McKellar Park is in Kitchissippi ward represented on city council by Jeff Leiper whose office’s online presence includes current information and positions on matters of community interest.

A self-guided walking tour of McKellar Park neighbourhoods was written by Kathryn Mikoski, with help and advice from a number of people who are mentioned in the introduction to the tour.

The Kitchissippi Museum is Dave Allston’s blog about the little-known history of Kitchissippi neighbourhoods.

The city of Ottawa’s Planning and Development site includes text of the zoning by-law and currently active development applications.

OttWatch hosts a wealth of information gleaned from the city’s website such as mapped development applications (filtered for Kitchissippi), as well as elections and historical candidate donations, among others.

The Federation of Citizen Associations of Ottawa-Carleton (FCA) website maintains a collection of community resources including copies of the city’s Planning Primer course materials.

Ottawa Police Service crime map.

Crime Prevention Ottawa works with partners across the city to reduce crime and make communities safe, focusing on neighbourhoods, youth and violence against women.

Report potholes to Service Ottawa.

Read the Kitchissippi Times online.

A small group in the Planning department, the city’s Neighbourhood Connection Office provides a toolkit, newsletter, and a modest incentive program for small-scale neighbourhood improvement initiatives and activities.

The In My Neighbourhood map helps find nearby services and events, like rec centers and development applications.

Please share any other resources to help navigate topics of community interest.