives, community safety issues may arise, especially in our parks. Our community police officer, Constable Kostuch, has asked for increased patrolling of our parks. If you see something that isn’t right, please call. For life-threatening emergencies – fire, medical or a crime in progress – dial 911. For other matters, call the general police number: 613-236-1222. If late night partying and drinking is heard, or if someone refuses to leave your property, call the general number, follow prompts and press 2 for immediate police assistance. Although smoking marijuana is now legal, it is not allowed in City parks. For this, please call by-law enforcement at 311. Email the MPCA about issues, as we may be able to direct you to additional resources.

The City has begun preparatory work for Stage 2 Light Rail Transit along the SJAM Parkway between Dominion and Cleary to allow for cut and cover construction on the south side without impeding traffic. They are removing trees and vegetation and will be building temporary lanes. In the fall, all traffic will be shifted to the north side of the SJAM. Pedestrian and cycling paths will be maintained, but users should exercise caution as there may be temporary crossings. Motorists can anticipate some delays and intermittent lane closures. For more details, please see the May 13 ‘News’ at stage2lrt.ca. Jeff Leiper is convening the first SJAM Byron LRT working group of representatives from community associations, affected condos, and other groups between Fraser and Sherbourne. More information will follow on our web site.

The MPCA is working with the City planner on the Tillbury Park renewal project. Feedback from the recent meeting and survey will be incorporated into the new concept. The budget will be reviewed to determine which elements can be included, and if fundraising is needed to add extras. We are hoping for an update later in June – check mckellarpark.ca and/or join the Tillbury Park Renewal Facebook group.

The First Unitarian Congregation has hired a consultant to help develop a concept plan to guide redevelopment of their campus over the long term. They welcome community input and questions. Please refer to firstunitarianottawa.ca/campus-planning.html.


Would you like to…?

  • Join the Executive committee to lead an issue, or volunteer to help?
    Email mpca.blog@gmail.com
  • Give us your input?
    Attend an Executive committee meeting (see Coming Events at mckellarpark.ca)
  • Help out with the Fall Festival, a federal All Candidates Debate, or the Annual General Meeting?
    Email mpca.blog@gmail.com
  • Help organize a Winter Carnival for next year?
    Email mpca.blog@gmail.com
  • Deliver our newsletters to one or more blocks in the neighbourhood?
    Email cdecuypere @ sympatico.ca


Ghost Hotels

7 06 2019


Ghost hotels are non-owner-occupied residential units that are operated by commercial hosts, individuals or companies that turn homes into illegal but lucrative short-term rental units.  They use online platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, FlipKey, Roomorama and Homeaway to advertise.  These units can create nuisance or health and safety issues within residential neighbourhoods and condo buildings, as well as contribute to housing shortages and rent increases.  Serious problems have been reported recently in the Mechanicsville, Hintonburg and Champlain Park neighbourhoods.

Ottawa’s zoning by-law prohibits short-term rentals of complete units in all residential zones, but further regulation may be needed.  The City has commissioned a review of regulations for short-term accommodations, including online short-term rentals, hotels, motels and traditional bed and breakfasts.  Residents are invited to attend a public consultation on June 13 and/or review a discussion paper and complete an online survey by June 30 (see https://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-engagement/projects/rental-accommodations-study).  If you are experiencing problems with a ghost hotel unit in your area, please contact the MPCA at mpca.blog@gmail.com.


Richmond Road construction partial detour to Byron

3 06 2019

From Jeff Leiper’s newsletter.

As I’ve been noting in the newsletter, there is urgent construction planned to repair the the water main on Richmond Road between Redwood and Fraser. This week, an open house was held at which the City made public its plan to divert eastbound traffic onto Byron for the project, which would likely take place from around the end of July to as late as November this year.

As shown in the attached display board (click the picture to embiggen), Richmond would become a westbound one-way, while eastbound traffic would be diverted to Byron (which would remain two-way).

Richmond cannot safely accomodate two-way traffic during the construction. While the width of the construction will actually be fairly narrow, the machinery needs room to work and two traffic lanes can’t be maintained through the corridor.

Eastbound buses will, as a consequence, be diverted as well (the 11 and 153).

My first concern is for pedestrian and cycling safety. I have taken the initial step of asking the City to consider crossing guards at the affected intersections to account for the higher level of traffic on Byron. Advisory cycling lanes were to be installed soon and those are being delayed until some time after the detour. While the MUP is available as a safe, segregated route for cyclists, I am evaluating whether or not there are additional measures we can request from the City and would be interested in hearing your suggestions and feedback.

26 05 2019

When we first posted an appeal by Ottawa Embraces, a group sponsoring a Syrian refugee family and their need for more money, some of you asked for more information. The group has provided the following.image001.png

Ottawa Embraces is a group of local McKellar Park/Westboro neighbours and friends who have joined together to sponsor a Syrian refugee family to come to Canada. Our family consists of a mum, dad and 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) ranging in age from 10-18 years. They fled Syria in 2012 and have been living in tenuous circumstances in Lebanon since then.


When the family does arrive in Canada they will be reuniting with other close family members already here in Ottawa, who are anxiously awaiting their arrival and ready to help them get settled!


Ottawa Embraces needs to raise an additional $10,000* in a few short months before our family arrives in Ottawa.  Our challenge is this: their application has been in process for almost 2 years, during which time their eldest daughter turned 18 and is now considered an adult by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Although she is still a dependent in the family, the government requires a significantly higher monthly living amount.


*(Update: We have received just over $5,000 since our first appeal. THANK YOU to all who have donated so far!)


Please help us to meet our goal and provide our family with the support they need to start a new life here. Every little bit helps. You can make your donation online through https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/jewish-family-services-of-ottawa/.


Choose “Refugee Support” from the drop-down menu and write our group name OTTAWA EMBRACES in the message box to ensure that your donation is applied to our sponsorship group. Jewish Family Services will issue tax receipts for donations of $18.00 and more.


If you would like to contact Ottawa Embraces directly, please email: pippa.beck@gmail.com


On behalf of Ottawa Embraces, thanks for helping to make Canada a safe haven for refugees!

24 05 2019

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22 05 2019

 Spring 2019


Dear community partners and businesses,


As you know the McKellar Park Community Association (MPCA), organizes the McKellar Park Fall Festival each year. This will be the 13th year this event is being hosted and we are already looking forward to another great event. Funds raised will be put towards various initiatives for the renewal of both McKellar and Tilbury Parks and to promote the activities of the MPCA.  As always, our goal is to provide a fun and affordable celebration of our community. The event will offer rides for kids, games, musical entertainment and fantastic food for all ages in our community.


The McKellar Park Fall Festival is meant to promote spirit and pride in this incredible neighbourhood in which we live, work and play. The event also offers us an opportunity to support and promote our local businesses. Indeed, without pledges from our local businesses, like you, we would not be able to host the festival.


Your support will provide your business numerous promotional opportunities during the month of September that will include promotion on McKellar Park Fall Festival publicity materials, promotion on the MPCA website and social media channels as we promote the Festival and the opportunity to promote your business at the Festival itself. This could be an ideal time to offer promotions to the community and to get to know new local customers.


The event will take place, rain or shine, between 10:30am and 2:30pm on September 22,  2019.


The Festival is months away we know, but we are already in the planning stages so if you are interested in sponsoring the event, kindly contact us as soon as possible. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


We hope we can count on your financial support and we look forward to seeing you at the Festival.


Thank you,


McKellar Park Fall Festival Organizing Committee